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Just turned 48 and just 2 lbs. away from the first 20 lb. loss since September 23. CLMONTGOMERY71 33 ALLYLIZZY
10/29/19 2:26 P
Had to face that I am dealing with depression, in addition to hypothyroidism. hoping the meds work s CD16979527 14 LUVOFME
10/26/19 12:06 P
No soda, no fast food, and 30 minutes a day for 25 days. #moveit CLMONTGOMERY71 13 GOODGETNBETR
10/19/19 1:06 P
17 lbs. down at the doctor's appoinment this morning. Got approval to #moveit up to 60 minutes a da CLMONTGOMERY71 14 1CRAZYDOG
10/17/19 5:01 P
I feel and look so much smaller! I'm so happy! If your struggling just remember to keep going and ne CD24115281 42 TMP0418
10/15/19 8:03 A
Time to get back on track DEMONA 3 KOALA_BEAR
10/14/19 2:36 A
Lost 37 lbs just tracking calories. Love this app! Just being aware of calories in & what I'm eating PTCHRISTENSEN 12 MARNALABELLE69
10/14/19 5:33 A
Self-care Sunday for me! Got in 30 minutes on the LADYDECEMBER 21 CLMONTGOMERY71
10/13/19 10:44 P
Fully hydrated! #h2whoa ALLYLIZZY 7 CHESTER47
10/14/19 10:47 A
Felt like I was a bee today, buzzing everywhere #moveit WILLIAMJM 8 YMWONG22
10/14/19 3:45 A
Stay warm and cozy! Goodnight 🌙 HAPPYMEG 31 LE_SIGH
10/14/19 1:34 P
10/14/19 8:22 A
Spent the night in the ER for extreme exhaustion. They discovered severe anemia hypothyroid issues. CLMONTGOMERY71 17 1CRAZYDOG
10/13/19 2:35 P
2 Weeks and 6.1 lbs. down! #nsv - My engagement ring fits again so my wedding ring has it's friend CLMONTGOMERY71 26 BILLIELDANN1
10/7/19 1:34 P
When your splurge is a banana and a glass of milk after two weeks of being strict, you know somethin CLMONTGOMERY71 6 WAILNUHA
10/7/19 8:15 A
So, I was feeling pretty good about my 5 lbs. lost over the last week. Then I stepped on my Aria sca CLMONTGOMERY71 6 KOALA_BEAR
10/2/19 2:16 A
Good day today! 😊 DMAZSALON 10 ARNETTELEE
9/26/19 7:35 A
Saw this at the store and liked it. Didn't buy it...I have enough coffee mugs. RAERAERAE62 28 1CRAZYDOG
9/26/19 5:19 P
Day 3: 40 minutes exercise. Started under calories. Exhaustion hits. CLMONTGOMERY71 3 MJ7DM33
9/25/19 9:59 P
Day 2. My walk last night kicked my butt, but I've had less back pain today and I have to assume the CLMONTGOMERY71 3 MJ7DM33
9/24/19 8:17 P