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Remember that not all differences in ability are immediately visible. -POOKIE- 13 GABY1948
10/28/20 6:56 P
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 14954 79PODGIRL
10/29/20 12:59 P
The closer I get to goal the sillier I feel doing updates but this journey never ends. I will keep p DOUBLELSMOM 195 DOUBLELSMOM
10/28/20 12:24 P
4 weeks after gallbladder removal, I'm still adjusting to diet. I'm going back to a meal I lived on ELESEW 7 KATHYJO56
10/26/20 3:48 P
Good morning everyone been a while sense I came to chat. Happy to report I am officially down 104 lb LISAR421 169 FELICIA1963
10/26/20 7:56 P
Two more weeks in the boot (and he said no cheating) LESLIELENORE 20 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/26/20 10:36 P
I didn’t get to sleep at all last night JIMIPAGE29 28 KAYDE53
10/26/20 5:25 P
I'm on my way! Last Saturday was 148.3! My 5% is 145.7! I should be there next week, I'm going for 1 DLBEASYRIDER 43 CATWMNCAT
10/24/20 1:18 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 62 MOM2TURTLES
10/24/20 8:08 A
Me and my baby girls swimming! SARASATIN 16 -POOKIE-
10/22/20 10:32 A
THANKFUL Thursday! Dancing through this day with GRATITUDE.... #moveit ♥️💃🏻✨✨✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 72 AQUAGIRL08
10/23/20 11:53 A
Good morning to all, may your day be filled with rainbows and waterfalls!🌈🌈🌈 DLBEASYRIDER 49 ALLYLIZZY
10/22/20 11:43 A
Its hump day! Rise and grind make it great! PUGHMOMMYX3 52 ERIN_POSCH
10/21/20 10:59 A
How do you veggie the right way? HAWTGRANNY2014 17 CHERYLSCOTT54
10/24/20 9:40 P
I loved you yesterday. I love you still. I always have. I always will. My husband. My love. My best J2002HEIDS 66 GEORGE815
10/20/20 5:27 P
I do like to cook, but lately I have been just using the microwave for veggie burgers and easy stuff DM2020 32 CHERRYZMB60
10/18/20 8:33 P
The sky after sunset ✨ ALLYLIZZY 24 GMACAMI
10/18/20 3:12 P
The house remodel has started. It’s a lot messier than we thought it was going to be! NANHBH 20 ROCKYCPA
10/18/20 2:28 P
It’s currently 90 degrees in California right now and I’m tanning :) Hope you’re having a great we ALLYLIZZY 30 GMACAMI
10/18/20 3:18 P
Good day of walking and Golf yesterday! Down 6 lbs in few weeks. Have a great weekend! IBHOOKD 23 GMACAMI
10/17/20 11:48 A
No loss this week. One year ago I started the journey to become slimmer. Anything was better than 20 BESSIEBELL 213 MEYERMIRACLE1
10/17/20 10:58 P
Journal of Gratitude 2BDYNAMIC 70 SPARKLINGME176
10/28/20 1:28 P
This quote spoke volumes to me this morning b/c so frequently we think we can't do enough. But somet BOMBCHELL23 16 GEORGE815
10/16/20 4:09 P
Sign of the Times #32 SPEDED2 41 LOVENHWOODS
10/17/20 8:56 A
All the fun stops when you break your ankle I was having so much fun at the trampoline park! I had MARIAMERMAID65 25 WLHOPE
10/15/20 10:41 A
Wednesday Weigh-in: Down 86lbs now, in just under a year. I do not necessarily have a specific end g FASHIONROADKILL 177 COOKWITHME65
10/20/20 6:42 A
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 15 ANNIEMAROO
10/14/20 2:32 A
8 cups of water down! Here is a view of my life🍁🍂❤ #h2whoa HEALTHYMETN90 18 GMACAMI
10/14/20 2:36 P
All are welcome here! Happy Sunday! Make it a great day! HOLLYM48 24 SPARKLINGME176
10/11/20 3:53 P
This is Me with my Accountibility buddy my baby sister, she refuses to take any recent pictures unti GRNEYEDSPANIARD 15 1BLAZER282005
10/8/20 9:36 P
Sign of the Times #25 SPEDED2 144 GABY1948
10/10/20 11:38 A
Went for a short hike yesterday 2AWESOME4U 137 EDLEAR
10/15/20 3:41 A
Dinner was Tofu Pad Thai!:) 😋 Have a great night! NAVYWIFESKI 20 MSMOSTIMPROVED
10/7/20 5:08 P
Took this doll baby on a 20 min walk easing back into it slowly but surely! Tracked all my food, and PUGHMOMMYX3 34 PUGHMOMMYX3
10/7/20 6:59 A
10/7/20 12:01 P
happy healthy Tuesday everyone stay safe .. practice good safety protocol TRAILWALKERJO54 31 75HEALTHYME
