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climbed my clients orange tree! beautiful oranges, too many to fill the bowl. Ate a sweet one to r CGEM61 1 CGEM61
1/11/20 5:12 P
Up and down stairs today and some mini jumping CGEM61 1 CGEM61
1/10/20 8:11 P
enjoying coffee after some hard workouts, my neck is sore, a weird DOMS CGEM61 3 1CRAZYDOG
1/7/20 2:51 P
Here’s a post holiday idea.....not! SISSYFEB48 22 TRIMNUP
1/4/20 1:18 P
Don't forget to eat your GREENS with your Thanksgiving meal! Today I'm GREATFUL for healthy food for POGIRL17 14 TEXASHSMOMOF3
11/28/19 5:32 P
Happy Thanksgiving! May you all have a wonderful day! SWALLIS7 12 EVIE4NOW
11/28/19 11:29 P
How to start Keto (Keto flu ...) -JAMES- 4 -JAMES-
11/16/19 11:37 A
11/16/19 6:19 P
16-8, is my go to, how about you? CGEM61 2 YANKEEBACKHOME
11/16/19 10:22 A
Let's have a Super Sparking Saturday!! CINDY247 58 PATRICIA-CR
11/17/19 8:53 A
Goals for today. RBARNES12 555 JANICEONE1
3/29/20 6:26 A
My Specific Goals-January 2020 2BDYNAMIC 138 SPARKLINGME176
1/4/20 12:55 P
i had a nice Salad at Black Angus. visiting my daughter CGEM61 1 CGEM61
10/8/19 10:05 A
hi, i had lots of spinach today at lunch at least two cups with chicken. also grapes and watermelon CGEM61 1 CGEM61
10/4/19 9:24 P
3/3/20 4:50 P
So, duh, one of my short goals is towards more freggies and I am on another Sparkpeople challenge #E PROVERBS31JULIA 2 CGEM61
10/3/19 11:51 P
But I don’t know any motivational songs about eating my freggies!! PROVERBS31JULIA 3 PROVERBS31JULIA
10/7/19 1:15 A
So today I decided my goal was to walk the dog before going to the blood drive. And I did that part. PROVERBS31JULIA 2 CGEM61
10/3/19 2:25 P
Today I have already had 50 oz of water and am trying really hard to stay away from sweets and bread WALKING35621 3 CGEM61
10/3/19 2:25 P
I have such a hard time making small goals that can be easily accomplished- I all “see” are the huge PROVERBS31JULIA 2 CGEM61
10/3/19 1:03 A
I made my goal!!! when I use this goal challenge, I get there! CGEM61 1 CGEM61
9/29/19 12:56 A
Gotta Move by Mercy Me is my song for today! whats your song? CGEM61 1 CGEM61
9/28/19 12:34 P
How much this helps with my goals for the day! CAROLJ35 2 CGEM61
9/28/19 12:32 P
Okay what am I doing here??? Suggestions of goals? or does it matter? PROVERBS31JULIA 2 CGEM61
9/28/19 12:31 P
3/23/20 1:19 A
Wednesday wow! CGEM61 11 DEE107
9/26/19 11:42 P
i did it! back on track! CGEM61 1 CGEM61
9/21/19 11:55 P
Do you exercise? If so, what kind & how much? BERRY4 26 BECCABOO127
1/6/20 8:30 P
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 CGEM61 2 CGEM61
9/19/19 12:02 A
Finding the Sunshine! #goalfeats JSTETSER 18 IDICEM
9/21/19 8:30 A
My eyes and head hurt, sinus infection! skipping my weights work out and doing only 5000 steps toda CGEM61 7 GEORGE815
9/18/19 9:51 P
yesterday was not a winning day, but Im back on! #goalfeats #goalfeats CGEM61 5 PHATPAT18
9/18/19 6:21 A
yesterday was not a winning day, but Im back on! #goalfeats CGEM61 2 KITTYHAWK1949
9/18/19 10:34 A
I accidentally pressed all the. Feat goals and I just woke up🥀the downside of having two jobs #goa HALLOWJAYS123 6 HALLOWJAYS123
9/16/19 10:02 A
Decided to try out the inspirational song, cause I was short of goal points....turned out to be more GREYGIN 13 LAURALLANCE
9/16/19 11:27 A
End of a very interesting challenge. This is worth doing again. #goalfeats WILLIAMJM 3 CGEM61
