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Mission accomplished. I got to bring some temporary pleasure to all these cuties with neck scratches MIAMI_LILLY 3 NENEBFIT
10/29/20 4:26 P
Posted a photo _BABE_ 7 MILA_K
10/29/20 4:26 P
Salad Week Challenge with No Power after Zeta 😬💨 oh well where’s there’s a will there’s a WAY 💪🏼 STILLSPARKLEIGH 12 CARLOSLAKELAND
10/29/20 4:11 P
Do not like kale, wish I did cause it is so good for you!! Have a great day everyone!! DM2020 40 KAYDE53
10/29/20 4:01 P
Count 1-100 until 10 points SLIMMERJESSE 1720087 SLIMMERJESSE
10/29/20 3:15 P
Happy Thursday! Lately, the stress of these times are making me wonky. But I’m finding peace in cra MIAMI_LILLY 28 MDOWER1
10/29/20 1:38 P
Up super early because I went to bed early last ni NEWRUNNERCLARE 8 MIAMI_LILLY
10/28/20 8:00 P
What’s For Lunch??? Leftovers and #eattherainbow challenge make for a BIG TEXAS SIZED PLATE!! 👅👅👅 STILLSPARKLEIGH 36 HAPPYCPA1965
10/29/20 10:15 A
From our 6-month-old hens. SNYDERDEANJ 23 MARYJOANNA
10/29/20 5:09 A
One week into my 100 Miles by Dec. 31st. One walk did not fit into the collage. 13.75 miles down. No MIAMI_LILLY 36 NEWRUNNERCLARE
10/29/20 10:26 A
Good Morning Sparkers ❤️☕️ Y🤩U were born to Sparkle and SHINE✨✨✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 52 AZMOMXTWO
10/29/20 7:27 A
Post until you get your 10 pts! EVILCECIL 290509 EVILCECIL
10/29/20 3:05 P
Would you rather have? MEWHENRYSMAMA 4019 SANDEJ6
10/29/20 1:36 A
Hi Spark Family!!!! Oh my gosh y’all!! It has been a couple of days!!! 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂 TEXASHSMOMOF3 47 BOMBCHELL23
10/29/20 8:08 A
Think I’m aiming for this @stillsparkleigh. Similar to yours. I’m so hungry!! #eattherainbow MIAMI_LILLY 27 BERRY4
10/28/20 1:42 A
My very favorite CHALLENGE #eattherainbow 🌈 on my Very Fav Week .... Discovery Channel’s SALAD WEEK STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 AZMOMXTWO
10/28/20 6:58 A
Powerful thought, huh? For my Goddess @stillsparkleigh...I never want to be a flat squirrel. ❤️ MIAMI_LILLY 33 JANS-JOURNEY
10/28/20 12:14 A
“Made a decision.....” such power to stand at the threshold of change and DECIDE!!! ✨✨✨ CHEERS Spark STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 AZMOMXTWO
10/28/20 6:59 A
10/27/20 3:11 P
Breakfast - Pistachio overnight oats!:) 😋 Have a terrific Tuesday! NAVYWIFESKI 19 STILLSPARKLEIGH
10/27/20 5:25 P
Accountability through the challenges! Day 26 STRONG 💪🏼 enjoyed the start of SALAD WEEK 🥗#eatther STILLSPARKLEIGH 36 ALLYLIZZY
10/27/20 1:32 P
Back at the Planet to do ST after 8 months. MIAMI_LILLY 29 75HEALTHYME
10/27/20 8:52 A
Good morning! To all pumpkin lovers...you’ll be happy to know today is National Pumpkin Day!! Woot w MIAMI_LILLY 35 EVILCECIL
10/27/20 6:14 A
63 degrees and fog right now... the FOG makes it super great CAWFEE weather imo 😂!!! Cheers to one STILLSPARKLEIGH 52 AZMOMXTWO
10/27/20 6:30 A
10/26/20 10:11 P
Post 'til you get your 10 pts for every 100 posts GOOMBASHOES 790882 ANASONIC
10/29/20 11:36 A
Have a FUN Friday!! 😁 What fitness activity is your FAVORITE??? I took an early morning 🚴🏼‍♀️ bef STILLSPARKLEIGH 47 BARBIEE52
10/24/20 12:47 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!!! Yesterday was a really good day!!! I worked my tail of TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 MADEINBRITAIN
