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I had trouble sleeping this morning so I did not waste that time, instead I was dedicated to walking BOMBCHELL23 16 GEORGE815
10/23/20 3:07 P
There have been challenges but I am up to facing them. I am wise enough to find solutions, if I can' BOMBCHELL23 15 75HEALTHYME
10/22/20 5:36 P
I like this BESSIEBELL 20 JUDYD207
10/22/20 5:42 P
Wonderful Wednesday thoughts. This just struck me as thought provoking so I thought I would share. I BOMBCHELL23 22 STEVE4476
10/21/20 9:47 A
It’s my Birthday today 51 DEBSANKS 236 PWILLOW1
10/21/20 8:38 P
I am having a Choose Day! I choose to smile b/c I am alive! I choose to love b/c my mom taught me t BOMBCHELL23 17 75HEALTHYME
10/20/20 11:52 A
I loved you yesterday. I love you still. I always have. I always will. My husband. My love. My best J2002HEIDS 66 GEORGE815
10/20/20 5:27 P
I thought we could all use a little Monday compassion. I did walk 3 miles in 65 min before work. BOMBCHELL23 26 75HEALTHYME
10/19/20 9:00 P
I did walk 3.53 mi in 77 min tonight. BOMBCHELL23 1 BOMBCHELL23
10/18/20 8:55 P
While waiting for my car to be fixed for $421.67 I decided to be productive and I walked 5.01 miles BOMBCHELL23 3 MEYERMIRACLE1
10/17/20 10:44 P
This quote spoke volumes to me this morning b/c so frequently we think we can't do enough. But somet BOMBCHELL23 16 GEORGE815
10/16/20 4:09 P
Thought we could all use a little kindness today. I was going to beat myself up over not walking as BOMBCHELL23 18 CHERRYZMB60
10/15/20 8:55 P
I set my goal this morning to walk 4.0 but that was not enough and I ended up 4.5 miles in 97 min so BOMBCHELL23 9 READY201811
10/14/20 9:33 A
I walk alone at 2 AM when I can't sleep! It was a rough night but at least I was productive! I got i BOMBCHELL23 19 75HEALTHYME
10/13/20 3:12 P
I am trying to stay positive on this Monday bc in truth I am tired. I am determined to make the best BOMBCHELL23 38 75HEALTHYME
10/12/20 12:21 P
Needs prayers: Please pray for fellow Sparker Jocelyn h711 's son-in-law, Robert, who is clinging to TWIGBISKIT5 22 BOMBCHELL23
10/11/20 3:07 P
As a retired Mammographer I would like to remind everyone that October is not only Halloween but Bre DXTECH 18 DXTECH
10/11/20 5:53 P
This quote spoke to me today and I needed it b/c I am feeling weak, but in truth that will make me s BOMBCHELL23 5 75HEALTHYME
10/11/20 7:04 P
Can’t believe I almost forgot to login and spin my wheel. Glad I did not, it has been an emotional d BOMBCHELL23 9 75HEALTHYME
10/11/20 6:58 P
This truly struck me this morning as I pushed my limits and I walked for 4.26 mi. in 94 min all befo BOMBCHELL23 17 75HEALTHYME
10/9/20 9:51 P
I certainly don't. EVIE4NOW 91 KAYDE53
10/8/20 8:35 P
This is my motto for the day, I am sticking with it. I only wanted to walk 3.0 b/c I was not feeling BOMBCHELL23 30 75HEALTHYME
10/8/20 12:54 P
10/7/20 11:31 P
This spoke to me this morning as I was crazy. I decided to wear my cheetah dress with my bright teal BOMBCHELL23 18 CHERRYZMB60
10/7/20 8:54 P
Welcome to fall and learning to let go of bad habits. What bad habit are you letting go of? I am let BOMBCHELL23 19 75HEALTHYME
10/6/20 1:58 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 16 ERIN_POSCH
10/5/20 12:26 P
Thanks for the encouraging words yesterday, I went to my friend's place grabbed their dog, Penny and BOMBCHELL23 17 GEORGE815
10/5/20 11:31 A
10/5/20 2:58 P
10/4/20 8:17 P
I walked 4.15 miles yesterday in the blustery cold while waiting for my car to be fixed and I slept BOMBCHELL23 18 CHERRYZMB60
10/4/20 5:30 P
Thought we could use a bit of new insight into TGIF. Gave me something new to think about for sure. BOMBCHELL23 10 75HEALTHYME
10/2/20 9:00 P
I think that these masks could be assistance with dieting as well!!! Have a great day everyone!! DM2020 25 CD26458987
10/1/20 1:38 P
This spoke to me this morning bc it is important to enjoy the little things while they are happening BOMBCHELL23 22 GRAMMYEAC
10/1/20 6:15 P
10/1/20 8:56 P
Message Removed CD26450706 19 CD26458987
10/1/20 1:38 P
This quote spoke to me this morning because we are on a journey where we need to be fearless in the BOMBCHELL23 8 JANS-JOURNEY
9/30/20 11:37 P
Whooooo I just hit my 1st major goal of being under 200! 199.6 baby! Who can go back to sleep afte BREE78 279 29WINEGAL
10/3/20 9:27 P
Inspirational Thoughts ~ DGFOWLER 11 BOMBCHELL23
9/29/20 11:21 A
I keep telling myself that I think I can I think I can continue making progress on my healthy journe BOMBCHELL23 11 75HEALTHYME
9/29/20 9:17 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Sonday!!!! Yesterday was amazing y’all! I did two miles and som TEXASHSMOMOF3 26 AQUAGIRL08
9/29/20 1:49 P
I keep telling myself that my persistence in walking will eventually pay off. My effort that is a li BOMBCHELL23 9 JANS-JOURNEY
