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Upped my walks to an hour almost a month ago. Feeling healthier. Closer to my goal weight than I hav GRATEFULWIFE72 7 EVIE4NOW
3/4/20 10:52 P
Have to move beyond the plateau, but I know it'll happen. Have to keep my spirits up. I'm working ou NANASUGE 6 JERSEYGIRL24
7/30/19 10:38 P
My little guy started at 15 oz. He was found on the side of the road, his momma had been hit and di DGFOWLER 23 SPARKLINGME176
7/4/19 3:56 P
Thought for the Day! JUSTFURKIDS 30 IGSBETH
7/1/19 1:39 P
Homemade M&M and chocolate chip cookies I baked last night. β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™ ALLYLIZZY 27 HOOAH19766
6/30/19 3:45 P
Just uploaded this app. I have been doing weight watchers and got so upset after I kept seeing mysel STEPHHILL101 7 LIZZIE138
6/6/19 3:54 A
6/6/19 12:25 P
1st Day with Fitbit πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸŒˆ (from 4pm onwards) IAMLMAI 9 CHIP8790
6/1/19 10:30 P
I was zooming in on this Bird, trying to figure out if it was a Robin. Their were Robins near by th ALLENJOSEPH 8 DEE107
6/3/19 12:15 A
Got my fit bit today. Got 1,000 steps in πŸ‘8 glasses of water πŸ‘and tracked all my food. Really want GRATEFULWIFE72 6 JEWELRYLOVER
6/2/19 5:28 P
Just had to zoom in on this Squirrel. I had filled up the feeders, so it didn't take him long to co ALLENJOSEPH 14 DEE107
6/3/19 12:14 A
Fighting a cold and finding it hard to stay on top of my food intake. Tracking everything but don't GRATEFULWIFE72 5 RED-LICORICE
6/1/19 1:07 A
5/31/19 2:12 P
Goal to lose 50 pounds HEALTHYGAL2012 4 CINDYLOVING250
5/29/19 11:17 P
Hello I am new here and just figuring this app COOLJDAWG 17 COOLJDAWG
5/30/19 5:25 P
Posted a photo SHINEFROMWITHIN 24 CINDY247
5/30/19 5:13 A
Posted a goal GRATEFULWIFE72 4 CD5915724
5/29/19 9:08 P
5/29/19 8:43 P
With all the steps I have taken today I have walked a total of 3.43 miles. Not bad for someone who u TABATHA_CAIN 8 GRATEFULWIFE72
5/28/19 8:42 P
Down to 190 lbs from 196. Looking forward to losing another 6 lbs GRATEFULWIFE72 5 HOTPINKCAMARO49
5/28/19 8:19 P
Tofu scramble and vegan sausages for dinner tonight. Breakfast for dinner is always fun! GRATEFULWIFE72 2 RANGE110-114
5/28/19 7:14 P
5/26/19 10:50 P
Posted a goal GRATEFULWIFE72 2 GEORGE815
5/26/19 8:32 P
Posted a photo SARAH_SHARP1990 19 KMILLER31
5/26/19 10:46 P
Lost 100 pounds using spark. Left and menopause has reared its ugly head. Not to mention I haven't b ROCKER897 11 KAS10001
5/26/19 10:34 P
πŸ™€πŸ‘ΏπŸ™πŸ˜₯ Went to a High School graduation today. Took 10 changes of clothes to find something that LORELEI781 4 GEORGE815
5/26/19 8:39 P
My Stepmom baked 4 quiches today (Quiche Lorraine). πŸ’• ALLYLIZZY 26 CD22994956
5/27/19 9:37 A
Posted a goal GRATEFULWIFE72 3 YMWONG22
5/26/19 8:25 A
Posted a goal GRATEFULWIFE72 4 YMWONG22
5/26/19 8:25 A
Thyroid medicine increase has me feeling a little weird. Stuck to my calorie budget though and got m GRATEFULWIFE72 5 YMWONG22
5/26/19 8:25 A
I’m pretty fascinated by what can be done with the water from a can of chickpeas. Made vegan ice cre MIAMI_LILLY 28 CHEIVOUS
5/26/19 9:29 A
Good day, warm and sunny. Went to sisters to check on her house and her fur babies. They ran and pla LIVINGLOVINLIFE 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/26/19 10:05 A
Walked away from emotional eating 2AWESOME4U 21 2AWESOME4U
5/26/19 8:00 A
Well I made today a cheat day. If I designate a day for indulging somewhat then I stick to my calori GRATEFULWIFE72 4 CD23785358
5/26/19 5:40 A
8 glasses of water and stayed in my calorie budget. Ordered myself a Fit Bit too! Since I've been a GRATEFULWIFE72 9 ANHELIC
5/25/19 12:36 A
So sorry I haven't been posting the past few weeks but I've been very close to a mental breakdown so SAINTBERNARD6 12 GRANDMAKARENG
5/24/19 8:38 P
"The Moon taught me: It's okay to go through phases. The Sun taught me: No matter how many times yo CLO333 22 SPEDED2
5/24/19 10:52 P
Doctor visit today confirmed thyroid is slow. Increasing my thyroid meds starting tomorrow. Hopefull GRATEFULWIFE72 4 CD5915724
5/22/19 8:11 P
Trying a plant based diet to try to break this plateau, and just had the most outstanding lunch. Hal STACIT0571 9 GRATEFULWIFE72
