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Posted a photo KATHYJO56 15 HAPPYDAZ1
4/17/21 4:29 P
Have a happy weekend. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 ALLYLIZZY
4/17/21 1:02 P
Jas had his procedure, back w/me @ the hotel, feeling well. Thanks for the prayers! #eattherainb 1CRAZYDOG 15 AQUAGIRL08
4/17/21 10:31 A
I thought id been maintaining possibly even gaining. I was terrified to weigh in so i finally just d WRITERSQUIRREL2 18 MARGARETYAKODA
4/17/21 4:34 P
Joke time: I hate my moods. They never ask permission before they change🤦🤪 TWIGBISKIT5 12 PATRICIA-CR
4/17/21 12:57 P
The weekend is coming. Time to relax and reflect on life where we are and where we want to be and ju LIVINGLOVINLIFE 19 PATRICIA-CR
4/17/21 12:57 P
Good Morning! Happy Saturday!! Step by step Day by day Build those habits that will help you to S CINDY247 23 PATRICIA-CR
4/17/21 12:52 P
Rest day. #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 23 SPARKLINGME176
4/17/21 12:39 P
Wishing Everyone a very Happy Saturday! going shopping/lunch with mom & sis today-One of my Favorite FLASUN 29 ALLYLIZZY
4/17/21 12:45 P
4/17/21 11:42 A
4/16/21 11:43 A
For I no sooner in my heart divin'd my heart, which by a secret harmony still moves with thine, join 1CRAZYDOG 10 HAPPYSOUL91
4/16/21 10:00 A
Joke time: I don't fall down, I do random gravity checks🤪 TWIGBISKIT5 11 PATRICIA-CR
4/16/21 11:35 A
happy healthy Friday everyone everyday is a blessing ATRAILHIKERJO54 21 GLORYB83
4/17/21 7:44 A
I've been staying busy at home! This week the attic has been cleaned out and all of our closets (ex CINDY247 50 PURPLEMOON1
4/16/21 10:09 P
4/16/21 7:37 A
Waking done before 7:00. 8.73 km, 76 min 405 kcal. ISNESS 24 CATWMNCAT
4/16/21 3:45 P
Happy Friday Wonderful Sparkers! Let the stress of the week GO & ENJOY the weekend. Have a Fantasti GRANDMOTHER20 27 BANEWLAND
4/16/21 9:01 A
What do you allow? CHERIE38 30 JUSTJ2014
4/17/21 9:01 A
For I no sooner in my heart divin'd my heart, which by a secret harmony still moves with thine, join 1CRAZYDOG 4 KITT52
4/15/21 3:07 P
happy healthy Thursday everyone have a safe sunshiny day ATRAILHIKERJO54 10 KITT52
4/15/21 3:07 P
Pink snow in APril. Rainy and dreary here. Putting on a smile and some happy tunes to bring sunshin RUTHIEBEAR 21 JUSTJ2014
4/17/21 9:04 A
373 calories, 24 grams protein, and 13 grams fiber for lunch ELLARIAN 21 HAPPYDAZ1
4/16/21 9:46 A
Good morning. Hoping your Thursday is awesome. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 PATRICIA-CR
4/16/21 11:43 A
Halffway to meeting today's goal of 8 glasses of water #h2whoa GREYGIN 14 BIGRENTMAN
4/16/21 8:26 A
Man, am I struggling. I just can't seem to get back on track. Every week I am going to get back to t UASK4ITDAVE 25 GEORGE815
4/15/21 7:17 P
Have a wonderful Tuesday all my fellow sparkers. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 KITT52
4/14/21 7:22 A
Joke time: Why does the need to pee intensify by a million when you are trying to unlock the door to TWIGBISKIT5 15 CHERRYZMB60
4/14/21 8:07 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 KITT52
4/14/21 7:21 A
Down 40lbs so far this year! LAKEMAN59 168 PWILLOW1
4/14/21 9:12 P
I'm finally out of the 240s! Now, just to keep moving forward lol. EVIE55 14 MICHELLE312817
4/14/21 8:21 A
4/15/21 6:33 A
Staying within my calories and doing 10000 steps a day. Feeling better. CMEEGAN8 9 SWIMSTERLING94
4/14/21 9:19 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 43 CHERRYZMB60
4/14/21 8:21 P
Have a beautiful Monday. Sunny and in the mid 80's today. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 PATRICIA-CR
4/13/21 5:45 P
Joke time: What are the strongest days of the week? Saturday and Sunday. Every other day is a week d TWIGBISKIT5 26 MADEINBRITAIN
4/14/21 4:14 A
Wouldn’t now be the perfect moment to do a random act of kindness? Gail Lynne Goodwin #eattherainb 1CRAZYDOG 15 HAPPYDAZ1
