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So not feeling it today... Trying to find my zippity do dah.... ๐Ÿคช CINDY247 69 PATRICIA-CR
5/29/20 5:09 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday!! Yesterday was a really good day! I am feeling so much b TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 KAREN_EDMONDS
5/29/20 10:37 P
Not everyone will see your vision... work for your dreams anyway! MIMAWELIZABETH 23 READY201811
5/28/20 8:54 A
5/27/20 7:02 P
So these photos make it REAL. THIS is the current shape I'm in! Was only able to walk 0.2 miles yest MARYTJM2609 307 SHELLLITA
5/26/20 10:55 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 46 PATRICIA-CR
5/26/20 11:57 A
So this really old photo, of me at my actual heavi NEKOMINI 171 WINTERFLOWER
5/25/20 5:29 P
After struggling to lose weight, I got up this morning and found that I am down 7 pounds!!!! SW: 21 LEANERLISS 125 GEORGE815
5/25/20 2:23 P
My pansies are still blooming. ANother gloomy looking day here. At least it is not raining. Going RUTHIEBEAR 112 HAPPY-CATHE
5/26/20 7:45 P
Got to our weekend place after being gone for 4 months and not much here. MARTHA324 2 JSTETSER
5/23/20 6:02 A
5/23/20 1:32 P
Made my first SparkRecipe tonight! This Thai Cashew Chicken with white rice came to 600 calories. Th PLUTONIANGIRL87 30 MSAAMAANDAA
5/22/20 2:25 P
And so it begins....One day at a time, one STEP at a time. Today I did more steps! Multiple Small FLIEGENPAULE79 20 FLIEGENPAULE79
5/21/20 2:52 P
Made stuffed eggplant Parmesan for dinner. IMSTEPHWALSH 21 GRAMMYEAC
5/20/20 10:17 P
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday โค CINDY247 49 GEORGE815
5/20/20 4:22 P
5/20/20 8:37 A
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 12834 2BDYNAMIC
5/29/20 10:21 P
5/16/2020 TBOYD5000 12 EVIE4NOW
5/16/20 11:39 P
Hereโ€™s to snacking healthily! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ #EatingClean #EatingToLive #HolisticHealth SIMPLYKEN32 30 AMYINTHEWILD
5/17/20 8:25 A
Not bad on moving the last three days much of which was spent in a car driving back from Florida to MARTHA324 1 MARTHA324
5/15/20 7:21 P
5/21/20 7:25 A
Visited my Mom yesterday We had a picnic outdoors while still "social distancing" โค CINDY247 26 PATRICIA-CR
5/11/20 9:07 P
still getting in my steps even with the rain. MARTHA324 1 MARTHA324
5/10/20 4:17 P
Just in one year makes a difference, all you have to do is believe and keep going don't stop!! JASMINEGETFIT 42 GEORGE815
5/9/20 8:59 P
5/9/20 1:27 P
Hi everyone,I'm new here and will appreciate all the support I can get.๐Ÿ˜Šโคโค MILLIE_ 247 MILLIE_
5/10/20 5:06 P
T.g.i.f!!! Woke up this thinking it was Saturday! Glad the weatherman was wrong we did not get the h 2B-ME-AGAIN 79 PWILLOW1
5/8/20 1:04 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!! Yesterday was not a good day, I felt bad almost all day TEXASHSMOMOF3 44 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/8/20 11:22 P
โ€œEvery day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.โ€ โ€• Good Morning MARTHA324 6 PHATPAT18
5/8/20 8:09 A
Iโ€™m a reseller and rarely โ€œmodelโ€. These pictures got me down but sometimes it takes seeing yourself DANGEROUSLAMB81 11 CGEM61
5/7/20 5:41 P
Went out on the trail near home for a quick sunset hike, after finishing my book, which was good, in SPARKNB 26 GAYLEP1957
5/7/20 12:23 A
Getting lots of walking & changing it up with fast walk, meditative walk and just plain strolling ar MARTHA324 1 MARTHA324
5/6/20 7:41 A
No one seems to recognize me any more. lol 2BDYNAMIC 25 75HEALTHYME
5/4/20 10:41 P
This once feral tomcat learned to trust humans rather quickly when he was caught in a machine and ma MIMAWELIZABETH 25 FELICIA1963
5/3/20 8:14 P
I truly worked hard to lose weight. I'm not posting to brag I'm posting to try and save someone else JASMINEGETFIT 298 BOGADAWN1