9/28/20 11:55 P
I just keep fighting the fight no matter how long it will take me to get healthy. It could take year BOMBCHELL23 18 SISUGAL906
9/27/20 2:29 P
I woke up too early but instead of wasting my day I tied up my shoes and i got out there for 97 minu BOMBCHELL23 16 BOMBCHELL23
9/26/20 3:02 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Saturday! I declared yesterday a rest day and didn’t move at all l TEXASHSMOMOF3 50 MIAMI_LILLY
9/29/20 9:52 A
It has been a long week and i am grateful it is Friday but another day to get through for sure! I di BOMBCHELL23 14 JANS-JOURNEY
9/25/20 9:15 A
Ten months today, and the feels have got me down. SOUTHERNJAVA 20 ALLYLIZZY
9/25/20 1:36 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy whatever day it is - I have no idea! Yesterday after work I did 2 TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 MLR_00
9/24/20 9:50 A
When you choose to live a healthier lifestyle the life you gain is more important than even the weig BOMBCHELL23 20 _RAMONA
9/25/20 11:16 P
It is important to be strong but not rude about it. Be kind to people they need your kindness not yo BOMBCHELL23 11 75HEALTHYME
9/23/20 8:25 P
I am strong enough to make a difference within my life! I am strong enough to change my bad habits i BOMBCHELL23 31 YANKEEFAN0858
9/22/20 9:42 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! My dads funeral was wonderful. My cousin gave the eulogy and had us l TEXASHSMOMOF3 120 BOMBCHELL23
9/21/20 8:11 A
This spoke to me on this Monday morning! I did get out there and I walked 3.02 miles in 68 min, not BOMBCHELL23 15 75HEALTHYME
9/21/20 12:29 P
I did walk 1.05 mi this evening. BOMBCHELL23 2 DGRIFFITH51
9/20/20 9:31 P
I did walk this morning in 39 degree weather for 86 min and I got in 4.1 miles. BOMBCHELL23 12 EVIE4NOW
9/20/20 12:41 A
Celebrating 25 years of marriage 💕🍾🥂💖 Picture is from our 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii🌺🌊🍍� JANS-JOURNEY 67 OPTICALXILLUSIO
9/19/20 11:03 P
It has been a rough week! But I managed to make it through. I did walk this morning as well and I go BOMBCHELL23 19 MYTIMEAW8Z
9/18/20 10:02 A
can anyone here help me figure out if they start having morning sickness and cravings before even fi MSBATTLE30 4 TORAUS
9/28/20 10:56 P
I am honestly struggling as I try to get through my week. This picture is so me and I ruined my frie BOMBCHELL23 20 RAPTUROUSRITA
9/17/20 1:19 P
Good Morning Spark Family. Just wanted to check in. This evening is my dads viewing, tomorrow his TEXASHSMOMOF3 56 NVRGIVINGUP
9/19/20 5:08 P
Oh my goodness this had me rolling this morning b/c with all the students trying to access the inter BOMBCHELL23 4 JANS-JOURNEY
9/16/20 9:15 A
I needed this for myself bc I needed the encouragement to continue going on. I need to remember how BOMBCHELL23 15 CHERYLHURT
9/15/20 8:56 A
Here's my happy place @ALLYLIZZY My house by the bay with wildlife to watch 5 day vacation here in JANS-JOURNEY 26 BOMBCHELL23
9/14/20 8:20 A
Good morning spark family! Happy Sunday! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your sincere co TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 BOMBCHELL23
9/14/20 8:11 A
I was not feeling it this morning bc I am tired but also b/c it is Monday, but I did not use that ex BOMBCHELL23 14 JANS-JOURNEY
9/14/20 10:21 A
What are you doing today that makes you feel more like yourself? So far I've done some recreationa TH3PH03NIX 15 TH3PH03NIX
9/13/20 5:17 P
Today is my youngest daughter's birthday she turns 17 400 miles away from her mama. I am sure missin BOMBCHELL23 6 JANS-JOURNEY
9/13/20 3:33 P
I did walk this morning 3.52 mi in 76 min. BOMBCHELL23 11 TOMSGAL85
9/13/20 6:52 A
Hi spark family. My dad passed away last night. I know it was for the best, but my heart hurts. TEXASHSMOMOF3 273 1958TMC
9/13/20 1:19 P
Take time to remember those who gave up their lives in the name of freedom for all those left behind BOMBCHELL23 22 TRAVELGAL417
9/11/20 9:20 A
This is my Friday Face even though I am exhausted. I turned off my alarm and slept for a few more mi BOMBCHELL23 22 PWILLOW1
9/11/20 5:05 P
Inspirational Thoughts ~ DGFOWLER 20 HARROWJET
9/10/20 9:06 P
Reflecting this morning on my choices and thinking of making better or different choices. My life is BOMBCHELL23 10 DLBEASYRIDER
9/10/20 9:00 A
One ripple can have a lasting effect! Therefore my ripple is to walk everyday and it has lasting eff BOMBCHELL23 15 DLBEASYRIDER
9/9/20 11:23 A
Maine Memories. Still having to take it slow. Every day I feel a bit less tired. Let's all take o RUTHIEBEAR 31 AQUAGIRL08
9/9/20 7:42 P
Don't limit yourself bc then you will never find out how far you could truly go. It was rainy and th BOMBCHELL23 11 JANS-JOURNEY
9/9/20 12:03 A