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Two words, Change one JAMER123 1058 FLUTTERFLI
9/24/20 5:26 P
9/24/20 5:25 P
Grocery Store items A to Z JAMER123 1406 FLUTTERFLI
9/24/20 5:25 P
fitness feats met #fitnessfeats RCLYKE 3 FLUTTERFLI
9/24/20 5:06 P
Food feats met #foodfeats RCLYKE 3 FLUTTERFLI
9/24/20 5:06 P
Is there any way to change the goals settings to reflect carnivore/keto values? I've trued about 3 t IDIOTBAINES 4 FLUTTERFLI
9/24/20 5:06 P
Another 3 mile walk today. I might have gone a little longer, but again I hit the heat of the day. I UASK4ITDAVE 6 FLUTTERFLI
9/24/20 5:05 P
Autumn is Balloon Season, yay! Imagine my happy when I saw this low flying hot air balloon cruising GO_GAL_GROW 27 -POOKIE-
9/25/20 3:17 A
Happy Thursday! πŸ’• Thankful for gorgeous weather πŸ’™ ALLYLIZZY 19 MHUMBERS1950
9/24/20 10:07 P
Looking through my pics for inspiration. Back at it stationary bike walk & stretch...not in that ord KLLOYD1010 9 CHERRYZMB60
9/24/20 9:03 P
Yesterday was a 'do nothing' kind of day. This morning we got back to it and did a 1.57 mile walk in K9CLAUDIA 4 SISTERPRETTY
9/24/20 5:14 P
Walked for 20 minutes #moveit JBASSETT20 4 SISTERPRETTY
9/24/20 5:14 P
While I was outside gardening this little leaf bug came to visit me. Isn't it beautiful! πŸ’œ GARDEN_WITCH 23 NOCALORIES
9/25/20 12:10 A
Expecting #2 ...starting 40 pounds down from baby #1 RFBAKER917 134 PWILLOW1
9/24/20 10:10 P
Breaking fast w/ a grilled shrimp, avocado, red onion, olive and tomato salad dressed with Ken's fat COCOLEAN 25 NAVYWIFESKI
9/24/20 9:43 P
Today, I am one pound lower in my 90 day streak (20% of my total goal accomplished) and one level hi BRUCELANGLEY 23 NAVYWIFESKI
9/24/20 9:43 P
Rowed for 60 minutes #moveit MOINSDEMOI 7 GOLFGMA
9/24/20 6:06 P
Ten months today, and the feels have got me down. SOUTHERNJAVA 18 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/24/20 8:01 P
Low carb wraps with turkey, romain, and stone ground mustard. ERINCRAIG 11 GOLFGMA
9/24/20 5:55 P
Happy Thursday, have a great day KURTZIE1998 12 EVILCECIL
9/25/20 6:16 A
#BeforeAndAfter JULIE8265 37 NYARAMULA
9/25/20 12:38 A
Took a picture today in a shirt I haven't worn in awhile. #BeforeAndAfter SBLACKWELL93 89 CSROBERTSON621
9/24/20 10:20 P
My Fall 2020 Health Matrix & Goals _WARRIOR4LIFE 14 SPARKNB
9/25/20 12:58 A
Here's the other piece. We are each, and all, beautiful. RREDFORD5 23 ALLYLIZZY
9/23/20 10:52 P
I finished a couple of coloring pieces yesterday for all you wonderful Sparklers today. Remember, we RREDFORD5 31 ALLYLIZZY
9/23/20 10:53 P
Done #h2whoa RCLYKE 10 20KAREN
9/24/20 2:36 P
Fitness feats met #fitnessfeats RCLYKE 8 MSMOSTIMPROVED
9/23/20 5:39 P
Goals met #goalfeats RCLYKE 8 20KAREN
9/24/20 2:29 P
Through your dreams, through your imagination, your mission & vision will come as soon as you releas 1CRAZYDOG 14 WALLAHALLA
9/24/20 9:13 A
Anybody Relate?!?! Man, I could eat the HOUSE DOWN TODAY 🀣🀣🀣 .... won’t do it.... but I’d like to STILLSPARKLEIGH 50 TEXASHSMOMOF3
9/24/20 11:06 A
Food feats met #foodfeats RCLYKE 9 MSMOSTIMPROVED
9/23/20 5:52 P
Well, yesterday was interesting. I got my final ge WIFEY90 4 GEORGE815
9/23/20 4:00 P
Today I am happy because I am back on track. I was backsliding and gained weight. However, this ti OLAFIT2020 11 SHOAPIE
9/23/20 6:10 P
Today, we spent over an hour hiking and sniffing and chasing and hiking (I didn't sniff anything.) W RREDFORD5 18 SPEDED2
9/23/20 8:41 P
"Virtual" Scottish Highlands Way, 115.75 of 201.50 miles. This part of the trail is extremely rugged SPARROW125 11 JRDUPREE
9/23/20 3:59 P
We are half way to the weekend! We can do it! Hope you are having a wonderful day! RYDESKS 23 GODS-PRINCESS
9/24/20 1:19 P
Happy Wednesday! It’s a beautiful day here, but it’s going to be a hot one. I’m ready for fall wea DRBENGSCH2021 13 GEORGE815
9/23/20 4:21 P
Simple lunch - Ham wrap with lettuce, tomato and cilantro lime sauce!:) πŸ˜‹ Hope you are having a won NAVYWIFESKI 23 FLASUN