10/24/20 3:01 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a good day y’all! Work went well, ran TEXASHSMOMOF3 32 TOMSGAL85
10/23/20 4:02 P
10/22/20 9:25 P
Thankful Thursday.... Focusing on what I have, rather than the things I don’t. #GratitudeAttitude. MIAMI_LILLY 32 AQUAGIRL08
10/23/20 11:53 A
THANKFUL Thursday! Dancing through this day with GRATITUDE.... #moveit ♥️💃🏻✨✨✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 72 AQUAGIRL08
10/23/20 11:53 A
It’s my Birthday today 51 DEBSANKS 236 PWILLOW1
10/21/20 8:38 P
What’s for breakfast Sparkers? This is the last homegrown tomato of the year 😥 .... oh how I wish I STILLSPARKLEIGH 73 AZMOMXTWO
10/22/20 7:18 A
Happy Hump Day! So I’ll be honest here...my “Goal-tober” went to 💩. The weather down here has be MIAMI_LILLY 24 EVILCECIL
10/22/20 6:32 A
Ended my fast with this...Vans protein waffles, Greek yogurt, sautéed apples and toasted pecans. 🥰 MIAMI_LILLY 30 AQUAGIRL08
10/20/20 4:13 P
Happy Monday! Took my girls for a walk along Indian River yesterday. I’m reading falling in love wi MIAMI_LILLY 48 EVILCECIL
10/20/20 6:31 A
New Week..... Cheers to US Sparkers ❤️☕️ 💙💦❤️☕️💙💦 #sipsipSMILE😁 #h2whoa🥛 #moveit👣 STILLSPARKLEIGH 37 AZMOMXTWO
10/20/20 6:36 A
Maximum nutrition in this vegan Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Stew. Fall flavors from squash, carro MIAMI_LILLY 20 AQUAGIRL08
10/19/20 9:28 A
Setting up my online yoga studio... I completed my NEWRUNNERCLARE 69 CHERRYZMB60
10/18/20 8:37 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Saturday! Taking a quick lunch break and just wanted to check in. TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 AQUAGIRL08
10/19/20 10:50 P
☕🍁🤸‍♀️ Have a Wonderful Weekend 🤗✨🎃 It's in 20's here in MN 😲🧥🧤🧣 I'll dress warmer and en BARBIEE52 24 GODS-PRINCESS
10/18/20 12:46 P
Thai-soup with shrimps, bok choy, cilantro, coconut milk, lemon grass mushrooms, red curry paste, ye ISNESS 28 JER-BER
10/18/20 2:18 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 21 ERIN_POSCH
10/17/20 10:43 A
My precious little granddaughter Hazel Grace hit 5 lbs yesterday! 🥳🎉🥳 Hopefully she will be home SWALLIS7 13 EVILCECIL
10/17/20 7:29 A
Made me LOL this morning but I do tend to do lots of walking and stairs everyday. Wishing everyone DM2020 82 GEORGE815
10/16/20 3:24 P
I thought I would finish and frame a series of 4 female music icons for the living room in the new h MIAMI_LILLY 18 JER-BER
10/17/20 5:00 P
FRIYAY!!! You know ....just drinking my ☕️ feeling like a Sassy Molassie 😻 in my 🧣 even though it STILLSPARKLEIGH 54 AZMOMXTWO
10/17/20 12:20 P
Yesterday, my Spark friend @allylizzy wrote me a poem that touched my heart. She is a beautiful youn MIAMI_LILLY 17 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/18/20 12:42 P
Twoface isn’t she pretty? AMYBRO1 42 KINGYENDOR
10/16/20 1:35 A
@MIAMI_LILLY 💗💗💗 I wrote a poem for you... 💗💗💗 Even through adversity, You have still pu ALLYLIZZY 21 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/18/20 12:41 P
Thankful Thursday! Grateful for Hot Coffee ☕️ and Spark Friends! Hope you embrace the gratitude atti STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 FLASUN
10/16/20 4:00 A
Throwback Thursday kinda, sorta.... So a year ago I was in an abusive marriage, battling depression, MIAMI_LILLY 36 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/18/20 12:44 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 25 KAYDE53