4/13/21 6:21 P
I am stunned, heartbroken, and bereft... KC, my best friend of 22 years, died last night. She had wh MIMAWELIZABETH 304 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:39 P
Sign of the Times #205 SPEDED2 31 LIS193
4/14/21 3:36 A
Woke up on time today, and got 4.75 miles in before work! Time to go hit the showers! #75HardChalle KAITJONES2013 41 FELICIA1963
4/13/21 11:37 A
I love the positive, encouraging bent of this thread. Checking it out always helps get my day off to MOLLYMALLOY 55 FELICIA1963
4/13/21 11:37 A
Joke time: How do you know when the moon is going broke? When it gets down to its last quarter 🤦😁 TWIGBISKIT5 10 MADEINBRITAIN
4/13/21 4:04 A
Your comfort zone is supposed to keep your life safe . . . . but all it really does is keep it small 1CRAZYDOG 4 KITT52
4/12/21 3:37 P
happy healthy Monday everyone ATRAILHIKERJO54 16 GEORGE815
4/12/21 4:03 P
Posted a photo FEISTYGAL64 12 YANNIGJ
4/12/21 5:41 P
TO brighten your day! Have a little photo fun with my grand daughter. Have a marvelous MOnday RUTHIEBEAR 34 AQUAGIRL08
4/13/21 3:25 P
Posted a photo JODY1031 17 10XPERLB
4/13/21 12:13 P
Baby elephant at the zoo - AND - 75 mins walking activity this morning. Feeling great! HEALTHY-SPARK 25 SHOAPIE
4/13/21 8:30 P
4/13/21 2:20 A
Starting the week off right with a workout with mom friends! Consistency is the key!! KAMIEK 4 MSMOSTIMPROVED
4/12/21 5:06 P
Be thankful for family and all that you have. I am so thankful for my family. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 25 KITT52
4/11/21 2:47 P
happy healthy Sunday everyone stay safe ATRAILHIKERJO54 19 75HEALTHYME
4/11/21 9:39 P
You prove your worth w/your actions, not w/your mouth. Jean Paul #eattherainbow 1CRAZYDOG 16 WOMANOFLOVE
4/12/21 1:39 P
A great start in drinking my water. Enjoy today! #h2whoa STARGLOW77 6 TOCONNER
4/12/21 6:34 A
Vegies &tacos forr supper! #eattherainbow STARGLOW77 6 FRAN0426
4/11/21 5:22 P
Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action’ try to use ordinary situations. Jean 1CRAZYDOG 6 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/10/21 11:40 A
happy healthy Friday everyone we have some nice rain happening here good for the spring flowers and ATRAILHIKERJO54 13 KITT52
4/10/21 11:38 A
4/11/21 12:58 P
happy healthy Saturday everyone enjoy your day be safe ATRAILHIKERJO54 12 KITT52
4/10/21 11:37 A
Joke time: If 10 lions were chasing you, what time would it be? 10 after 1😂. ( did you get it😁). S TWIGBISKIT5 23 PATRICIA-CR
4/10/21 8:30 P
Cheese burger salad :) GNABAFITMOMAT30 7 GEORGE815
4/10/21 3:22 P
Happy Saturday WILSOD1 6 GEORGE815
4/10/21 3:25 P
Spaghetti nut Squash lasuna boats yummy ! KLOVETJ17 7 GEORGE815
4/10/21 3:22 P
Been good watching what/when I eat. Tracking my food is a challenge (always has been) TINAD315 6 CHERRYZMB60
4/10/21 11:34 P
Posted a photo NANNATAM62 5 GEORGE815
4/10/21 3:21 P
Two days of stress eating = gaining back two weeks of weight loss work. My body, brain, & mouth nee TARATARA47 8 TARATARA47
4/13/21 8:52 A
Joke time: How can you tell when it's been raining cats and dogs? When you step in a poodle🤦🤪 TWIGBISKIT5 20 PATRICIA-CR
4/9/21 12:33 P
The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it. 1CRAZYDOG 8 AQUAGIRL08
4/10/21 9:29 A
And the weekend begins! Have a Fantastic Friday Sparkers 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 16 TREKPURRSON
4/10/21 2:07 P
Doing some ST today.Getting stronger! #moveit BONNIE1552 17 BILLTHOMSON
4/10/21 5:48 A
Posted a photo GETTINGFIT41 15 GEORGE815
4/9/21 2:23 P
Why is this one so hard for me? I'll keep trying.... #h2whoa BONNIE1552 32 JUSTJ2014
4/11/21 6:04 P
Got to love the look of the tracked route when you go out on the beach! -POOKIE- 16 KITT52
4/8/21 7:41 A
happy healthy Wednesday everyone be safe ATRAILHIKERJO54 27 KITT52
4/8/21 7:41 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 27 JUDYD207
4/9/21 7:03 P