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My granddaughter and her goat Bill VHAYES04 33 NAVYWIFESKI
5/17/20 7:18 P
Dinner I made: Chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini and tomato stir fry and cauliflower rice on th SIMPLYKEN32 33 NAVYWIFESKI
5/14/20 10:12 A
Up early at the hotel we spent night. Walked around parking lots to get 2 miles in before breakfast. KATHRYNGC 6 BILLTHOMSON
10/13/19 7:20 A
I’ve been using spark for almost 90 days now and have stuck to my calories and working out. Im frust KEEPERSLADY777 7 KOALA_BEAR
10/13/19 2:14 A
9/10/19 7:01 A
Planning for healthy meals this weekend. NANHBH 14 ROCKYCPA
9/7/19 6:15 P
9/8/19 6:05 A
I NEED SERIOUS HELP LOL! I finally figured out how BREBBY3 6 GERRYH2
9/4/19 5:19 A
So Abby gave Tiger a bath and Tiger gave Belle a bath ❤ ST3PH 23 MOMMACAT57
9/4/19 7:46 A
I just bought new underwear not even a month ago and they are starting to get baggie. So I went to s DEBYDOINGIT 26 NEVAPATE3
9/4/19 8:12 A
Posted a photo HARROWJET 23 L_DROUIN
9/3/19 3:14 A
Been on the Keto diet, fell off the wagon for one week but I’m showing myself some grace and choosin THEBESTME2019 23 ALLYLIZZY
9/3/19 1:50 P
Just another cute picture of Abby and Tiger🙂 ST3PH 18 PATJOONWW
9/3/19 7:05 A
9/2/19 3:31 A
Myanmar Ruins in Belize ALIKITTY 16 LE_SIGH
9/2/19 9:02 A
9/2/19 5:01 A
I’m really tired today. Didn’t sleep well last ni KPINAZ 21 ELSCO55
9/1/19 9:12 P
Did some squats today. Just sayin'...... #moveit BONNIE1552 20 AMYDEES
9/1/19 11:41 P
i quit smoking yesterday. i am past my 24 hour mark. i have support but this is a big thing for me s CD24890088 68 VLFISHER
9/1/19 11:02 P
Strength training and punching bag for five minutes. Really down about starting weight. :( HEATHB82 13 SWEETGABROWN1
9/1/19 2:10 P
My Husband took our sweet Nestle to the Groomers on Thursday. I'm sure she enjoyed being fussed on. ALLENJOSEPH 16 KAYDE53
9/1/19 11:59 A
Worked out 6 days this week. Went way over the goal . Tomorrow, I’m leading worship at a local chu KPINAZ 15 GOODGETNBETR
9/1/19 7:09 A
Been a long week. So grateful for my spark friends. You keep me going. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 GABY1948
8/31/19 10:22 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 29 GABY1948
9/1/19 11:57 A
89.4 lbs down and 17.8 until I reach goal TAMMYQB 62 TAMMYQB
9/5/19 5:35 P
Share Your Week 1 Challenge Goals HERE! SHOSHANA192 620 LITTLEBABIES18
6/7/20 11:37 P
I got in a workout this morning, got my10,000 step KPINAZ 22 LUVMYELI
8/27/19 10:29 P
back on track LEANJEAN6 46 PATRICIA-CR
8/28/19 4:46 P
Okay I guess I wasn't ready to run yet. Started out fine, took a weird step and basically restrained MIKKYB1984 3 GMACAMI
8/28/19 5:44 P
8/30/19 10:46 A
Posted a photo CD12282919 39 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/28/19 2:56 A
I forgot to post my pups yesterday. 💕 CGARR442 15 ALLYLIZZY
8/28/19 8:38 P
Happy Transformation Tuesday! Who knew almost a year ago that I would be here? I have done better TARDISGIRL1 149 FIT4LIFEANNE
8/29/19 12:15 A
Me and my girl going for a walk. Beautiful day! She thought she saw a squirrel. LUVMYELI 5 GEORGE815
8/27/19 6:41 P
Happy national dog day. This is my Chiweenie Brandi. I also call her my weiner. :) she is exhausted LUVMYELI 13 YMWONG22
8/27/19 5:10 A
Hormone issues... thyroid .. it all sucks even if u loose 5 and add 3... still need to celebrate and AMBERLEEHEGG4 18 AMBERLEEHEGG4
8/27/19 8:42 P
For all the starbucks fans AMBERLEEHEGG4 14 ARNETTELEE
8/27/19 6:34 A
Happy National Dog Day to our boys, Dewey and Flash. NEVAPATE3 10 CGARR442
8/27/19 9:03 P
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11842 ANNA907
6/15/20 1:17 A
Message Removed CD25032505 11 ANNIEMELB
8/26/19 10:11 P
One of my all-time favorite quotes.In fact, I think it's more than "okay". It's preferable. DAD_AINT_HIP 23 LAH1222
