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Posted a photo DAN1964 32 CHERRYZMB60
10/5/20 8:14 P
"I Didn't Come This Far" SONG (as opposed to the motivational speech, which is also very good) is my TH3PH03NIX 12 GEORGE815
10/5/20 11:14 A
I am so happy! I started this weight loss journey June 12th and my goals were tiny, setting them low WIFEY90 52 PHILLIESFAN2
10/5/20 6:29 P
My reward for hitting 220 lbs! "Started from the bottom now I'm SLIGHTLY above the bottom." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ TH3PH03NIX 35 BARBIEE52
10/5/20 3:00 P
Happy Friday Fran and Racey!! (((Hugs))) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
10/2/20 9:26 A
Racey sends licks and snuggles and enjoyed getting points for us . SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
9/29/20 9:00 A
Hi Fran, happy we're starting the next challenge of our journey! We can do it! :) IAMBLESSED103 2 IAMBLESSED103
9/28/20 2:17 P
Hi Fran! We're almost at the end of this fitness challenge. I'll set up a new one for us for the F IAMBLESSED103 3 IAMBLESSED103
9/26/20 10:07 P
Rise up and attack the Day with ENTHUSIASM unknown Starting today I need to forget what is gone APPR SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
9/20/20 12:20 A
Hi Karen glad you had a sunny day here was out view out our window SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
9/15/20 12:00 A
Hi Fran! Happy September to you and Racey!! (((Hugs))) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
9/3/20 8:06 P
its starting to cool off a little in to the 80's SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
8/23/20 10:41 A
Hi Fran!!! Hope the weather improves by you soon! (((Hugs))) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
8/20/20 1:37 P
I've been blogging my journey 100 days at a time... and last week I went to my doctor for annual che IAMBLESSED103 18 IAMBLESSED103
8/19/20 11:35 P
Racey and I found this behind our garage this morning on walk. Don't forget your water today. SPARKFRAN514 13 IAMBLESSED103
7/21/20 10:41 P
and Racey too! SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
7/20/20 8:17 A
I got in a decent hike along the swamp edge trail today. I was rewarded with countless random beauti MSMITCHELL2696 23 TIGERSEYEHEART
7/16/20 11:37 A
Racey wants to remind everyone to have a great Thursday and remember your water. How do you like SPARKFRAN514 30 NANHBH
7/16/20 10:51 P
I'm back after 6 years away! Glad to be here because I know all I need is a little Spark to get me b SHESHE2170 11 ORTATK
7/16/20 8:43 A
Swim suit transformation 😁 2018-2020 TASHADSLOVE93 63 GIRLINMOTION
7/16/20 9:47 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
7/13/20 10:27 P
Life is like dancing – it’s not about getting from one place to another. It’s about enjoying each st SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
7/11/20 11:54 P
Meet my dog, Harley! He was groomed today and looks pretty spiffy! He is amost 15 - has no gray an LLOURAY 19 IAMBLESSED103
7/10/20 8:12 P
Here we come Tuesday SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
7/7/20 10:11 P
Hi Fran! Yay, happy to have you and Racey with me on this journey! You always make my day happy. : IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
6/29/20 8:29 A
Hey Fran, I just realized we're nearing the end of this challenge! I'll set up the next one too. I IAMBLESSED103 2 SPARKFRAN514
6/29/20 12:16 A
Great pictures of Racey in the clouds its like we came to visit they made us smile. SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
6/20/20 11:25 P
Can You Add a Link in Your SparkPage Profile? IAMBLESSED103 5 IAMBLESSED103
6/16/20 9:00 A
Karen we miss you hope to see you soon. SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
6/9/20 10:06 P
Racey say hi and I am helping Fran get lots of steps in today . and she took me for a nice ri SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
6/9/20 10:06 P
a so so spark fitness day rainy day and my spark got wet SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
5/23/20 8:24 A
enjoyed your blog they make me smile and feel like I walking with with you at the required distan SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
5/21/20 9:18 P
thanks for checking in got side tracked over the week sunday was Tom Birthday and Sat did SPARKFRAN514 3 IAMBLESSED103
5/19/20 7:10 P
Fran, are you ok, friend? Sending love & lots of hugs... IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
5/18/20 9:36 P
HELP! Sparkfriend Who Can't Log into SP IAMBLESSED103 3 IAMBLESSED103
5/5/20 9:51 A
Racey and I walking part of the Bloomsday course! no fair laughing at my hair SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
5/4/20 3:04 P
Hope you are feeling better Karen miss you SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/28/20 11:52 P
Best thing I've seen on the news in weeks - a Pizza-eating Groundhog in Philly!! copy and paste the IAMBLESSED103 14 NANHBH
4/16/20 1:50 P