9/24/20 5:05 A
Today's lunch. That honey crisp apple was delicious. AUMLANKA 19 KAYDE53
9/23/20 10:41 P
Having a bit of a tough day, so I'm just focusing on the little things I can control; healthy, happy BENCHED 11 MBARTLEY7
9/23/20 4:34 P
I can get to 175. I am stuck at 213 but I will not give up #BeforeAndAfter THESTER773 28 MUSICNUT
9/23/20 5:06 P
The picture says it all... a three mile, 60 minutes walk, kicked my behind today. I would love to b UASK4ITDAVE 16 CARBY220
9/23/20 4:42 P
#BeforeAndAfter -160 lbs in 17 months. Finally at a normal BMI FABULOUSFAITH65 201 MADPIPER1
9/24/20 1:28 P
9/22/20 9:21 P
A yummy Spark inspired dinner. Was so delicious, easy and a dream for cleanup. Seasoned chicken, roa SISUGAL906 16 LAH1222
9/22/20 11:54 P
It is so hard to stay positive in these times. Today I neglected myself...did not exercise or medita MEADSBAY 10 -POOKIE-
9/23/20 4:46 A
Hydrated wooooooo #h2whoa MSMOSTIMPROVED 3 JWINKSLLC
9/22/20 10:28 P
OB says everything looks good. Thankfully she was helpful about the mask. Ultrasound on 2nd. DEFENDERDARKSUN 3 FLUTTERFLI
9/22/20 8:33 P
My great nephew & his new little sister, my new great neice πŸ’™β€ CINDY247 23 PATRICIA-CR
9/23/20 9:46 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 17 JAMER123
9/24/20 10:25 P
Thanks ALLYLIZZY, finally got around to makin those tacos with fresh pica de gallo thanks for the id DLBEASYRIDER 15 PURPLEMOON1
9/22/20 11:39 P
Here's Momma Bear! Lucky I was way above her!! CINDY247 49 CHEIVOUS
9/23/20 1:41 P
Hope this day has been just awesome for you! Accentuate the positive - eliminate the negative. Be BANEWLAND 12 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/23/20 7:52 A
Just finished a batch of green beans. So easy and delicious. #foodfeats MSMOSTIMPROVED 5 DONNA_CPS2
9/23/20 9:13 A
Nice brisk walk! RGOCEAN 2 FLUTTERFLI
9/22/20 8:31 P
Dinner - Southwest salmon, Mediterranean quinoa, peas and ground cherries!:) πŸ˜‹ Enjoy your first Fal NAVYWIFESKI 16 NAVYWIFESKI
9/23/20 8:21 A
9/23/20 1:56 P
Posted a photo LKASOFF 23 LWLAR7
9/23/20 12:22 A
Life has a wondrous way of planting you exactly where your soul will find the nourishment it needs i J2002HEIDS 18 CHARTING-BEAR
9/23/20 8:51 P
Posted a photo JAEGERMARTY 6 HAZEL2278
9/23/20 2:19 A
Bought this instead of a burger!:) Kim Bob= Korean cooked sushi. Bulgogi ingredients= what's listed CLIMBOVERARIES 7 AFWWTX
9/23/20 12:10 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 15 KITT52
9/23/20 10:34 A
Just me and my HP today, wife has a head cold and allergies, she got tested for covid came back nega DLBEASYRIDER 10 GMACAMI
9/23/20 1:56 P
Good evening spark friends πŸ™‚ hope everyone had a great day today. We did 2 hikes and 200 stores at CARLOSLAKELAND 24 CHARTING-BEAR
9/23/20 8:52 P
Hi, I'm new here! Saw the cardiologist today and he suggested I lose weight with a dietician, so I r LADANCING 86 CANADIANLIFE
9/23/20 7:51 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 11 GABY1948
9/22/20 11:36 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 GABY1948
9/21/20 1:46 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 22 GABY1948
9/21/20 1:46 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 28 NANASUEH
9/21/20 11:07 A
Have a spectacular Sunday! #foodfeats STARGLOW77 8 CHESTER47
9/21/20 8:40 A
Today is a day for rest. Enjoy your day! #fitnessfeats STARGLOW77 5 PHATPAT18
9/21/20 7:13 A
Don't know what to do......worries? Food is not the answer. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 PATRICIA-CR
9/21/20 10:39 A
Glad there iis plenty of water to drink! #h2whoa STARGLOW77 6 20KAREN
9/21/20 8:13 A
Happy Sunday! ANOTHER GOAL MET! I’m grateful to the Lord for Being my strength yet again to reach MAMACRUZE 16 _RAMONA
9/21/20 2:06 A
I set a goal to reach 165 fitness minutes last week, and then I reached 169 πŸ’ͺ🏽 and it was during a LOOTJE 12 _RAMONA
9/21/20 2:06 A