5/22/19 7:52 P
7 days of staying on track with food intake. GRATEFULWIFE72 5 APPLESBANANAS
5/23/19 5:12 A
2 cups of popcorn with 1 tbsp of parmesan cheese CHEYNESMOM948 14 SAMITHESWEET1
5/23/19 1:47 P
Last night’s mistakes do not define today. Moving forward and choosing happiness... always! The sun ALLYLIZZY 20 -POOKIE-
5/23/19 8:49 A
8 glasses of water and 6 servings of fruits and vegetables last two days. Going for 3rd day tomorrow GRATEFULWIFE72 11 CKEYES1
5/22/19 4:21 P
Zucchini, tomatoes, salad x2, strawberries, cabbage, and fruit salad w/ fresh mango, banana, pears, ERW0012 9 PHATPAT18
5/22/19 6:33 A
Found my motivation lol. Does anyone have anything to combat hair loss lol? ACG123321 17 ACG123321
5/22/19 10:03 P
I had that mini candy bar in my hand with the intention of ONLY eating half of it! Who was I kidding 2B-ME-AGAIN 6 KSUE43
5/21/19 10:16 P
I wanted to sit around and late night bored+stress eat cookie dough etc but i went to the gym for a JESUSLUVSYOU 3 CD23785358
5/22/19 10:21 P
Any good vegan recipes? DMS5433 3 KATRED81
5/21/19 8:30 P
I got one of my favorite foods for dinner tonight. I usually eat the whole thing which is 2 serving TABATHA_CAIN 6 NOCALORIES
5/21/19 9:36 P
Four years ago, I dreamed and imagined that I would become a smaller size to be able to feel confide ALLYLIZZY 147 OPTICALXILLUSIO
5/24/19 3:05 P
Hope everyone has a good evening πŸ˜„ GRATEFULWIFE72 3 ALLYLIZZY
5/20/19 10:13 P
I got up and got moving today. Not to lose weight or inches but I need to know I can be strong for H COOKWITHME65 26 COOKWITHME65
5/22/19 8:23 P
Fried cauliflower rice with mixed veggies, steamed asparagus, and sesame garlic baked tofu for dinne SLIMMINGNIKA 19 NANA2PRINCESSES
5/20/19 7:04 P
Posted a goal DIAMONDWIFE2018 27 EO4WELLNESS
5/20/19 8:31 P
First day back at work since being 33 weeks pregna EPOLOMOTO 8 GEORGE815
5/20/19 5:50 P
Pulled out the scale today and I am up 3lbs since 4/28. And no it's not muscle weight. Some days I t COOKWITHME65 9 ROSALIE28
5/21/19 9:42 P
Another 35 minutes under my belt (and Charlie's harness) That's a total of 72 for the day. #moveit ANNEROLFE 3 BILLTHOMSON
5/20/19 5:52 A
Another week to keep trying. He is one of my reasons to loose weight. I want to b able to get down a CALLENBURGM 9 MUDDYFOOTS
5/20/19 9:57 A
Chili dogs with melted cheese and sour cream for dinner tonight. (Total calories - 290.) I made some ALLYLIZZY 18 MIAMI_LILLY
5/20/19 7:16 A
Here comes a new week to get it right SPARKFRAN514 13 FAITHP44
5/20/19 2:10 P
Today was my third shopping trip of the month of not buying any junk food! I feel like I’m starting ALLYLIZZY 47 LILIANN400
5/20/19 2:02 P
5/20/19 9:44 A
Thank you to this community... I have been more inclined to track what I eat because I can get suppo GRATEFULWIFE72 5 GEORGE815
5/19/19 4:11 P
Hope everyone has a great day today πŸ˜„πŸ’Ÿ GRATEFULWIFE72 4 ALLYLIZZY
5/19/19 12:49 P
Little by little! Down to 192 from 196. 4 lbs lighter feels good πŸ˜„#icandothis GRATEFULWIFE72 7 COOKWITHME65
5/19/19 10:16 P
1 cup of sweet potato gnocchi (250 calories) and 4 ALLYLIZZY 14 AMYINTHEWILD
5/19/19 12:27 P
I saw a deer, two big cottontail bunnies, and a hawk on my hike today! πŸ˜πŸ’• JARAHLYN1 6 JHADZHIA
5/19/19 12:55 A
I had planned on this to be a rest day but I need to expend some energy so I'm getting on the treadm ROSIEGRIER 7 RETAT60
5/18/19 5:21 P
5/19/19 10:16 P
I've been 1 year Alcohol Free!!!! AMYMBUNCH 121 CD23904298
5/19/19 7:32 A
I’m officially down 30 lbs today. I’m still wearing the same clothes but they’re fitting a lot loose MOKACHYNA 10 GRATEFULWIFE72
5/17/19 9:53 P
Well after eating eggs for a couple of weeks my egg allergy has finally kicked in UGH! now I'm strug CHEYNESMOM948 8 GRATEFULWIFE72
5/17/19 9:49 P
Ate 10 fruit and vegetables today. #eattherainbow QUARTERMASTER3 7 ANHELIC
5/18/19 12:41 A
Had a cheat day 2 days ago. However, tracked my food and stayed within my calorie budget every other GRATEFULWIFE72 4 JIBBIE49
5/17/19 10:33 P
β€œRules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.” ― Immanuel Kant β€œD KIMJ01 3 GEORGE815
5/17/19 7:23 P