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I know the sodium in V8 is high but I take a med that actually lowers sodium levels. Blood readings NOTALOSER1 9 WILDKAT781
1/2/21 3:33 P
I joined a challenge and have no idea how to get back to the challenge page. Can't figure out how t TRIANGLE-WOMAN 5 TRIANGLE-WOMAN
1/3/21 7:10 A
Life depends on your perspective. Make it a great day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 50 SLIMMERKIWI
1/3/21 4:18 A
Stayed up late watching football 🏈 and then up early to get laundry 🧺 βœ… Later to Walmart for a few AKPIPER 3 GEORGE815
1/2/21 2:10 P
I have been MIA from Spark People for the last month. My husband and I have both had COVID; he woun KATHYR46 11 GEORGE815
1/2/21 2:01 P
Hit snooze but still got up with enough time to squeeze in 20 minutes of yoga before work πŸ™ŒπŸ» ASHLEYRX12 3 KOFFEENUT
1/2/21 9:26 A
Got bike done. 65:13 minutes, 14.5-15.5 mph, 16 miles, 587.4 calories burned. Almost forgot today is QSIESUE1960 6 SMALLERMELORIE
1/2/21 10:46 A
1/20/21 10:02 A
1/20/21 10:03 A
1/20/21 10:42 A
1/20/21 9:44 A
Change one of 5 letters or rearrange them SHEZTHERUNNER 87923 PATJOONWW
1/20/21 11:17 A
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 123649 PATJOONWW
1/20/21 10:00 A
Change one of four letters and/or rearrange RMUL2013 7189 BOSTON481
1/20/21 10:39 A
Change One of Five Letters or Rearrange ZOEYBLU 4559 ZOEYBLU
1/20/21 9:43 A
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 23813 BOSTON481
1/20/21 10:12 A
Change A Letter BUTIFULDAWN 40807 BOSTON481
1/20/21 10:09 A
Change A Letter SKEETER3 39467 ZOEYBLU
1/20/21 9:37 A
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 11709 ETHELMERZ
1/20/21 5:23 A
What are you reading? APRILNYC 3124 LADYCALICO
1/18/21 1:58 P
Change a letter OLYGIRL1 20901 BOSTON481
1/20/21 10:13 A
Change a letter TLAVEN2 80657 BOSTON481
1/20/21 10:18 A
Change a letter or rearrange POST TO GET 10 POINTS RYELEWIS 32851 RYELEWIS
1/20/21 10:10 A
Chaneg one letter to make a new word GENCAT 127401 GREENIETWO
1/20/21 11:19 A
1/20/21 9:45 A
1/20/21 9:42 A
Happy new year folks. I am taking control of my weight and my health is my first priority. So I need SPIRITKEEPER 5 LJBOWSER1
1/1/21 10:31 A
Good morning and Happy New Year to all. Let's move into this new year with grace and great expectan BANEWLAND 8 GRAVITYFIGHTING
1/1/21 10:36 A
A new GREAT year and I will be a year older tomorrow. I'm ready for a great year. PATTYMCGRAW 6 CATHYSFITLIFE
1/1/21 5:30 P
As we jump in a new year, let's do the best that we can to continue our journey to great health! Hap HOLLYM48 19 LIVINHEALTHY9
1/1/21 8:45 P
Message Removed CD16954207 2 KOFFEENUT
1/1/21 9:36 A
Week 1 of consistent effort coming to a close. Adding 5 minutes next week #fitnessfeats NOTALOSER1 4 MIMIOH
1/2/21 7:54 A
I am restarting because after a weight loss of 180 and maintaining that for over 3 years, I have put ZOLOGISTA69 5 TSINSIN002
1/1/21 10:12 A
I've decided to let 2020 go out with a walk. It's freezing out there and I really don't want to go b RAININGDUCKS 3 KOFFEENUT
12/31/20 12:03 P
Happy New Years Eve. Gonna do some shopping. Then come home and clean. Maybe later when my son does HAPPYMAMA2020 2 KOFFEENUT
12/31/20 12:02 P
Here is hoping the New Year brings better days! NJ_BEACHCOMBERS 45 MADEINBRITAIN
12/31/20 5:11 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 4 4EVERDIETER
12/31/20 10:33 A
My goal for 2021 is to walk 2,021 mile. Thats abou DAWNC76 7 READY201811
12/31/20 10:36 A
Cleaned all holiday treats from the house and back on the plan. ORTATK 6 SPEDED2
12/31/20 11:57 P
A year from now, you're gonna weigh more or less than what you do right now. Phil McGraw MASTERCARE 3 RAININGDUCKS
12/31/20 10:54 A
Starting the day with Spinach, Mushroom, Swiss Omelet and Grits w/ Laughing Cow Cheese and Italian O CATWMNCAT 20 GO_GAL_GROW
12/30/20 11:50 A
Here we are. Just add a half a foot of new snow to my bridge. We've got this! EVIE4NOW 15 STILLSPARKLEIGH
12/30/20 3:42 P
SOme anthurium to brighten your day. Let's make this a wonderful Wednesday! RUTHIEBEAR 38 PATRICIA-CR
12/31/20 7:52 P
