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SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 333 10/12 - 10/20/2019 MIRAGE727 6 CHRISBRYAN
10/13/19 7:02 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 332 10/03 - 10/11/2019 MIRAGE727 7 MIRAGE727
10/12/19 9:48 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 331 09/24 - 10/02/2019 MIRAGE727 6 BDC103
9/25/19 6:45 A
Happy Sunday spark family 😉 340 calories for this delicious plate😋 Dry rubbed a porkloin with just TMP0418 21 CHEIVOUS
9/23/19 9:42 A
getting sick of being self conscious of my cousin hearing what I am doing in my bedroom when doing m BECCALOU09 6 MIRAGE727
9/22/19 4:50 P
4K trail Run. Supposed to be gym day but Nature was calling and I answered RUN-GIRL71 22 ALLYLIZZY
9/22/19 10:41 P
Words cannot describe the feeling of accomplishmen DOUBLELSMOM 90 LOS101
9/25/19 6:55 P
Today’s happy: I HAVE LOST 50.5 POUNDS!!!! My BMI is NORMAL! I am no longer officially overweight. THE_FAE 174 ARNETTELEE
9/23/19 7:46 A
Trying to be consistent with yoga! I definitely feel this! Stretching is so important but so easy fo KEEPITUP05 20 KHALIA2
9/25/19 9:49 A
Almost nailed it woo hoo 😉 Hope ur all reaching ur goals this week!!! TMP0418 27 MIRAGE727
9/19/19 9:39 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!!!🌞 Happy Thursday! 🎉 I have to start with saying THANK YOU for all th TEXASHSMOMOF3 60 CJSLOVE
9/23/19 6:17 P
Some Like to Sit in the Bleachers ... I Prefer The Playing Field! The Swim at Alligator Lighthouse F MIRAGE727 9 TMP0418
9/19/19 3:55 P
What a way to start my week!! 190lbs gone forever ❤ If anyone needs support or a friend through this HELLOHOLLY76 138 MADEINBRITAIN
9/17/19 4:25 A
A little prep done to help me start the week off right.....bring it on 😁 Grilled chicken with pepp TMP0418 27 CHEIVOUS
9/16/19 10:30 A
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 330 09/15 - 09/23/2019 MIRAGE727 6 KERRYG155
9/16/19 5:25 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 329 09/06 - 09/14/2019 MIRAGE727 6 BDC103
9/8/19 8:53 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!!! Happy Tuesday!!! 🙂 Yesterday was a fantabulous day!!!! So many good TEXASHSMOMOF3 58 MIRAGE727
9/5/19 11:07 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Today’s post is a little different. Y’all know I’v TEXASHSMOMOF3 225 JUDYBEAR216
9/5/19 7:21 P
It’s THAT Time of Year in New Mexico, roasted HATCH green CHILE, Here, showing what it looks like ro PELESJEWEL 19 TMP0418
9/5/19 6:09 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday! Happy Labor Day! Only one BoxFit class today so I’m up e TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 JRDUPREE
9/3/19 12:42 A
Got Me Thinking About Life This Pink Berkeley Tie Die Tomato is large and heavy, to the point that PELESJEWEL 22 AMYINTHEWILD
9/3/19 10:23 P
Tonight's dinner 450 calories salad mixed with everything and 3oz porkloin 😋 I gotta say this agai TMP0418 33 GMACAMI
8/29/19 6:27 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a great day. Just lots of good stuff! TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 GETTINGFIT2018B
8/30/19 10:28 A
Starving. Can't wait for my bacon and egg sammich 😏🤣 Have a great day everybody!!!! JROCABRUSHPHOTO 15 GEORGE815
8/29/19 2:53 P
The closer to goal I get the more the weight loss slows down. But I'm happy to say I'm down 183lbs!! HELLOHOLLY76 202 123THERESA123
9/7/19 11:21 A
I repeated my success of yesterday - came straight home after work, put my leggings on, and rolled o SWEETENUFGILL 5 SKMINNY
8/30/19 10:31 P
Amazing how much easier it is to pick up the pace when it's a bit cooler outside! Average 9.42 pace KEEPITUP05 11 OBIESMOM2
8/31/19 9:25 P
Good morning spark family 😁 I wish you all a wonderful day 🌞 I've been doing a lot of rebooting la TMP0418 52 TMP0418
8/28/19 6:16 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 328 08/28 - 09/05/2019 MIRAGE727 5 KERRYG155
8/29/19 8:19 P
I should have had my picture made this morning. Today was my very first Substitute Teacher assignmen QUADCMOM 8 MIRAGE727
8/26/19 8:42 A
Had a great day swimming today. I sure miss training for triathlons. NOLAHORSERIDER 8 NOLAHORSERIDER
9/2/19 4:05 P
Motivation! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 35 GABY1948
8/22/19 9:25 A
Keep Moving Forward Friends! Let’s Do This Healthy PELESJEWEL 18 NANHBH
8/20/19 12:56 P
Yesterday’s brunch , that’s nit a wrap but some sorry looking lettuce. It was good enough. GGRSPARK 17 TCANNO
8/20/19 2:58 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!!! It’s Weigh In Day for me, and I officially weighed in TEXASHSMOMOF3 204 MADEINBRITAIN
8/20/19 4:10 A
9/3/19 8:15 A
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 326 08/06 - 08/14/201 MIRAGE727 9 MIRAGE727
8/18/19 11:58 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 327 08/19 - 08/27/2019 MIRAGE727 6 KERRYG155
