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8/9/20 12:19 A
Went to a Birthday party with the family. It was a Nerf party, but me and my two youngest were out i MORETHANAMOMOF4 14 GETULLY
8/9/20 12:00 A
Kudos to WMGABBY for Mongolian Beef Recipe Thank you WMGABBY! That Mongolian Beef was delicious!! Th MELLOWROSE2020 11 _RAMONA
8/9/20 1:17 A
Isn't she gorgeous?😍 FIREBRTHR 36 EDLEAR
8/9/20 4:01 A
This is my smoothie process. I put in my Plant pro LOTTALOX 11 1BLAZER282005
8/7/20 10:02 A
Tonights dinner Grilled chicken breast on a bed of cabbage in the good ole George Foreman, brown ric ANNIEROKOV 13 ANNIEROKOV
8/6/20 11:43 P
I have been doing my best to eat more healthy foods.i hope I can keep it up. PERUANABABY 12 PERUANABABY
8/6/20 9:46 P
8/6/20 8:36 P
I should be playing with ‘her’ but I have to go tackle ...that! Gonna try and track the house cleani JER-BER 20 BARBIEE52
8/7/20 12:46 A
Love when hubs wants salad for dinner💕 CATWMNCAT 28 PCK12J
8/7/20 1:34 P
This is for you @SOUTHERNJAVA ❤️💜💙 (Sparkers, please send hearts in the comments) ALLYLIZZY 25 JRDUPREE
8/4/20 12:57 A
Isn't this a cute reminder? HARROWJET 16 PWILLOW1
8/3/20 4:52 P
Just chicking on everyone... BRUCELANGLEY 17 JER-BER
8/3/20 9:10 P
Incognito 😷😎 Smiling or not smiling?#COVID-19 SHIRLEYABAGWELL 11 ANNIEMAROO
8/3/20 2:40 A
I hope your Monday makes you as happy as this Orange made this Monkey. Good Night 🐵🍊 HIGHVIBEHEALING 22 STARMONICA
8/3/20 3:33 A
With the hat was my biggest 245ish! Next to that is my smallest 167ish underneath now 185ish! I need TCAREY79 16 POGONAMINIMA
8/2/20 9:01 A
Good evening friends. Having a healthy fruit salad tonight. All these years I thought that I was all JUSTSTICKWITHIT 32 JULIEA7201
8/2/20 10:18 P
Beautiful early morning hike. Perfect way to welcome August! BBD2727 16 TLV106
8/1/20 11:04 P
Dessert - Halo Top!:) 😋 Blueberry Crumble is my favorite!...What’s yours? NAVYWIFESKI 14 1BLAZER282005
8/2/20 11:02 A
10 years after I said yes husband brought this home lol. A very young stray DEFENDERDARKSUN 7 POGONAMINIMA
8/2/20 8:59 A
Drank my water instead of cocktails!!! MSMOSTIMPROVED 29 GIRLINMOTION
8/2/20 9:33 A
My newest little girl KIMYNAN 27 GIRLINMOTION
8/2/20 9:31 A
Ahhhh... finally ready! Cauliflower Crust Pizza🍕 and by now I really need the wine🍷🤣😂 CATWMNCAT 24 1BLAZER282005
8/2/20 11:00 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 18 NANASUEH
7/31/20 1:49 P
7/30/20 3:28 A
Totally relaxed enjoying my new hobby. Can't eat if you're painting. TZAPP22 37 1CRAZYDOG
7/30/20 8:16 P
Just a smile DIZEIMAGE 14 JOLYNN1125
7/30/20 10:17 A
Not much activity today, during my study session, but I took a break to grab some goodies from the g AMYINTHEWILD 67 IAN2409
8/5/20 8:50 A
I can eat Salmon everyday MZADAMS 16 ALOHAALO
7/30/20 1:40 A
Happy Friday Spark Friends! Starting off my morning with a healthy Homemade Oatmeal - Chocolate nips FLASUN 28 JAMER123
7/25/20 10:37 P
Yummy strawberry spinach with balsamic vinegarette😍 KGUSHUE 12 ZOOMTHOM
7/25/20 4:02 A
Aldi's Pur Aqua Spring Water #h2whoa RACHAEL2020 7 WILDKAT781
7/24/20 4:22 P
I finallt bought a kayak which has been on my bucket list for awhike. I really enjoy going for a pa 712237 46 CHERRYZMB60
7/24/20 11:42 P
My favorite snack 😋 Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon and caoca powder, together with blueberries ❤ KGUSHUE 13 CHERRYZMB60
7/24/20 11:41 P
Is the shutdown getting you down ? Tired of the news ? There's PANDA CAM ! I've become addicted t ARCHIMEDESII 13 MOMMACAT57
7/24/20 10:47 A
Good morning and Happy Friday to you. Stay positive and make the most of the day. Make it an aweso BANEWLAND 16 MOMMACAT57
