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Had coffee last week with a friend who is starting non surgical, medical weight loss program, which HUFFELPOWELL16 3 JOHNMARTINMILES
9/28/20 10:00 A
Walking day. Be safe and have fun everyone! TOMSTUMP 2 KOFFEENUT
9/28/20 9:35 A
What a difference a day makes, My scale hasnt budged in 6 days, No ups, No downs. Hubby overheard GRNEYEDSPANIARD 2 KOFFEENUT
9/28/20 9:35 A
done #h2whoa JULIJULINN 4 20KAREN
9/28/20 3:24 P
Goal today is to pack new camper for a trip this weekend LJBOWSER1 2 KOFFEENUT
9/28/20 9:34 A
Moday Goal: make my 10000 steps today.. make healthy choices CRYSTALRICHARDS 2 KOFFEENUT
9/28/20 9:33 A
Yes! But not in that order. First coffee β˜• then cardio πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ LALAP1012 13 SPARKLINGME176
9/28/20 6:25 P
9/28/20 11:55 A
CHANGE A LETTER CD1296513 43899 RMUL2013
9/28/20 12:40 P
9/28/20 11:19 A
9/28/20 12:47 P
Change one of 5 letters or rearrange them SHEZTHERUNNER 86810 HANOVERLADY
9/28/20 4:28 P
Change a letter or rearrange POST TO GET 10 POINTS RYELEWIS 31571 RYELEWIS
9/28/20 12:56 P
Change one of four letters and/or rearrange RMUL2013 6553 PATRICIAAK
9/28/20 11:16 A
Change One of Five Letters or Rearrange ZOEYBLU 3657 PATRICIAAK
9/28/20 11:30 A
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 23351 GREENIETWO
9/28/20 11:42 A
Change A Letter SKEETER3 38891 PATRICIAAK
9/28/20 11:12 A
Change a letter TLAVEN2 79399 RMUL2013
9/28/20 12:38 P
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 11385 SHOAPIE
9/28/20 3:20 P
What are you reading? APRILNYC 2997 GINTEX
9/28/20 3:51 P
9/27/20 3:28 P
Change a letter OLYGIRL1 20376 PATRICIAAK
9/27/20 3:28 P
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 122539 VHAYES04
9/28/20 2:20 P
Chaneg one letter to make a new word GENCAT 126682 RMUL2013
9/28/20 12:28 P
9/27/20 3:23 P
9/28/20 8:06 P
Good morning on this glorious Sunday. Make it an awesome day. Enjoy and be blessed! BANEWLAND 9 CYBRVELD
9/27/20 11:20 A
2nd workout this morning..Sitting outside for the cool down. 😊 GBIGGERST 14 DEBBRALE
9/27/20 1:12 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 3 VHAYES04
9/27/20 9:38 A
counting my glasses againπŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’¦ #h2whoa 20KAREN 4 BIGRENTMAN
9/27/20 10:46 A
Gonna go play tennis with the hubby for a while. My favorite way to excercise! Have a great sunday SARAHJG88 3 VHAYES04
9/27/20 9:39 A
Lots of stair climbing #moveit SKB329 4 TOMATOCAFEGAL
9/27/20 1:13 P
Happy Sunday! Have a blessed day! KALEWINE 4 SWALLIS7
9/27/20 9:40 A
Happy Saturday, got up early and met 2 of my goals already and it is only 9AM. #goalfeats #goalfea JAMESCL2 7 DEBBRALE
9/26/20 12:26 P
Ugh, gained weight back! I tried blaming it on water weight possibly getting my period soon or the MIKKYB1984 5 CHERRYZMB60
9/26/20 11:43 A
Happy Saturday Spark Friends!πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ€β€πŸ‘©πŸ» οΏ½πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ» There's so much to love πŸ’–about this day!🌞 BARBIEE52 29 JAMER123
9/27/20 10:54 P
I had forgot what a wholesome way of moving Nordic Walking really is! Keeps up a great pace and move KRISUA 4 GEORGE815
9/26/20 10:07 A
Happy Saturday everyone! It’s a beautiful fall day here in western PA going to enjoy it while it las LJBOWSER1 5 DEBBRALE
9/26/20 12:29 P
Switching to rainy weather workout πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ πŸ πŸ’§πŸ³πŸ’¦πŸ’ƒ #moveit 20KAREN 4 DEBBRALE
9/26/20 12:29 P
Off to do some door dashing today. I have my food packed so I stay on track throughout the day and t PHATGIRL2017 5 DEBBRALE
9/26/20 12:28 P
Exercise Coach session done. Walking and shopping this afternoon. Be safe and have fun everyone! TOMSTUMP 2 KOFFEENUT
9/25/20 10:58 A
Slower walk this morning, but a really good one. Great way to start the day! #peaceineverystep RECOVERYMAMA 3 ANHELIC