8/20/19 10:02 P
I'm a member of the At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance Team. We have regular 9-week c SWEETENUFGILL 18 JOCELYNH711
8/19/19 7:03 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday! Yesterday was a great day!!! So a few good things... 1. TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 MLR_00
8/18/19 11:45 P
I ran 12 km to meet friends for breakfast! Not bad, huh?! #RunEatSleepRepeat SWEETENUFGILL 12 GABY1948
8/20/19 1:12 P
8/18/19 8:19 P
I finally made it to Onederland y’all! FEATHER2003 152 DININA48MN
8/17/19 8:16 P
Today is my 35th Birthday AMYMBUNCH 202 DLDMIL
8/17/19 7:54 P
A simple bounce after a long day at work - it raises my pulse-rate, and I can feel it working my leg SWEETENUFGILL 7 GABY1948
8/20/19 1:20 P
My big victory for today is getting through it on-plan, and not giving in to the temptation of choco SWEETENUFGILL 18 GABY1948
8/20/19 1:20 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!! I haven’t flexed it in a while, so thought I’d give it TEXASHSMOMOF3 51 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/16/19 11:33 P
Hey spark family 😁 missed you all sorry I haven't TMP0418 61 123THERESA123
8/21/19 7:59 A
I just realized... The bottles of water I have been counting as 1 cup are 20 or 24 oz, so they shoul MOMMYLAMB3 10 LUANN_IN_PA
8/13/19 9:31 A
My 5 beautiful reasons why I need to be healthy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ BLESSEDMOMMYOF5 14 BLESSEDMOMMYOF5
8/13/19 6:32 P
Today has not been a good day, but... you guys! Collar bones! #NSV VESTENRAIDER 14 DARCY-B
8/12/19 10:19 P
ENCOURAGE ME PLEASE. I've lost 40 pounds and have 10 to go -- my goal is by October 12. Thanks! RUTHIE254 214 QUIETDEE
8/13/19 6:45 P
I have made my own cool packs...1 part alcohol, and 2 parts water. In a baggie, and then another bag GGRSPARK 5 MIRAGE727
8/12/19 4:26 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!! Not my usual happy post, I just need to be real and may TEXASHSMOMOF3 69 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/13/19 6:47 A
I saw this on facebook in a group called Living Life to the Full - thought it might be helpful for s SWEETENUFGILL 8 GABY1948
8/15/19 2:00 P
Wonderful (challenging!) yoga class this morning - then a relaxed stroll back along the beach afterw SWEETENUFGILL 13 GABY1948
8/15/19 2:00 P
It was wonderful to wake up and WANT to run this morning! 6.71 km in 43.55 mins pace 6:32/km #ILove SWEETENUFGILL 17 MIRAGE727
8/11/19 5:31 P
If articles are repeats, why not let us know ? So many of these lately. GGRSPARK 8 7STIGGYMT
8/11/19 6:57 P
Did my run, st and stretching ✔ The knee felt fine. Felt a little discomfort the 1st half mile then KEEPITUP05 17 MIRAGE727
8/8/19 10:13 A
My 1st pick from the 2019 garden! About to make salad w/ bacon tomato sandwich. Happy Wednesday Spa PELESJEWEL 47 NANHBH
8/8/19 6:09 P
I kept my promise to myself and did my planned exercises when I got home from work. It would be SO e SWEETENUFGILL 6 GABY1948
8/8/19 1:52 P
I 'failed' on my intention to run this morning - but I did something worthwhile instead - hips & bac SWEETENUFGILL 8 GABY1948
8/11/19 1:03 P
Today we are beginning the book club, 100 Days of Weight Loss (on the team page) - and Day 1 gets us SWEETENUFGILL 14 GABY1948
8/9/19 2:09 P
Good evening.., pic from last night KEENA47 36 MIRAGE727
8/5/19 12:10 P
Day 1 for me. My starting weight is 203.6....my goal weight is 149. I'm a married mom of three and w DREDMON88222 70 MOMMACAT57
8/5/19 4:53 P
50 pounds off. Feeling amazing. Slow and steady pace wins the race. Started in February. SBROWNELL43 129 29WINEGAL
8/5/19 7:33 P
Bummed out! Had major reaction to antibiotics yesterday and didn't update spark. Now I am covered ACINRAW 5 URBANREDNEK
8/2/19 11:12 A
Good morning sparkers Day 585 processed sugar and gluten free. Fresh out of the oven! Homemade Or STEEPERSLOUNGE 26 HOLLYM48
8/3/19 8:07 A
No streaking for me this month! My August goals are to stretch way more and do more strength trainin KEEPITUP05 8 KEEPITUP05
8/3/19 9:16 P
I pushed myself out the door this morning - just half-an-hour. Of course, I loved it once I got goi SWEETENUFGILL 26 YMWONG22
8/3/19 7:39 A
Make the time! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 42 HOLLYM48
8/3/19 8:07 A
Good morning to my spark brothers and sisters! I’m so glad to have you all with me on this journey t NEEKEPOO 4 ALLYLIZZY
8/2/19 3:24 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!!! It’s Booty, Belly, and Boxing Day!! 🎉🎉 My favorite wo TEXASHSMOMOF3 22 MLR_00
8/3/19 8:39 A
Good morning spark family! I want to share that today is my birthday ..I'm 69 and blessed! I'm so g MHUMBERS1950 307 GMACAMI
8/3/19 2:07 P
I did it! 10 km trail run done this evening - fantastic evening - the rain stopped - it was beautif SWEETENUFGILL 31 MIRAGE727
7/31/19 11:59 P