10/15/20 4:19 P
10/15/20 12:44 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! No exercise yesterday, I worked late and as soon as I TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 MLR_00
10/14/20 12:18 P
I walk alone at 2 AM when I can't sleep! It was a rough night but at least I was productive! I got i BOMBCHELL23 19 75HEALTHYME
10/13/20 3:12 P
😁😂 It’s a great diet! 🚫 biting😆🤣 Today I will #eattherainbow 🌈and balance my macros! What eati STILLSPARKLEIGH 56 LT3AG4S
10/14/20 9:36 A
Tonight...Thai peanut chicken topped with plenty of fresh bean sprouts, cilantro, green onions and p MIAMI_LILLY 31 RREDFORD5
10/13/20 1:57 P
Not new here, but my first time posting. Last year I hit a milestone of being under 200 lbs for firs AWILLIAMS1618 32 PURPLEMOON1
10/12/20 7:30 P
This is the worst photo I can find. Shows my flabby arms, fat tummy, sagging jowls, and inability to JENMAYMARVIN 13 GEORGE815
10/12/20 6:43 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! So yesterday was a good day!! Ate good!!! Worked abs TEXASHSMOMOF3 23 MLR_00
10/13/20 9:51 A
Wishing you all a great day! Everyday is a great day to be Indigenous! Happy National Indigenous Peo AIYANASMAMA 19 GEORGE815
10/12/20 7:00 P
🤨C’mon now little dudes ..... flip that One Day around 🙃 and go DAY ONE!! 🥰☕️💥💪🏼💥🚴🏼‍♀️ Neve STILLSPARKLEIGH 54 AZMOMXTWO
10/13/20 6:48 A
Journaling and Tracking is really helping me stay firmly in maintenance 🙌🏻 Today’s weigh in has me STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 LILIANN400
10/12/20 6:40 P
Our friend passed suddenly yesterday. It still doesn’t feel real. Heart attack. She had fallen an KPINAZ 62 GMACAMI
10/12/20 1:47 P
My mom has a “smart fridge.” This was a featured recipe on it. Grilled shrimp with mango slaw. :) MIAMI_LILLY 29 AQUAGIRL08
10/12/20 10:15 A
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Sunday!!! Y’all I am not sure how I did it, but I lost two more p TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 TOMSGAL85
10/12/20 5:04 P
Good Morning ☀️ Have a Beautiful Day ❤️☕️✨✨✨ #getoutside #countblessings #smile STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 ISNESS
10/11/20 8:39 P
Okay...having trouble maintaining, so I have to go back to tracking all my food, starting today. Goa NEWRUNNERCLARE 22 NEWRUNNERCLARE
10/11/20 8:36 P
Remember to treat youself.. your doing amazing, your doing life, you are surviving, your fighting ba PUGHMOMMYX3 15 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/11/20 4:48 P
Good afternoon friends! Enjoying time with baby outside, gonna get that workout in, and may try a li JER-BER 21 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/21/20 6:57 P
It’s National Love Your Hair Day! 💗💓💗 Loving who you are includes loving your hair, too. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 27 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/11/20 4:31 P
Sip Sip SMILE ☕️😁 using this rainy day to get all my housework knocked out 🥊🥊 I love the way a co STILLSPARKLEIGH 50 AQUAGIRL08
10/11/20 11:22 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Saturday!! Sorry I took a few days off of Spark. Had some days TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 AQUAGIRL08
10/11/20 11:21 A