Happy Easter Tuesday a sunny but chilly until the late after noon better than tom he SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/14/20 8:36 P
thanks I did took some no computer time and watched Good Friday services on the internet very SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/11/20 10:19 P
Hey SparkP, WHAT IS GOING ON??! My Spark emails stopped coming normally - sometimes they show up, s IAMBLESSED103 14 SPARKFRAN514
4/11/20 9:16 P
Fran, wishing you a peaceful Good Friday. Love & Hugs. IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
4/10/20 12:42 P
Spark emails coming intermittently IAMBLESSED103 9 SPARK_MERLE
4/12/20 6:35 P
Appreciate the little things today Racey and I appreciated the sunny day and getting out walki SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/7/20 4:31 P
i going to spring into spring and do this and not let the challenge we are all dealing derai SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/1/20 6:07 P
Hi Fran, be sure to check the goodie I sent you this morning. :) Have a great day! Hugs and snugg IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
3/30/20 8:23 A
Hi Fran, hope you and Racey are doing well. We had rain all day today so I had to get creative indo IAMBLESSED103 2 SPARKFRAN514
3/28/20 11:51 P
Anna says Good Morning and would like to wish everyone a Happy Monday! πŸ’• ALLYLIZZY 33 IAMBLESSED103
3/25/20 7:38 A
today was better slowly finding my spark made myself get dressed in my jeans and not sweats si SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
3/25/20 5:49 A
3/26/20 12:14 P
a low spark day had a chat with my self so tomorrow going to be better SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
3/24/20 11:16 A
This is Miss Lilly! 1CRAZYDOG 105 HAWTGRANNY2014
9/10/20 12:58 P
check your regular E mail Racey sent you someting SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
3/21/20 11:30 P
R.i. p. Tazzie 2005 - 2019. By far the hardest th CARLOSLAKELAND 163 IAMBLESSED103
3/17/20 9:42 P
β€œDo not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” β€”Dalai Lama SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
3/16/20 11:45 P
the weather is like winter here but we got two short walks and house walking gave me 10,00 SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
3/12/20 8:49 P
Good morning Fran! Wishing you and Racey a great day... hope the weather is nice for you. (((Hugs) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
3/11/20 9:34 A
My mom earned her angel wings yesterday.....love you mom MUSOLF6 79 NENEBFIT
3/5/20 9:23 P
learning how to use the machines in the gym did at one time and gave up for some unknown rea SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
3/1/20 1:11 P
went to boot camp today and we worked with the machines something we have not done for a while SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
2/25/20 9:57 A
other wise our days would so hard to complete SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
2/19/20 11:03 P
3,744 walked watching basket ball for a total for the day of 13,744 SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
2/9/20 10:11 A
lots of steps again today keeping my feet moving today 10.733 SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
2/5/20 10:21 A
We are starting to do better since the weather is improving .we got two walks on Sat. had to wa SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
2/3/20 9:50 P
Hi Fran, how are you and Racey doing with your fitness minutes? so far, I'm getting 30-60 minutes o IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
2/2/20 9:06 A
made it to the gym the trainer is getting back to using some machines in the gym . SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/28/20 8:31 A
boot camp at the gym was a huge help to my minutes today. SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/25/20 11:58 A
The stitches are itching the bruising is fading. worked on chopping ice in the driveway for15 mi SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/24/20 8:27 A
How are you doing Fran? Just checkin in! :) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
1/23/20 10:17 A
slow but sure I am getting those minutes adding up SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/20/20 8:56 A
made it to the gym today Racey and I did some house walking since its been raining most of th SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/7/20 11:31 P
slowly getting my act together hope my cold is better by Monday so can get my self moving SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/5/20 11:30 P
counted walking from car thought Denver airport. walking on concourse waiting for plane . get SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/3/20 11:52 A
Yes we had a great on and I enjoyed my visit spark did not have any tips on how to in except SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
12/31/19 1:03 P
Merry Christmas sparkfamily! Hope your day was fantastic! IAMBLESSED103 23 IAMBLESSED103
12/27/19 9:50 P