7/24/20 10:46 A
Happy Friday from Ohio. Having gained the Quaranti RIVERBENEDICTA 64 PWILLOW1
7/24/20 5:04 P
Should be fun DIZEIMAGE 24 ORTATK
7/16/20 8:54 A
Nonscale accomplishments are just as important! #goalfeats DONIELLECAPERS2 20 KCOXHGP3
7/17/20 9:30 A
7/15/20 11:51 P
Pesto pasta tossed with broccoli, peas and homegrown kale, and a glass of rose. CREAKYCAT 5 REVMAN1971
7/15/20 6:32 P
Posted a photo JKEPI717 13 _RAMONA
7/16/20 3:49 A
Posted a photo JKEPI717 16 SUZIEEQ91
7/15/20 7:24 P
7/12/20 11:39 P
A beautiful (but really tough) Saturday hike/work out! 25,400 steps, 15 km and 58 flights of stairs GRAVITYFIGHTING 14 BECK56
7/12/20 5:01 P
A little color to lift spirits! GAILMARYFRANCES 30 WHITECAT19
7/13/20 1:26 P
Our local Grange (community & agrarian org) is sponsoring a produce exchange event twice a month. F PCK12J 17 SURFIE
7/17/20 5:43 P
If there's an Exercise we all love to hate hate to love,it's this one. A Plank is a simple,effectiv STANLEY_7 7 TSHAWGER
7/12/20 4:56 P
Our daughter took this amazing picture of an incoming dust storm in Tucson last night. We had our o KPINAZ 19 ALOHAALO
7/12/20 6:40 P
One of those days DIZEIMAGE 7 ERIN_POSCH
7/13/20 12:49 P
Meet my dog, Harley! He was groomed today and looks pretty spiffy! He is amost 15 - has no gray an LLOURAY 19 IAMBLESSED103
7/10/20 8:12 P
Enjoyed Natural Bridges National Park today. Hot and beautiful! VEACHXCL 21 BARCLE
7/10/20 12:54 A
Gave it my all for 30 minutes today! I felt so good after my workout this morning that I workout aga JACKIE_CEE 17 _RAMONA
7/10/20 4:36 A
Breakfast for Dinner!💜 CATWMNCAT 19 CATWMNCAT
7/11/20 3:04 P
Dinner last night was delicious! KIMMYP420 13 DININA48MN
7/10/20 2:20 A
My dinner, because sometimes you just want a big salad lol! CMRKSU12 18 ROX525
7/10/20 6:04 A
Posted a photo JIMIPAGE29 21 GRAMMYEAC
7/7/20 10:19 P
Turkey meatballs rice and broccoli. #Airfryermeatballs #Healthyeating. SASSYK11 7 GEORGE815
7/7/20 6:57 P
Lunch❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Hope you are fueling your body and making healthy, nutritious choices🌞🌺🌻🌴 CATWMNCAT 20 DAMAOF5
7/7/20 11:31 P
Gain a little over the weekend cause I was not as good as I shouod have been. But hopping back in wi ATHENALOONE13 15 SUMMERTIME20
7/7/20 7:31 P
Yesterday’s salad by hubby was a little smaller! Lol. Let’s see what today’s will look like. I’ll be SPOKENWORD 29 EVILCECIL
7/8/20 6:43 A
Anna says hello! 💓 ALLYLIZZY 45 PCK12J
7/8/20 6:04 P
I am not gonna let menopause win. MSDEBBY14 21 REDROBIN47
7/7/20 8:30 P
7/5/20 9:02 A
Dinner - Grass fed beef with bbq sauce and green pepper, organic beef hot dog and a locally grown to NAVYWIFESKI 16 LILIANN400
7/5/20 3:36 P
We’re having Salmon 🐟 tonight for dinner. Using PANKO Bread crumbs (along with stuff out of my gard HOBBESIS49 9 F8CONE8
7/5/20 4:15 P
Roast Pork w/ bbq sauce, Baked Beans and Corn on the cob😋 Hope You Are Enjoying Your Freedom Today� CATWMNCAT 15 LILIANN400
7/5/20 2:54 P
Have a happy 4th of July weekend! 💕 ROCALOCABRUSH 20 ARNETTELEE
7/5/20 8:13 A
Today's catch - cucumbers, tomatoes, green Beans, blackberries, fresh eggs. TOMSTONE1 33 HOTPINKCAMARO49
7/4/20 11:36 P
7/5/20 4:30 P
Launched our new line during this pandemic DIZEIMAGE 13 LANLEIMEE
7/3/20 8:55 P
Part of our product line DIZEIMAGE 8 DIZEIMAGE
7/3/20 6:31 P
Needed a laugh today captioned "worst angle of a seal ever" hope y'all get a good laugh in! DEFENDERDARKSUN 18 ERIN_POSCH
7/4/20 9:33 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 18 GABY1948
7/5/20 4:53 P
Tasty salad with quinoa, black beans, and chicken. OBIESMOM2 9 MBARTLEY7
7/3/20 6:29 P