5/3/20 8:53 A
5/12/20 2:21 P
That little gray dot is going to haunt me. It is the ONLY gray dot on my otherwise PERFECT week. I a TRAVELISMYGAME 15 ROCKYCPA
5/1/20 8:29 P
What a difference a year makes ... still a work in NOOKA_74 159 COOKWITHME65
5/2/20 2:16 P
Happy Thursday, Happy Sparkers! DAMAOF5 32 _RAMONA
4/30/20 12:55 P
April 2018 to April 2020. 100lbs between photos. There's been many ups and downs along the way. The DOUBLELSMOM 54 PWILLOW1
4/28/20 10:08 P
51 lbs lighter and counting!! #BeforeAndAfter #progressnotperfection MONIEMARIE15 161 VGORDON3
5/5/20 4:09 P
My morning view.....beautiful sunrise...no filter needed...I love nature. Have a Spark filled health VALLEYGIRLSPAGE 171 TERMITEMOM
4/28/20 9:57 P
โ€œTalk to yourself like you would to someone you love.โ€ โ€” Brene Brown MARTHA324 2 SPEDED2
4/28/20 12:40 P
Emergency Food Bag BETH49 11 KHLOELYNN
4/30/20 10:41 A
4/26/20 10:01 P
Posted a photo FIT4LIFEANNE 19 BETTYWI26
4/26/20 10:28 P
TUlip in my garden. Today is a gloomy rainy day here. I hope this photo will cheer you. My meals RUTHIEBEAR 80 DEE107
4/27/20 12:10 A
Gratitude this Sunday morning: coffee, a real day off to recharge, spending quality time with the in ANNIEONLI 13 ALLYLIZZY
4/26/20 12:42 P
4/24/20 12:40 P
4/24/20 10:07 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 45 JAMER123
4/25/20 12:12 A
4/28/20 7:26 P
Breaking a bad (chocolate) habit VESPAGIRL1027 9 VESPAGIRL1027
4/29/20 3:49 P
what's a healthy snack if you have the munchies? GYMRAT54 26 CHAOTICJEW
5/14/20 6:48 P
A little โ€œlongerโ€ and a little โ€œfurtherโ€ today. Canโ€™t wait until we start to get some spring weather KIBBGIRL 11 SHERYE
4/22/20 5:10 P
4/21/20 10:39 P
Morning everyone. Lets have a in your face amazing day!! LIVINGLOVINLIFE 49 GABY1948
4/22/20 6:34 P
#TransformationTuesday! MANONAMISSION73 22 MANONAMISSION73
4/22/20 7:06 P
Popcorn Snack Ideas ANGAVENUE 5 MARTHA324
4/20/20 5:04 P
Walked both my dogs ๐Ÿ• at the park today separately did over 11,000 steps ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช BOOTYLICIOUS83 8 7STIGGYMT
4/21/20 6:38 P
Or like the old smoking section in restaurants ... it spread DESERTDREAMERS 21 ILOVEROSES
4/21/20 11:21 A
Here's a photo of me on July 2012. These pants were tight on me the previous December. Using Spark SWARLY 27 GRAMMYEAC
4/20/20 10:11 P
Good morning sparkies ๐ŸŒž happy Monday!!!! Did som TMP0418 216 LKMANNING7
5/26/20 5:36 P
Yellow seems to be the color of spring around here LESLIELENORE 19 GARDENCHRIS
4/20/20 11:07 A
Good Afternoon Spark Family. Happy Sunday! Iโ€™m here Iโ€™m ok. Was up all night with insomnia and fig TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 TOMSGAL85
4/21/20 4:04 P
Posted a photo RPH1365 21 GEORGE815
4/17/20 12:52 P
Good morning sparkies ๐ŸŒž happy Friday!!! So I actually went up .6 pounds with my weekly weigh in ๐Ÿคท TMP0418 41 TMP0418
4/18/20 9:40 A
Message Removed CD24318490 32 ALLYLIZZY
4/13/20 12:05 P
Happy 35th birthday to me!!!!! After 15 months of work, struggle, heart break and hard lessons I hav ASHLIE_STRONG 63 ARNETTELEE
4/13/20 7:32 A
Frozen blueberries turned my oatmeal purple haha ๐Ÿคฃ BLANCAROMERO4 14 GEORGE815
4/12/20 4:38 P
I am finally down to 218 lbs. From 245 LINDADAVENPO6 91 L_DROUIN
4/13/20 5:08 A
Posted a photo ELLENAMARIE67 13 CANDLES9103
4/12/20 11:10 A
Word from Steven Charleston (former Bishop of Navajoland) "This is the hard part, this long, lonely MARTHA324 3 SPEDED2
4/13/20 1:17 A
This Passover quote seems appropriate for today: โ€œPassover is our tradition, and I like to keep up MARTHA324 3 SPEDED2
4/13/20 1:17 A
As someone in the high risk group due to age and pre-existing health issues, I want to thank each of SISSYFEB48 14 BEYONDOPHELIA
4/12/20 10:02 A