10/6/20 1:57 P
Came back from a walk today and my Garmin showed 13450 steps & when I synced it went to 9800! Bumm MARTHA324 1 MARTHA324
10/5/20 10:02 P
Any breakfast cereal suggestions? BITHOO 20 MSMOSTIMPROVED
10/21/20 11:41 A
Posted a photo LOTTALOX 5 GETULLY
10/5/20 8:47 P
A funny photo of my dog Weston sleeping. Doesn't look comfortable to me, but obviously he was fine ZTGF04 13 ZTGF04
10/6/20 10:40 P
Garmin syncing problem? MARTHA324 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/6/20 9:44 A
Am I The Only Carb Lover? ON_A_DIET 5 EUPHROSYNEA
10/13/20 7:50 A
Does Water Make You Hungry? ON_A_DIET 22 CHERYLSCOTT54
10/27/20 2:12 P
10/5/20 2:20 A
Posted a photo JAMESCL2 9 LINDAMARIEZ1
10/4/20 6:28 P
Goodbye 300 lb mark!!! (Hopefully for the last time!) Today’s weigh-in at 299.9 is making me so happ PLAKAPAINT 39 PACNWGAL554
10/4/20 6:38 P
So I weighed myself today and for the first time since before high school I am under 200 pounds. I'm KAY_MCDANNELL16 90 BESTAT44
10/4/20 6:23 A
Happy birthday to me!! LIVING my LIFETIME below goal for 8+ years. #weightwatchersworks JOYCEHARRIS3 48 JOYCEHARRIS3
10/4/20 7:14 A
Not every day is calorie-perfect. My dog's face when I won't share my pizza. 😂 TH3PH03NIX 33 ALLYLIZZY
10/3/20 3:30 P
10/3/20 4:29 P
Arrived at the beach at 06:20 this morning, the moon was going down and the sun was yet to come up, DLBEASYRIDER 56 ALLYLIZZY
10/3/20 4:57 P
Happy October! Or should I call this “Goal-tober?” New month of not just new goals, but new “whys”. MIAMI_LILLY 35 BERRY4
10/4/20 2:53 A
I’m a winner!! My job did a 3 month biggest loser MONI30LBS 16 OPTICALXILLUSIO
9/30/20 10:30 P
Nursing a cold so taking it easy today MARTHA324 1 MARTHA324
9/29/20 8:23 P
Me last night 🤣. (It's funny cuz it's true) 😳 123SETMEFREE 15 WLHOPE
9/29/20 10:59 A
Having a fantastic day. Every time I see myself in a mirror I have to do a double take. Two lbs shor FOTOLEXIC 14 _RAMONA
9/30/20 1:23 A
My dad went home to be with Jesus. August 22,2020 ELLENAMARIE67 45 ALLYLIZZY
9/30/20 3:23 P
Somehow, I am not surprised. EVIE4NOW 86 DESERTDREAMERS
9/28/20 2:24 P
I keep telling myself that my persistence in walking will eventually pay off. My effort that is a li BOMBCHELL23 9 JANS-JOURNEY
9/28/20 11:55 P
🎼It Is Well 🎼 Enjoying Hot Coffee ❤️☕️ and a Snoring Pup 🐶 Life Is Beautiful ✨✨✨ Later I will pre STILLSPARKLEIGH 48 7STIGGYMT
9/27/20 10:31 P
too many calories -- too hard to plan!! BITHOO 10 LUANN_IN_PA
10/13/20 3:53 P
I lost my day today. I have no words. My dad was this guy that you couldn’t help but like. He recei MIAMI_LILLY 224 BERRY4
9/28/20 2:27 A
Any guesses what today’s workout will be with my niece? Finished 8 week session running app and now MSMOSTIMPROVED 60 CHERRYZMB60
9/25/20 11:45 P
Today was a new day. Up early and out the door. No anxiety of the darkness, Main Street lit my way. OUTSIDEJOJO 24 GMACAMI
9/25/20 11:43 A
Got my walk/jog done early this morning! Happy Friday! Sparkers! FOTOLEXIC 24 JAMER123
9/26/20 9:28 P
Looking forward to sharing my Accountability on Sparkpeople again. It's been a long while since I'v MSPROVERBS31 37 -POOKIE-
9/25/20 7:45 A
linking exercise to nutrition tracker BITHOO 4 MARTHA324
9/23/20 5:30 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 19 JAMER123
9/25/20 10:59 P
Did loose skin put any of you off losing weight? SLEEPYWALKER 7 WLHOPE
9/23/20 9:24 P
My last day 1 . No more starting over this is time. MNSUEK1955 18 DLBEASYRIDER
9/23/20 7:30 P
I am going to be sore tomorrow but it was worth it! Ramsey cascade 👍 8.2 miles CARLOSLAKELAND 17 GMACAMI
9/24/20 11:18 A
#BeforeAndAfter -160 lbs in 17 months. Finally at a normal BMI FABULOUSFAITH65 201 MADPIPER1
9/24/20 1:28 P
9/23/20 11:45 P
numbers are in -- brag JORENN22 8 XTHEJOURNALIST
9/22/20 5:48 P
Happy Tuesday!! Every now and then, life will get a bit hard. Sometimes this journey is tough! There MIAMI_LILLY 32 BBFABSTAR
9/23/20 2:05 A