9/15/19 7:57 A
What Are You Reading? IMLOCOLINDA 201 GMADONNA70
3/23/20 2:25 P
meeting 10,000 steps CGEM61 7 EO4WELLNESS
11/26/19 2:04 P
What did you do today that was a healthy choice? BERRY4 193 POSSIEHUFFMAN
3/22/20 7:37 A
Slow hot humid day, not much going on outside #goalfeats WILLIAMJM 9 CGEM61
9/14/19 10:48 A
I am keeping my eye on my goal #goalfeats CECELW 3 GEORGE815
9/14/19 4:11 P
Welcome to the team! BECCABOO127 72 BECCABOO127
11/16/19 4:52 P
i have reach a goal still, its just 7am for me! i will get there. #goalfeats CGEM61 5 CGEM61
9/13/19 3:01 P
Barely made my goals today, tired today #goalfeats RD03875 8 75HEALTHYME
9/13/19 9:12 P
Good Morning! #goalfeats JSTETSER 4 LIS193
9/14/19 4:13 A
9/17/19 2:01 P
where do you journal? is it on the Sparkpeople website? #goalfeats CGEM61 3 LUANN_IN_PA
9/12/19 3:31 P
8815 steps, so close to my goal! #moveit CGEM61 9 BONNIE1552
9/8/19 9:43 P
jumped on jumper, ran up and down stairs and walked #moveit CGEM61 12 TOCONNER
9/7/19 7:33 A
While waiting in line to pick up orders, I walked around parking lot 45 min. Steps added up with bac KATHRYNGC 8 CHESTER47
9/5/19 9:43 A
weights #moveit CGEM61 4 TOCONNER
9/5/19 6:24 A
"I Lost 20 lbs." CD24693463 10 WARMSTRONG2
10/13/19 2:16 P
Small Goals Commitment Challenge Links SPARKGUY 1639 LINDAW1207
9/19/19 10:51 A
Found the Bluebird of Happiness on our walk this evening. It's not the sharpest due to long zoom an NITEMAN3D 35 COMEBACKKID12
6/22/19 11:03 P
Today I’m 256 down from 304 since March. I started tracking my size decrease in April. Feeling prett CLL2048 30 LISAP921
6/22/19 10:00 A
I just came back to SparkPeople today these are pics earlier this week. Here I go... CD24768194 37 LISAP921
6/22/19 9:59 A
I did rebounding and planks right away in case my morning got away from me. I'm able to get some mo CGEM61 6 WILSONANNE19505
6/15/19 4:34 P
This is hard for me! So far three servings, I actually had to read what a serving was in the sparkp CGEM61 4 ANHELIC
6/15/19 12:37 A
Interval Ideas for Your Rebounder CD6631604 29 CGEM61
6/14/19 9:46 A
I'm surprised at how little I actually eat of the rainbow! #eattherainbow CGEM61 2 ANHELIC
6/14/19 12:58 A
Salad with almonds and Starbucks egg #eattherainbow CGEM61 3 ANHELIC
6/11/19 12:31 A
Had a eye opening experience today! I will do better tomorrow #eattherainbow CGEM61 10 HAPPY-CATHE
6/10/19 10:10 P
I can do ten! #moveit CGEM61 4 ELRIDDICK
6/10/19 1:04 A
1st time trying zucchini noodles #eattherainbow #eattherainbow CANYON_GAL 4 CKEYES1
6/9/19 9:10 A
The hare not only made it to the finish line - he came in 1st. Keep moving! #fitnessfeats BONNIE1552 13 EMORRETI
6/2/19 1:16 P
How to BEST get started EO4WELLNESS 8 CGEM61
6/1/19 12:30 A
Jumping jacks, planks #fitnessfeats CGEM61 8 BONNIE1552
6/1/19 9:02 A
Yoga today #fitnessfeats CKEYES1 4 BONNIE1552
6/1/19 9:03 A
What rebounder to purchase? CGEM61 3 CGEM61
5/31/19 9:45 A
7/4/19 5:03 P
Daily News, Chat, KaffeeKlatch, Water Cooler etc. PROVERBS31JULIA 859 EDWARDS1411
3/20/20 1:04 A
Fitness Feats are met. #fitnessfeats PATRICIAANN46 6 BONNIE1552
6/1/19 9:03 A
Used my rebounder to do planks. Only two times, I will do better! #fitnessfeats CGEM61 6 BONNIE1552
6/1/19 9:03 A
Yay, I did not think anyone did this! CGEM61 7 EO4WELLNESS
11/26/19 2:00 P
Happy Tuesday! I am almost at another mini-goal, down 22 pounds and have been on track for 74 days. SANDYHOLM 9 DRINKALOTH2O
6/3/19 11:05 A