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Posted a photo BECCA_62283 9 GRAMMYEAC
5/23/20 9:13 P
5/24/20 9:59 A
Bahahaha😂🤣 BECCA_62283 15 PEGJW111
5/23/20 9:40 P
5/23/20 10:02 P
Enjoy It! MSROZZIE 6 AGEE1944
5/23/20 8:51 P
Great walk 3 mile walk today. TWANN61 14 LAH1222
5/23/20 11:31 P
MUTTS DAILY QUOTE: “I like flaws. I think they make things interesting.” - Sarah Dessen RREDFORD5 15 NENEBFIT
5/24/20 6:58 P
Puppies first big hike today. We walked through the town, over to the park, did the hiking trail thr GINGERMONKEY21 12 ALLYLIZZY
5/24/20 12:47 P
A Story: From 1999-2001, I spent each July in the Ardennes, often walking through the forest (befo JAMESEVER 14 ARNETTELEE
5/24/20 7:12 A
Here’s to new beginnings. My son just joined the Army and leaves for basic training in mid July, my COUNTRY_GIRL82 15 HLTHYGAL
5/23/20 9:10 P
Reached my exercise and step goals today! Calories are good so far too. Been a great first day on Sp JENNGETZFIT 17 JENNGETZFIT
5/24/20 10:29 A
Fun hike with the family 2AWESOME4U 15 EDLEAR
5/24/20 4:39 A
This Memorial Day weekend take time to think why we have Memorial Day Find time to honor our fallen LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 75HEALTHYME
5/24/20 9:50 P
We celebrated Memorial day with a patriotic gathering. Our band did an hour set and had a great t KPINAZ 12 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
5/24/20 8:35 A
8.2 mile power walk today!!! Felt amazing!!!😀 ACES_BABY_ACES 8 GEORGE815
5/22/20 9:31 P
Everyone was posing for pictures today! I have been fighting some vertigo lately so these were from MSMITCHELL2696 14 URBANREDNEK
5/23/20 3:24 P
I went over again but did work in a good walk. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 3 GEORGE815
5/22/20 9:31 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 12 GABY1948
5/23/20 7:23 P
Friday Funny! Tip- Never ever sit naked in front of a mirror! Lol! After all, Why create problems fo CINDY247 21 PATRICIA-CR
5/23/20 1:28 P
Happy weekend! ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ RICHARDBABY74 15 GEORGE815
5/22/20 9:26 P
Mom can I go outside? Sure! What does she do ??? Lazy Cat!! CINDY247 19 PATRICIA-CR
5/23/20 1:28 P
Posted a photo RICHARDBABY74 13 GEORGE815
5/22/20 9:27 P
5/22/20 11:20 P
A team mate posted this and i thought yeah that's right no one else is doing it so i had better get CHANGING-TURTLE 26 PATRICIA-CR
5/23/20 1:27 P
I am a wee bit tired 💤 today so I didn’t walk that far! Here are some more beautiful trees in blos GODS-PRINCESS 17 GEORGE815
5/22/20 9:25 P
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." -Geroge Eliot SWEETNEEY 8 AURA18
5/21/20 8:24 P
Thursday Workout: Day 24 of 80 Day Obsession: AAA (arms, Abs, and booty) 5K Runner Week 3 Day 1 😁 GIRLGETTINGFIT 13 GEORGE815
5/21/20 2:25 P
5/22/20 3:46 A
Cacao and Peanut Butter Banana Shake 244 calories MONICACONQUERS 12 ARNETTELEE
5/22/20 6:38 A
Drink up....woth WATER & enjoy today! #h2whoa STARGLOW77 3 LINDAMARIEZ1
5/21/20 1:40 P
Hello beautiful TESS8807 11 TESS8807
5/21/20 7:26 P
♥️TODAY’s JOY ♥️ Being able to pick ripe strawberries from your strawberry pot. New biking shorts, PELESJEWEL 33 NAVYWIFESKI
5/22/20 10:38 A
Good afternoon VHAYES04 11 HAWKEYE1943
5/21/20 2:26 P
Got this for myself just because I wanted it! Psychedelic Miss Bitty Mae! LOL JEWELRYLOVER 11 SHOAPIE
5/22/20 1:43 P
I keep trying to post as I get the opportunity, but often I have to go back and finish the next day. GRALAN 7 BAILE1MA
5/22/20 10:54 P
Back in the office once a week and back to packing lunches. Keeps me honest on no extra snacks. Went SYDNEYM3 14 RUTHSHEPHERD1
5/21/20 2:52 P
Dinner last night: polenta lasagna + tomato sauce + mushrooms & a quick spinach side salad dressed w CANNAWRITER2020 14 RUTHSHEPHERD1
5/21/20 2:53 P
Today, my precious kitty, Mia is being put down. Less than a week ago, she started having seizures. MIAMI_LILLY 195 BERRY4