9/25/20 11:24 A
It's a challenge sometimes, but happiness and gratitude are like magic beans. Have a great weekend s COCOLEAN 30 _RAMONA
9/26/20 1:23 A
My schedule is all out of whack today. Had to take husbands truck to get fifth wheel hitch installe LJBOWSER1 3 PICKIE98
9/25/20 10:41 A
Message Removed CD26404757 76 EEJAA70
9/25/20 8:44 P
still finding veggies in my garden #eattherainbow TURQUROISE 6 KITT52
9/25/20 2:45 P
Don't forget to do the Challenges. I am back on track and losing my Covid weight with the "21-Day S KAREN_EDMONDS 7 SPEDED2
9/25/20 10:04 P
Weight training and 2 mile run was this morning's workout--3 Days in. #moveit RUNNER11G 6 NANTUCKETLIFE
9/24/20 10:06 P
first time ever won!! 2,500 Monthly Fitness Minutes, September 2020 AMUSICALLIFE 7 IMPROVINGME
9/24/20 9:11 P
Raised my walk away the pounds to 40 minutes today LJBOWSER1 8 DEBBRALE
9/24/20 1:58 P
Did alot of errands today so got my 30+ minutes in. #moveit MINILOVER1 6 NANTUCKETLIFE
9/24/20 10:07 P
Finished 45 minutes of Taebo. Day 5 Lord help me TRINAKAYTORRES 15 DEBBRALE
9/24/20 1:58 P
Nine glasses of water yesterday! #h2whoa BTRFLYDOG 4 TOCONNER
9/25/20 7:15 A
The pessimist sees the cup as half empty; the optimist sees it as half full. Either way I need more MARYALICE411 6 NANASUEH
9/24/20 11:56 A
I did something for me yesterday! I was having a bad day at work and instead of sucking it up I left MONI30LBS 35 GEORGE815
9/23/20 4:38 P
Post-workout snack - I started adding sprigs of mint to my snacks/desserts to make my mind think it’ TIKITOMBAN 12 YMWONG22
9/23/20 10:13 A
#BeforeAndAfter -160 lbs in 17 months. Finally at a normal BMI FABULOUSFAITH65 201 MADPIPER1
9/24/20 1:28 P
Started back with MBF (muscle burns fat) as part of my hybrid this time. It was NOT easy just becaus TH3PH03NIX 9 TH3PH03NIX
9/23/20 10:45 A
I went off the rails and ate like crazy yesterday. I've GOT to get back on track today! Hope everyon ENOVAK44 4 KOFFEENUT
9/23/20 9:15 A
Good Morning Spark family. Today is a Great day up motivated, alive and stay on course! Have a wonde RGOCEAN 3 KOFFEENUT
9/23/20 9:14 A
Walking today! #goalfeats LOSEWEIGHT1212 6 MSMOSTIMPROVED
9/23/20 5:28 P
Happy Autumn! πŸπŸ‚βœ¨ (Collage made by me, but not my pictures). ...How was your Summer? ❀️ ALLYLIZZY 24 OPTICALXILLUSIO
9/23/20 9:55 P
Went to bed after nice shower. Used tapping, meditation and gratitude journal before going to bed. AOKDIET21 8 EVILCECIL
9/23/20 6:11 A
First day of autumn and just finished 25 minutes of Walk away the pounds. Now to get some cleaning LJBOWSER1 3 EVIE4NOW
9/22/20 11:52 A
Tried dragon fruit for the first time today. Pretty tasty. KAWLIGANZ 2 KOFFEENUT
9/22/20 11:07 A
Hike to the top of Little Pisgah Mountain via Florence Nature Preserve near Gerton, NC 1DAY-ATA-TIME 19 EVILCECIL
9/23/20 6:12 A
Just saying hello to my sparkler friends, have a great day!!! DM2020 13 LILIANN400
9/22/20 5:23 P
Fourth day in bed with flu... DH is trying to be a good nurse, but cuddles and biscuits from Dessy a MIMAWELIZABETH 8 CATWMNCAT
9/22/20 1:10 P
Finally at 320lbs! I've been trying to get here for years since my daughter was born. I gained 30lbs WINTERSOLDIER83 7 GEORGE815
9/21/20 2:20 P
Morning stretching routine done βœ… LESLIELENORE 9 CATHYSFITLIFE
9/21/20 11:18 P
Good morning! Make this an awesome day that you will remember forever! Enjoy and be blessed. BANEWLAND 12 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/21/20 4:04 P
got my walk in #moveit CECELW 4 GEORGE815
9/21/20 2:23 P
Starting up a new challenge today with Coach DeLeon for the next 30 days. My goal are to run 200 mil JANETWOOLEY 14 GEORGE815
9/21/20 2:15 P
Today I am 65 years old; Thanks LORD CHERYLSCOTT54 7 GEORGE815
9/21/20 2:20 P
Today is my Friday, so hope all you Monday people find your groove and start to move! 00:00 tonight DLBEASYRIDER 23 TENYAG
9/21/20 8:53 P