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Comment with your favorite healthy treat? I have developed a love for hummus and cottage cheese. LAUREL2372 11 KATRED81
5/29/20 9:37 P
Fitness is what I care about! ABRAHAMCRAIG 17 RICHARDBABY74
5/29/20 1:42 P
Im sorry if this afends anyone I have a question the back story is that i am in pain all the time an MCATLEDGE 5 OPTICALXILLUSIO
5/29/20 1:55 A
Today is a GREAT DAY to create healthy habits!!! Which ones are you working on? I am always looking STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 TAYGRL
5/28/20 6:32 P
Kenpo X first thing this morning. ANTMAID81 13 NAVYWIFESKI
5/28/20 5:53 P
I celebrate. NSV’s that make me FEEL GOOD! Sleep score of 80 🥳 All 8 Waters Consumed 🥳 and Consist STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 HAPPYCPA1965
5/28/20 3:19 P
The best part about being a pathological liar is flying my helicopter to my private island. DAN1964 2 LORI-K
5/27/20 10:12 A
5/27/20 7:02 P
Good morning!! Or good evening depending on what part of the world you live in!! Let's make today aw GPALMER2019 18 JRDUPREE
5/28/20 12:33 A
5 months No Alcohol on the 24th of this month. Been so busy, I forgot.😊 ANTMAID81 15 ANTMAID81
5/27/20 9:03 P
Today is my second day here with Spark people. I can do this! How long have you been here LAKINS2 9 RREDFORD5
5/27/20 10:19 A
Good Night Spark Friends... Sleep Well😴...Pleasant Dreams🌠 CANDLES9103 15 ISNESS
5/27/20 7:22 P
Happy Tuesday spark friends! Hope you're having an awesome day. CARLOSLAKELAND 18 JER-BER
5/27/20 6:15 A
5/26/20 5:42 P
Isn't this just the cutest little guy? I do mean little, can't weigh more than 50 pounds. Can pick h JEWELRYLOVER 14 SHOAPIE
5/26/20 7:01 P
Does anyone else journal daily? I'm big on motivat SPUNKISAM0914 12 GEORGE815
5/26/20 5:04 P
Happy Tuesday! 💙 It’s only 10 AM in California right now and it’s already 73 degrees out! The ALLYLIZZY 20 DAMAOF5
5/26/20 8:55 P
Happy Tuesday!! Hope everybody's having a wonderful day!! Keep doing what you can do!! Just had lunc GPALMER2019 17 JRDUPREE
5/28/20 12:39 A
Well, I'm sad folks are thinking CoVid-19 is a done deal. Humans can't be healthy if they ignore fac GRALAN 9 GEORGE815
5/26/20 5:42 P
Remember this. LOOTJE69 11 GEORGE815
5/26/20 5:30 P
Hit the open road and enjoy! Headed to the “M” bridge! Memphis! SPOKENWORD 11 LORI-K
5/25/20 11:28 P
Late start but I got 30 mins of walking in today. Happy memorial day #moveit 1BLAZER282005 7 TOCONNER
5/26/20 7:06 A
My 4-y-old grandson today far away in Heidelberg Germany, with his girlfriend; he even painted his t ISNESS 28 CANDLES9103
5/26/20 11:44 A
The puppies love begging for food and yes, they always get some. Spoiled! OPTICALXILLUSIO 10 AMYINTHEWILD
5/25/20 8:08 P
My exercise today is to keep up with these two! BLUECAFE 7 SUNSHINE99999
5/25/20 3:18 P
Been wanting to make Pad Thai, so I tried it today. Missing four ingredients and I think it needs mo NEWRUNNERCLARE 6 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/25/20 4:01 P
New fitness journal. Excuse the language, I tried to cover it up accordingly 😉 . Let’s see how docu SOUTHERNJAVA 9 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/25/20 4:21 P
5/25/20 10:08 P
Focus on your own progress. Be so involved in your ROCALOCABRUSH 20 MOMMACAT57
5/25/20 11:17 A
How can you find out what % of fat carbs and proteins are best for you? Best sources for educating NEWRUNNERCLARE 10 LUANN_IN_PA
5/25/20 10:36 A
Since I only compete with myself, I will try to beat last week’s stats this week! I’m still getting LORI-K 20 TIGERSEYEHEART
5/25/20 4:16 P
Message Removed CD26016113 2 LORI-K
5/24/20 9:28 A
Just got back from a 20 minute roller blade ride. OPTICALXILLUSIO 20 ALLYLIZZY
5/24/20 12:50 P
5/24/20 9:52 P
Lots of sand and rock removal today, and I got a sunburn. We even got some takeout at a very small, AMYINTHEWILD 19 ALLYLIZZY
5/24/20 12:41 P
With going on we need to remember to take to Remember and Thank those that gave so much so SPARKFRAN514 12 NANHBH
5/24/20 11:50 P
I was so happy about my best yet morning run result and am now so sad that my BMI of 37.2 is much hi ISNESS 12 COMEBACKKID12
5/23/20 1:06 A
Dinner yesterday - 1/3 of this Chicken breast with full grain rice menthol-plant, carrot sun dried t ISNESS 18 PELESJEWEL
5/22/20 10:59 A
I feel so awful I have fallen off the wagon so far ... I feel like loosing weight is far off Here's REDHEADED81 30 SNUZYQ2
5/22/20 3:35 A
Good Day of Movement and Lots of Belly Laughs!! Activate your core and laugh along with me!! I csnno STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 LUVLISH