Good morning Spark Family β˜€οΈ Just some end of year affirmations. πŸ’ LKASOFF 13 CHERRYZMB60
12/30/20 7:55 P
Yummy roasted mixed vegetables, apples, oranges, and tomatoes plus a lot of tasty homemade salsa. # KITNKABOODLE89 10 RALPHDB
12/30/20 3:35 P
Hello Sparkers!!! Just got back from the Podiatrist and good news, the vacuum cleaner mishap to my DM2020 13 GO_GAL_GROW
12/30/20 11:52 A
Going to start the new year with a new me. Tracking is going to be my best friend. SUNNYD59 4 LESLIELENORE
12/30/20 10:22 A
Had to take a few days off of exercising because of a nasty head cold. Going to take one more day o LJBOWSER1 5 SHIRLEYJG7
12/29/20 10:44 A
Covid resulted in being out of the gym for almost a month. My breathing finally felt restored enoug NANCYANNE55 25 CONNIET88
12/30/20 5:43 A
The day begins with a 1/2 cup (dry) oatmeal with chocolate whey protein, and a level teaspoon of pea CLARKTOTHAKENT 2 KOFFEENUT
12/29/20 9:31 A
Hi Everyone! Newbie here! Good Morning! MSAMORIE 4 ALLYLIZZY
12/29/20 12:44 P
I walked 4.75 mi in 103 min. I am grading papers, writing an IEP, and changing locks on my trailer. BOMBCHELL23 2 KOFFEENUT
12/29/20 9:22 A
✍🏾 Eat well, live well, love well Today's Healthy-Happy-H@ly Do List . . . 🌟 Choosing wisely JAMESEVER 7 ALLYLIZZY
12/29/20 12:42 P
So much to celebrate this season! Christmas was followed by my wonderful husband's birthday, then my SHERIMBECHTEL 9 SHUTEBETHANY
12/29/20 9:54 A
I love having something for the animals as much as I love having something for myself... I don't fee AMBER_2021 16 GMACAMI
12/28/20 8:14 P
Feeling like I'm slowly getting my head in the game. Celebrating drinking my coffee today with only HEATHERDAWN55 3 KOFFEENUT
12/28/20 9:44 A
My favorite Christmas present was the card my 6-year-old granddaughter, Helena, made me. She knows PATTYMCGRAW 3 KOFFEENUT
12/28/20 9:44 A
Started the day in my gratitude journal. Always feel better and more focused when I write in it dai HEATHERDAWN55 2 KOFFEENUT
12/28/20 9:43 A
I love bagel breakfast sandwiches no bacon . 451 cal. and a peanut butter cookie 280 cal. from Tim H ROSESAREBLUE 3 TARATARA47
1/5/21 7:41 A
Started the day with a workout that I customized in a new app I downloaded. 18 minutes, I like it ju RENEEMI 2 KOFFEENUT
12/28/20 9:42 A
Got up at around 6:30 this morning. Had a bottle of acai blueberry energy water, took my pills, 3 fi QSIESUE1960 4 HNS1023
12/28/20 2:07 P
Spark People gave me a nice Late Christmas present - 500 Goodie Points on my Bonus Spin !!! FLASUN 22 GLORYB83
12/28/20 8:41 A
I wanted to post a pic of the cukes I planted for the winter to show off and to encourage others tha NEBRASKANNIE 2 KOFFEENUT
12/27/20 9:55 A
Morning stretching routine done βœ”οΈ LESLIELENORE 8 ROCKYCPA
12/27/20 8:23 P
Happy Sunday! Everything comes to you in the right moment. Be patient, be grateful. Enjoy a wonderfu GRANDMOTHER20 11 LSIG14
12/27/20 10:53 A
What a beautiful start to this week, sun is just pouring in my windows. ORTATK 3 SPEDED2
12/27/20 12:50 P
Hi all. Happy Sunday! Today we repair the coop! So yay for farm workout:). Said with sincerest yays CLIMBOVERARIES 4 PENOWOK
12/27/20 9:43 A
Outside work day - in the snow. A beautiful day! Be safe and have fun everyone! TOMSTUMP 3 GRANDMOTHER20
12/27/20 9:42 A
I am a little late for Merry Christmas, but I hope that your holidays were wonderful no matter how d ORTATK 5 SPEDED2
12/26/20 10:53 P
Hi πŸ‘‹ Spark ⚑People πŸ‘«- 5 am I joyfully got up AOKDIET21 6 KATHYJO56
12/26/20 3:11 P
It was a white Christmas, rain came early in the morning of the 26th and 90% has melted away... ANNIEMAROO 15 PATRICIA-CR
12/27/20 4:04 P
I've been getting error messages all morning, how do you contact support? KSUTTON8710 3 KOFFEENUT
12/26/20 10:15 A
Came home from dinner last night and felt horrible. Did 15 hard minutes on the row machine. #moveit JENNIFER_STRONG 6 BILLTHOMSON
12/27/20 6:07 A
My grandchildren. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was different but sweet. Now wha RUTHIEBEAR 21 PATRICIA-CR
12/27/20 4:03 P
Waiting for the party to begin!! (Granddaughter show up). Found a 1978 Muppets Christmas Show. With NEEDBU66 11 GMACAMI
12/25/20 1:33 P