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Where I was in 2016 and 145 pounds lighter today. #BeforeAndAfter. Praise God for helping me to make OLAFIT2020 69 HONEYD2
2/27/20 1:01 P
Edit!! Thank you for all the love. I just wanted t DOUBLELSMOM 101 ARNETTELEE
2/28/20 6:36 A
Enjoy your day! Windy and cold again here. LITTLEREDHEN8 21 SKCASON
2/27/20 12:16 P
Ok. I have never posted a "before" picture, and since I gained alot of my weight back, at 193 lbs, t CBDREWS 15 ONTARIO1964
2/26/20 10:56 P
Well yesterday I deleted the app. Thought I needed a break. My financial and personal stress is gett HONEYD2 23 ONTARIO1964
2/26/20 11:07 P
Happy Saturday. DGFOWLER 26 REGILIEH
2/15/20 4:10 P
Not mine....but this is one talented animal. He can impersonate other animals 😄 BARBIEIAMNOT 18 BECKY672
2/15/20 8:32 P
I keep gaining and losing the same 2 pounds. I had Sepsis in October and since then have had so many HONEYD2 6 HONEYD2
2/10/20 9:29 A
My new hiking buddy (when he gets older) SPHOOTS 28 _RAMONA
2/10/20 1:59 A
A Deer looking in my window ! I'm Blessed to have them here in my wild area.. BEELADY56 121 _RAMONA
2/10/20 1:57 A
I've been doing what I'm supposed to do and I gained a pound. This is soooo frustrating why am I doi CEDWARDS684 11 CEDWARDS684
2/7/20 7:30 P
Skyler 7 months old... I love when her tongue is out. RAINBOWFALLS 45 ELIZACG9
5/20/20 9:47 A
This chair. Is a big NSV for me! In addition to the big SV today, this happened. I started my curr NESSA5210 21 ALLYLIZZY
2/6/20 9:13 P
"When things go wrong as they sometime will; When the road you're trudging seems all uphill; When th NANASUEH 10 SPEDED2
2/6/20 8:27 P
sitting in University of Chicago's Urgent Care with swollen hand from nasty fall last night. when LOSEWEIGHT1212 16 BEELADY56
2/6/20 6:24 P
Does anyone have any advice on how to stay motivated? ASHT8487 7 L1VEL1FE
2/5/20 5:04 P
God I wish I lived alone, but can’t afford to. Stress level is over the top. Please if you are Young HONEYD2 4 GEORGE815
2/2/20 12:50 P
Day two of knee replacement. Lots of pain this morning but I had a healthy breakfast, did some light -KARMA- 44 KAYDE53
1/30/20 9:46 P
Well had a good NSV bought smaller underwear and bras. Now to just keep on tack. HONEYD2 18 HONEYD2
1/25/20 11:44 A
Happy Saturday, Everyone! Meet my sweet rescue kitty, Lola! 😍💕😺 SCHOPPEK 139 KAYDE53
1/25/20 5:48 P
#BeforeAndAfter 2 week progression!!! ME_CHALLENGE 140 NIKO27
1/26/20 7:19 P
The flu is rampant in my senior apartment building. I am attempting to attract health and vitality. ACIMPEGGY 4 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/22/20 11:46 P
Finally lost the 2 pounds I gained over the holidays. HONEYD2 7 GMACAMI
1/21/20 9:43 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 757 processed sugar and gluten free. Please keep positive thoughts and Pra STEEPERSLOUNGE 42 LAPPEROO
1/23/20 11:27 P
Getting a kick start to the new year with the Nutrisystem plan. Hopefully dropping 20 lbs in a month HALFPEACH1974 5 HONEYD2
1/20/20 3:30 P
Hey all! I went to the doc today and I found out that I'm not diabetic! But so close to being predia ANGELICMOMMA 38 ENNAZUS176
1/20/20 9:10 P
Message Removed CD25375190 3 SPARKLE1908
1/17/20 11:13 A
In the hospital, I had to get another stent. Time to get my health under control. SASSYK11 38 LIVEANDLAUGH
1/16/20 9:27 P
1/17/20 8:13 A
I am ashamed to post here today. I blew it completely out of the water yesterday, and gained almost KLBAUSSIE 28 SSPARKLE2019
1/15/20 11:24 A
Honest moment.... this sucks, every aspects of it sucks and that is why this is so difficult. It's t HUFFELPOWELL16 6 KRISINGS07
1/15/20 11:12 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! So this is my accountability post! Yesterday was weig TEXASHSMOMOF3 193 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 7:43 A
Yesterday was bad... I couldn't stop eating. It wasn't as bad as my bingeing days, but I ate about SARAH-AGAIN 5 SURFIE
1/10/20 7:48 P
New here. Years ago I used Spartspeople and loved it. Found the app today so here I am! Just thought MOMMYSDOLLY7 3 MOMMYSDOLLY7
1/1/20 4:25 P
🤣🤣🤣 TFOSTER1978 26 HONEYD2
12/17/19 1:37 P
Tip: Before asking if someone is pregnant . . . make sure he's a woman. DAN1964 5 GEORGE815
12/15/19 2:33 P
My husband taught her this bad habit. RAINBOWFALLS 47 JAMER123
12/13/19 11:46 P
Face 2 Face Friday - I've hit my lowest weight in a decade! I have cheek bones LOL Happy Friday eve CMCCLELLAN521 134 KNEESOCKS1945
12/14/19 7:39 A