5/29/20 12:30 P
Starting a new journey today! Any tips? IRISISBORED 49 CJTWEED2
5/22/20 9:59 A
This pics for you @LORI-K Watched the fighter jets take off this morning. JRDUPREE 13 LORI-K
5/21/20 4:29 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 10 SABLENESS
5/22/20 10:16 A
Done: jogging, weight training, gardening and yoga. Prescription for new or reluctant exercisers: fi NEWRUNNERCLARE 10 GEORGE815
5/21/20 2:51 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!! Guys yesterday I woke up feeling amazing!!! Got my TEXASHSMOMOF3 41 AQUAGIRL08
5/22/20 2:49 P
Today, my precious kitty, Mia is being put down. Less than a week ago, she started having seizures. MIAMI_LILLY 195 BERRY4
5/23/20 11:29 P
Pics taken In May the last 4 years....SAME weight, different body compositions. Maintenance is hard LORI-K 42 JAMER123
5/21/20 11:43 P
Since I have got my new Garmin watch I have worked out 12 of the last 15 days!!! RUNNINGRAFE 14 LORI-K
5/20/20 10:54 P
Well, my resting during recovery is going pretty well. I'm being good and not trying to exercise, so SURFIE 31 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/24/20 11:52 A
Pretty long day. I’m pooped. Have a great night’s rest, Spark friends! ❤️ MIAMI_LILLY 34 ALLYLIZZY
5/21/20 1:10 P
Ain’t it the TRUTH??!?? I make steady progress when I consistently show up and do the work....period STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 ELSCO55
5/21/20 12:10 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!! It’s a cloudy, windy, cold morning but still peace TEXASHSMOMOF3 48 TOMSGAL85
5/22/20 8:27 A
Got an extra special treat after my 3.5 mile walk this evening. Such a lovely way to end a lovely da LORI-K 42 JAMER123
5/20/20 10:18 P
Feeling sad. 😢. My sister passed away today. May she R.I.P. I will remember her when she was str PAMBROWN62 40 SDEHNKE
5/20/20 7:04 P
Have a ton of errands to attend to today, but I made sure I put 2 miles behind me first!! Happy Tues MIAMI_LILLY 41 GINNABOOTS
5/20/20 8:23 A
I just completed an indoor bike ride and an hour of lifting to kick my week off right! I’m still fee LORI-K 29 ISNESS
5/19/20 11:31 P
McCormick One Skillet Tuscan Chicken and Vegetables doctored up with sweet potato, and baby bellas😋 CANDLES9103 20 SUZIEEQ91
5/18/20 9:44 P
Good morning!! I hope everybody's doing well and getting through this mess!! It's so hard not to jus GPALMER2019 29 DRINKALOTH2O
5/25/20 2:47 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Monday! 🎉 Yesterday was a great day y’all! My son drove me and TEXASHSMOMOF3 46 CGARR442
5/19/20 10:52 P
Sunday: 58 min 342 kcal exercise and Day 7 challenge. I had to eat full kcal-range, I felt weak. Sti ISNESS 8 OOKLATHEMOK
5/18/20 8:41 A
Okay, a I don't know where to post this or keep track of this but I'm 52 soon to be 53 in July and I HERES2HLTHYIN20 7 HERES2HLTHYIN20
5/17/20 11:51 P
I’m sad since I can’t run right now due to an injury, but I’m still able to take Petunia for a spin! LORI-K 30 JAMER123
5/18/20 10:26 P
Good evening spark friends!! Long time no see!! Hope everybody's having a great weekend and staying GPALMER2019 21 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/20 1:22 P
Old stomping grounds for a zenful ride this morning 2AWESOME4U 25 EDLEAR
5/18/20 4:01 A
My baby is turning 5. She wants a mermaid barbie party. WELL we can't have her big party we were pla KOBRIEN13 39 GEORGE815
5/16/20 1:52 P
You never know just what you might meet on a morning walk. NEEDBU66 17 LORI-K
5/16/20 12:30 A
I know exactly where I have been every third Saturday in May for the last 10 years. Running the Beac LORI-K 37 ALLYLIZZY
5/16/20 12:57 P
5/16/20 4:39 A
#tbt This was the day I ran my ultra marathon, 35 miles in 6:04:23! Yes, I was kind of into Gre RUNNINGRAFE 17 ALLYLIZZY
5/15/20 12:44 P
Another day on my way to a better me! We can do it, 79 min exercise. ISNESS 11 LORI-K
5/14/20 11:02 A
Mask it😷 or Casket😱! CANDLES9103 22 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/14/20 11:26 A
My granddaughters goat hot on my porch yesterday evening. I couldn’t get him off!! He’s a big pet! VHAYES04 22 LORI-K
5/14/20 10:51 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday! Yesterday was an ok day... I got my workouts in, did TEXASHSMOMOF3 40 TOMSGAL85
5/16/20 10:12 P
Hungry this morning... Egg white omelet w/ spinach, baby bellas, jalapeno & cottage cheese, polenta CANDLES9103 9 FISHGUT3
5/14/20 11:58 A
Since we can’t go to our usual campground yet we are camping in our backyard. Our grandsons are joi LJBOWSER1 13 LIZZIE138
5/14/20 1:55 P