8/26/19 11:26 P
I always start my day with one egg and some veggies. I try to use leftover veggies from dinner whene LINSEYBAKER82 18 JULIEA7201
8/26/19 10:33 P
2 years apart. PLANAR 144 PURPLEMOON1
8/27/19 12:10 A
Enjoy your day today! It's Sunday! JAMER123 31 PWILLOW1
8/25/19 9:12 P
🤓Managed to make good choices and stay in calorie RAERAERAE62 24 1CRAZYDOG
8/24/19 12:50 P
Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep to enjoy Saturday . good night friends SPARKFRAN514 22 NANHBH
8/25/19 12:20 A
I am a bit frustrated today. Haven’t weighed myself for 5 days and I apparently gained a couple of KPINAZ 11 KOALA_BEAR
8/24/19 2:28 A
I got a lot of encouragement from the community here today. It made a big difference in how I feel a VIKINGWITCH79 8 KOALA_BEAR
8/24/19 2:24 A
Mine and my husband’s first big purchase together has a married couple SLIVERBULLET 12 GMACAMI
8/24/19 12:46 P
What to do with your half hour lunch break when you are drinking lunch instead of eating it? Why wa HWNHMMBRD 13 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/24/19 11:29 A
Hiked to Scouts Lookout in Zion park yesterday. (The Angels Landing hike was closed for repairs). I’ MYTIMEOK 19 CGARR442
8/24/19 7:11 P
Happy Friday Sparkers... have a wonderful weekend!! My Lucy, ready to pounce 🐈 KAS10001 21 KNEESOCKS1945
8/24/19 4:41 A
Been having a bad week. I've been eating all the wrong stuff, not exercising, & I missed a couple da VIKINGWITCH79 28 DEBYDOINGIT
8/24/19 1:51 A
Question? How do YOU live in THIS day when you are going on a trip for a week? Sure is hard to enjoy SPARKLINGME176 17 LUVMYELI
8/23/19 12:41 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 17 KHALIA2
8/23/19 5:43 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 20 KHALIA2
8/23/19 5:41 A
Photo from this evening’s walk. My daughter started cross country this week, and the busy back to sc AMYINTHEWILD 38 CHEIVOUS
8/23/19 12:03 P
I've come a long way. For over a year I've stuck to my healthy new lifestyle, and I'm down 82 lbs so CANDY_ANNE 92 ALLYLIZZY
8/23/19 12:55 P
I've been volunteering my time to tutor eager students. It's exhausting staying late, but feels grea KATIE777KT 16 MDOWER1
8/23/19 10:27 A
I am going to brag, just a little bit. 😉 Yesterday I met my friend, who I haven’t seen for a few PAMBROWN62 29 1CRAZYDOG
8/23/19 4:31 P
happy healthy Tuesday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 18 PURPLEMOON1
8/20/19 8:37 P
#BeforeAndAfter Its been rough but ive stayed focus 💪💪💪💪 ANASITALEKI1315 35 123THERESA123
8/21/19 7:48 A
I bought a new laptop and decided since it's nice and clean, I should clean up my files before trans MCASKEY6 5 GEORGE815
8/19/19 2:32 P
Truth can sometimes be painful... BTW, PSA to all who try to avoid offensive things online, I'd sta DAD_AINT_HIP 6 GEORGE815
8/19/19 2:33 P
Had a wonderful day on Saturday. I walked about 8 miles. It is easy to do when you are surrounded by KELSMAN58 22 SCRAMBLJONES
8/19/19 4:49 P
Posted a photo ROSE_RAIN 17 JAMER123
8/20/19 11:38 P
9/3/19 8:15 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 15 STAR135000
8/19/19 11:07 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!!! It’s Weigh In Day for me, and I officially weighed in TEXASHSMOMOF3 204 MADEINBRITAIN
8/20/19 4:10 A
I did a thing today. As I'm losing weight, my forehead is long and becomes more and more prominent. THOMPSONK23 22 WASU132
8/18/19 9:08 A
Today I tracked my food, I stopped at one piece of my favorite chocolate and took a walk. Is it even JRAFANAN 13 TABATHA_CAIN
8/17/19 7:18 A
8/17/19 4:12 A
Had to take my Grannie to hospital today. I am tired but I will do anything for my Grandma! CLANTONAVA 14 CLANTONAVA
8/17/19 11:27 P
We can do this! NANHBH 18 ROCKYCPA
8/14/19 11:23 P
Did my brisk walk twice today total of an hour & I’m ready for bed. Good night everyone! MARSHA_LYNN 20 RREDFORD5
8/14/19 10:20 A