Well I am back. I disappeared after Thanksgiving. I've been under lots of stress since the day befor 77SUNFLOWER3 16 RREDFORD5
12/11/19 9:24 P
I need to get back on track can’t lose the 2 Thanksgiving pounds. HONEYD2 4 FRISKYCRITTER
12/10/19 10:21 A
This is why we can’t have nice things...LOL. I should have used, Before Cats and After Cats. Needles MIAMI_LILLY 96 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
12/13/19 11:09 A
Today, I felt like eating because I was really sad about something. I thought about whether I wanted CAREGIVERBEAR 12 _RAMONA
12/6/19 9:38 P
I don’t have a girlfriend. But I do know a woman who’d be mad at me for saying that. -by Mitch Hedb CD16642186 2 HONEYD2
12/3/19 10:27 A
Well Turkey day took its toll gained 1.5 lbs. Not upset cause I am back on track. Not like before wh HONEYD2 3 GO_GAL_GROW
12/3/19 9:17 A
I just got online via dh's Nook, got us 3 points....Waiting to hear TODAY if mom has colon cancer or TREKPURRSON 15 EO4WELLNESS
12/3/19 2:07 P
Lost 3lbs! DEDICATED2ME32 31 -50HEIDI
12/3/19 11:44 P
This is how I have been feeling now for months. Despite my best efforts and using all the tools I ca MSMITCHELL2696 29 TIGERSEYEHEART
12/3/19 6:43 A
I made it to ONEderland!! Im so happy I coukd cry! Thankyou to my spark fam fornall the motivation a WALTONWINNING 84 CSEGUIN2
11/29/19 6:49 P
Sitting in an ER room waiting for my husband to get back from a CAT scan. We don’t have cats, so I’ KPINAZ 18 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/23/19 6:53 P
Home from fabulous trip celebrating my Mama's 91 birthday! I released 1#!!!!!! YEAH for me! She had SPARKLINGME176 41 NANHBH
11/22/19 8:08 P
11/21/19 9:42 A
Another 2 lbs this week. I am so happy down 31 since August. I really think I can do this, this time HONEYD2 10 GEORGE815
11/19/19 9:41 P
Super good documentary. If you like nutrition you’ll love this information FABICO66 10 NOCALORIES
11/17/19 6:32 P
The tattered picture on the left is from 2006. It looks that way because it is stuffed into my gym b MIAMI_LILLY 196 BERRY4
11/9/19 3:52 P
Serious question: should I reach my first weight goal before I move onto my next weight goal?? FIT4LIFEANNE 6 GEORGE815
11/7/19 6:19 P
Well out of the hospital a little over a week. Still kind of off kilter I truly thought I would die. HONEYD2 9 10XPERLB
11/6/19 7:47 P
I haven’t been active much the last 3 days, my beautiful mother went to be with Jesus Monday @5:23 p WORKINGWOMAN31 275 BREEZE70
11/13/19 12:13 P
One of my pants that I can no longer wear anymore is way to big for me! Such a great feeling. My kid CD24115281 127 ALLYLIZZY
10/26/19 1:34 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 15 GEORGE815
10/19/19 5:29 P
Have had a horrible cold for a week now. Haven't been to the gym in 4 days and find myself reaching DEYOUNGDEBBIE 7 TAMMYAND
10/13/19 4:47 P
10/11/19 11:47 P
#BeforeAndAfter JANIMAL45 145 CONNIET88
10/11/19 7:40 A
Half way there. Started at 245 currently 190 goal is 135. I am trying to get healthy, lower blood pr EHOBKIRK 108 ARNETTELEE
10/10/19 7:45 A
I happened to look out my Kitchen window, and noticed at the Bird feeder, on both sides of the feede ALLENJOSEPH 15 LKASOFF
10/9/19 7:52 A
Yesterday, my Bella girl had a severe seizure. I had a long talk with the vet and my wife and made t NANLTHOMPSON 153 MADEINBRITAIN
9/29/19 6:18 A
5 month progress!! 45 pounds down... getting closer to my goal weight🤗 IRMATUTON 107 PEGJW111
9/27/19 8:38 A
5.5 lbs down since the 3rd :) SPOKANPHOENIX 11 GEORGE815
9/25/19 6:00 P
Hi! I'm Jessi. I've been in a funky head space for a few years. I tried to stay somewhat healthy. My MRSJESSIG 16 MRSJESSIG
10/1/19 1:36 P
This week 3.8 lbs I am happy. I know not every week is good but now out of the 290’s. Yay me 🤗 HONEYD2 16 ALLYLIZZY
9/25/19 1:43 P
I will be photographing Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal as often as I can, as long as they visit my backyard. ALLENJOSEPH 7 DEE107
9/26/19 12:10 A
I just want to say how I admire you all for the walking and exercise you do. I am losing slowly, but HONEYD2 4 THE_FAE
9/22/19 6:27 P
Good morning everyone one 2 years ago I weighted 416 as of today I am weighing 212 I have lost 204 p BROWNBUNNY43407 131 _RAMONA
9/22/19 12:44 A
Ok, it's been a while. I'm back to get on track again. Unfortunately I have gained my weight back ag SULLY143 8 SULLY143
9/21/19 3:33 P
Message Removed CD25032505 14 CD25032505
9/18/19 6:44 A
Sunday is football day in this house! First is a walk with this guy. Da Bears! 🐻⬇️ CD25076599 17 WALKZWDOGZ
9/24/19 3:10 A