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A beautiful view from my walk today! CHICKY789 20 GMACAMI
11/30/20 7:23 P
I spent Thanksgiving home alone because we had to social distance. My family brought me so much that BIENKE 11 ISNESS
11/30/20 9:30 A
Decorated the Dining room today ☃️❄🎅 GRNEYEDSPANIARD 12 JER-BER
11/30/20 7:56 A
I did not eat one cookie, chocolate, piece of pie, no sugar at all. My dad cannot have alcohol. He h LUVMYELI 14 ALLYLIZZY
11/30/20 2:34 P
my frozen dinners BIENKE 14 ISNESS
11/30/20 9:29 A
11/29/20 6:43 A
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 20 JOYCEHARRIS3
11/29/20 7:32 A
Beautiful Lake Tekapo, its warming up, 2 sleeps till summer :) ZOOMTHOM 37 ALLYLIZZY
11/29/20 1:05 P
Thanksgiving repeat😋 Just what I needed after 4 hours of yard work! Hope you had a fun day! CATWMNCAT 37 GINNABOOTS
11/29/20 9:16 A
Enjoyed sitting looking at the water today. Reflect on life...and feelings. ✌ BRAZENRAINBOW 42 JANS-JOURNEY
11/29/20 1:38 P
Warm herb salad with my fave leftover Honeybaked Ham Smoked Turkey with brown rice, mushrooms, onion MSMOSTIMPROVED 30 BILLTHOMSON
11/30/20 6:42 A
Dinner: cheese burgers, w/o buns. Mini air fryer potatoes. W/mayo, ketchup, mustard, and a little bb CLIMBOVERARIES 25 RO2BENT
11/29/20 4:28 A
Posted a photo NANABFITZ 21 WHITECAT19
11/29/20 4:23 P
I have been procrastinating about obligating to my weight loss journey. Every day I wake up with the HEBAHAFEZ 18 EMGERBER
11/28/20 6:28 A
#facetofacefriday Sept 2019 to Nov 2020... -68lbs I love this healthy lifestyle🌈🚶‍♀️💦💪 CATWMNCAT 28 JANS-JOURNEY
11/28/20 1:11 P
Posted a photo LOVESTYPOS 13 DININA48MN
11/28/20 2:31 A
Hooray! Despite a slow start, was able to meet today's goal. #moveit GREYGIN 20 BILLTHOMSON
11/28/20 5:58 A
Prayers please. This is the lowest I've ever been. Worried about my health. Been eating high calorie OPTICALXILLUSIO 38 TARATARA47
11/29/20 9:25 A
ATTEMPTED fried rice (yeah I know it is SUPPOSED to be easy..RIGHT!) First I added to much water t GPADAVE01 6 SNUZYQ2
11/28/20 3:33 A
Had a great pecan pie baked by me from.scratch for Thanksgiving dinner dessert AOKDIET21 22 MARKDORENE
11/28/20 4:37 P
Fell off the tracking wagon for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, back on starting at midnight! AMBERBEADS 14 JOYCEHARRIS3
11/28/20 5:32 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 NANASUEH
11/27/20 10:26 A
1050 cals, not bad for a TDay dinner SANDFLEA28 14 DININA48MN
11/27/20 12:57 A
Spanish rice and broccoli. Our Thanksgiving is delayed. WIFEY90 15 DININA48MN
11/27/20 12:54 A
"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have ZUCCHINI8 3 DININA48MN
11/27/20 12:51 A
“Simple kindness may be the most vital key to the riddle of how human beings can live with each othe DONNARADISCH 8 DININA48MN
11/27/20 12:47 A
Yummy goodness. KAWLIGANZ 22 SUNSHINE99999
11/27/20 2:28 A
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Back on track tomorrow! KAWLIGANZ 26 _RAMONA
11/27/20 1:24 A
Will have well over my 10k step goal today... got in my first outdoor walk in awhile. Still a few l NITEMAN3D 26 GMACAMI
11/26/20 2:33 P
11KM of hiking through running creeks, waterfalls and had the best day ever! TIKITAMI 33 GMACAMI
11/26/20 2:32 P
Posted a photo KRISUA 18 KRISUA
11/26/20 11:26 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 22 75HEALTHYME
11/26/20 10:30 A
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! EDWARDS1411 19 SPEDED2
11/26/20 9:37 A
“You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.” -C.S. Lewis SWEETNEEY 11 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
11/26/20 12:24 P
LEFTOVERS! Made a salad to make room for Turkey Day. I hope everyone is having fun getting ready. I MSMOSTIMPROVED 47 GABY1948
11/26/20 2:31 P
You Know What Day it Is 😛 TT 🌮🌮🌮🌮 #eattherainbow🌈 style #foodfeats STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 KENNAN123
11/25/20 10:30 A
Hope your Thanksgiving is great! GARDENSFORLIFE 24 FLASUN
11/25/20 2:01 A
Dinner: leftover yellow rice, and honey chicken, an over easy egg, and spinach. CLIMBOVERARIES 21 DININA48MN
11/25/20 1:21 A
Gluten free pasta with organic chicken breast and vegetables! Yum! :) NATALIAMAY 32 NATALIAMAY
11/25/20 9:40 A
I promise you... I think I work harder at MAINTAINING than I did losing 😅😆😁 today I FINALLY got t STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 NAVYWIFESKI