5/23/20 11:29 P
So I got news on yesterday that my vitamin D is low, and that my cholesterol is a bit high. So I hav LYNNETTA23 8 LYNNETTA23
5/21/20 11:00 A
And so it begins....One day at a time, one STEP at a time. Today I did more steps! Multiple Small FLIEGENPAULE79 20 FLIEGENPAULE79
5/21/20 2:52 P
Day 199 - 🌞. Rest day. Walk X2, cat grasses with push mower for total of over 3 hrs. 12,000+ steps. CSEGUIN2 6 7STIGGYMT
5/21/20 10:20 A
Made stuffed eggplant Parmesan for dinner. IMSTEPHWALSH 21 GRAMMYEAC
5/20/20 10:17 P
Well, my resting during recovery is going pretty well. I'm being good and not trying to exercise, so SURFIE 31 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/24/20 11:52 A
Hope you're embracing a whole lot of healthy and happy! Today's results . . . * Passing a noticeab JAMESEVER 10 ARNETTELEE
5/21/20 7:13 A
I had a long day but before leaving for work I did walk 2.28 miles in 48 min. After that it was a ro BOMBCHELL23 12 FLUTTERFLI
5/20/20 9:49 P
The doctor says if I lose 15 more pounds and continue to show asthma improvements, he will turn me l RUNNINGRAFE 15 WHITEANGEL4
5/20/20 10:21 P
I 💜 my walking partner! 🐾🐾🐾 JENNIFERBR51 11 ALLYLIZZY
5/21/20 1:14 P
2.5 mile walk. FILKATINA1978 19 MOMOF4JDRS
5/19/20 10:23 P
My sweet fur babies! Love these 2 so much. Sisters from the same litter. They are so attached to eac SCHRADER5 20 ORTATK
5/20/20 8:50 A
Thanks to my friend @JOYINKY for sharing this! NANHBH 15 ORTATK
5/20/20 8:52 A
At the park eating lunch in the car when I had a visitor, must be hungry since less people around. LANLEIMEE 37 LAH1222
5/19/20 11:51 P
Dinner tonight! A Skinnytaste recipe: Quinoa Patties and Avocado Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette. SOCO812 21 CFITZ1
5/19/20 10:11 P
Goal met for today! #10000steps and got over 3 mil BSYMOMOFJRLHI 24 TCANNO
5/20/20 2:33 A
I’m adulting. I got my first washer and drier. It’s portable and meant for apartments that don’t hav RACHELSJOURNEY 19 CEEDEEJEY
5/20/20 1:26 A
Brunch! Crustless quiche with JustEgg! Delicious and cholesterol free :) -KARMA- 27 KAYDE53
5/17/20 6:51 P
Good day! Wishing you all a great Sunday and week ahead. GINGERMONKEY21 33 RENEE7575
5/18/20 7:49 A
Got in a one mile walk and now it’s lunch time! Staying focused! 10 lbs down in week one! JATANDARICH 15 ENDURINGPHOENIX
5/18/20 10:11 A
5/21/20 10:33 A
I LOVE when my mom cooks for me!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ GHOSTILYUSHA 10 KOSHIE1
5/17/20 3:45 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 20 GABY1948
5/21/20 10:38 A
This was from my walk yesterday. Love taking walks down by the lake. Sadly today I won’t be taking a MARSHA_LYNN 13 ROCKRS
5/17/20 2:58 P
Light lunch... big dinner later CANDLES9103 18 KAYDE53
5/17/20 6:50 P
My granddaughter and her goat Bill VHAYES04 33 NAVYWIFESKI
5/17/20 7:18 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 12 PATRICIA-CR
5/18/20 11:49 A
This makes one week since I started tracking every day after a long time away from doing so. I alrea AVPURNELL 13 SHOAPIE
5/17/20 4:22 P
I baked up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies last night. I only had a few bites of dough an ALLYLIZZY 48 HOLLYBARKER1
5/17/20 12:01 P
I drank 9 cups of water today. #h2whoa PATRICIAANN46 7 CHESTER47
5/17/20 9:21 A
5/16/20 9:49 P
I had to be to work by 8 AM but I still walked before hand so I got in 2 miles in 43 min. and after BOMBCHELL23 15 CFITZ1
5/16/20 10:31 P
Just a beautiful sunset tonight, worthy of sharing. MIAMI_LILLY 30 ALLYLIZZY
5/17/20 1:37 P
5/16/2020 TBOYD5000 12 EVIE4NOW
5/16/20 11:39 P
5/16/20 11:00 P
Posted a photo DW011674 12 ALICIA214
5/16/20 10:57 P
Here’s to snacking healthily! 😃😋🍒🍒 #EatingClean #EatingToLive #HolisticHealth SIMPLYKEN32 30 AMYINTHEWILD
5/17/20 8:25 A
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 10 EVIE4NOW
5/16/20 11:38 P