11/25/20 8:15 P
The dog makes me walk. Twice a day, usually at lea MRSLAURAKCRAWFO 13 SNUZYQ2
11/25/20 2:50 A
It's taken me a long time to lose 96 pounds and I still have 40 more to lose. I was over 250 in the 1BLAZER282005 45 NAVYWIFESKI
11/25/20 8:17 P
You have the power to change your habits, your life, and your destiny. It starts w/the positive cho 1CRAZYDOG 13 GABY1948
11/25/20 7:39 P
Parmesan sirloin, scallops, sweet potato and arugula salad!:) 😋 Have a wonderful week! NAVYWIFESKI 26 1BLAZER282005
11/24/20 8:29 A
Glad I like my zucchini with quinoa boats because the fam isn’t ready to branch out yet! Roasted por MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 ALLYLIZZY
11/24/20 2:33 P
11/24/20 7:34 A
So I struggle with Anxiety, PTSD, and depression— one of my coping mechanisms is eating— usually unh CLINDE2 13 HMKITTEN
11/24/20 11:05 A
Dinner: I made gf pizza. I don't like the crust, i CLIMBOVERARIES 25 CLIMBOVERARIES
11/24/20 12:35 P
Seems pretty accurate to me!! To you? Did you know that the 2021 Winter 5% Challenge is looking for DIANEDOESSMILES 32 ERIN_POSCH
11/24/20 12:26 P
Posted a photo VY_BAILEY 14 DININA48MN
11/23/20 2:25 A
Dinner! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and asparagus AWESOMELYADRIA 21 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
11/23/20 1:12 P
Finished. With my Finnish style sauna project. Planning to sweat some of those toxins out here at ho B_RAZORSHARP 39 B_RAZORSHARP
11/23/20 11:15 P
Cheeseburger with pepper jack, onion, lettuce, tomato JEWELRYLOVER 22 SHOAPIE
11/23/20 2:26 P
Turkey burger with organic Smokey blue cheese, rosemary and olive oil toast, spinach, mushrooms and MSMOSTIMPROVED 43 GREYGIN
11/23/20 6:17 P
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything!!!! TRINITY133 37 1BLAZER282005
11/23/20 8:56 A
Humor will help us get thru ALL we are going thru. Are you wanting support? Some giggles along the w DIANEDOESSMILES 39 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
11/23/20 1:10 P
Maybe a dumb question, but I'm new. The app allows me to track water by cups....but I drink bottles. PHILLIPSANGEL39 12 LUANN_IN_PA
11/22/20 8:42 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 22 GABY1948
11/22/20 2:52 P
Been missing @GPALMER2019 (Superman) lately. I hope he’s doing okay. ❤️💙❤️ ALLYLIZZY 4 NAVYWIFESKI
11/21/20 6:58 P
Veggie loaded scrambled eggs, a halo, and a bit of leftover hamurger. Couldn't decide what to drin GRAPLEIRIS 14 MSMOSTIMPROVED
11/22/20 2:53 P
11/22/20 2:01 P
. . . I am never responsible or guilty over another human being’s actions. I am not responsible. I 1CRAZYDOG 5 GABY1948
11/24/20 12:36 P
If 2020 was an ice cream flavor?? IMLOCOLINDA 40 JER-BER
11/22/20 4:13 A
Having a staple favorite tonight stir fry with chicken, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, water chestnuts 1BLAZER282005 37 ALLYLIZZY
11/21/20 12:07 P
Dinner: gf pasta Alfredo w/ shrimp and a tiny bit of side meat and some cherub tomatoes CLIMBOVERARIES 8 DININA48MN
11/21/20 2:21 A
Cut the fat and calories in the Sweet Kale Salad tremendously simply by swapping the salad dressing CATWMNCAT 20 JER-BER
11/21/20 11:20 A
What quote keeps you going? My daughter and I are planning to make inspirational signs for a workou LAVENDER2NICE2 7 DININA48MN
11/21/20 2:16 A
Just joined the community. I am looking forward to losing the weight by my 10 year anniversary. Just SARABETHBELL 12 SPARK_MERLE
11/21/20 1:05 P
I am not digging my new hairstyle. I feel like it is my second bad hair cut in three days. It is bet UASK4ITDAVE 28 ALLYLIZZY
11/21/20 12:03 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 18 SANDYKK53
11/21/20 7:49 A
Beautiful sky as I left work. Full of pinks and purples. The phone photo doesn't do it justice. LA_CANTOR 20 GMACAMI
11/20/20 11:54 A
Used frozen bag of winter veggies cauliflower and broccoli, herb salad, turkey and shirataki noodles MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 STILLSPARKLEIGH
11/20/20 8:42 A
Just barely squeaked by with the 5 fruits and veggies today....but still keeping the daily consisten GREYGIN 30 GYNGER12
11/20/20 1:50 P
Made Stuffed Acorn squash for dinner. It was delicious...and way more than 4 could eat! Recipe link SISSYFEB48 27 75HEALTHYME
11/20/20 1:10 P
Progress is progress❤ WOMANOFLOVE 17 1DAY-ATA-TIME
11/20/20 6:46 A