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I look different then before my face and my skin my shoulder. This blouse fit. My stomach area look ANAGARCIA1991 16 TAMMYAND
8/12/20 12:04 A
8/11/20 3:19 P
Heyyyy sparkers! Today is the day! Today I reached my goal weight!!! #BeforeAndAfter MISSMONMON 280 BLOND1E
8/11/20 11:36 A
Garlic Butter shrimp for dinner. First time making them (Im not much of a cook) and I loved them 😊 HEALTHYJOJO77 18 DININA48MN
8/8/20 2:16 A
I so needed this reminder today. #inspiration #reallife MONTANAMEESH 16 _RAMONA
8/5/20 2:38 A
Had to share my delicious dinner from last night. Talapia on a bed of Spinach topped with sauteed be BARROW6 10 KATHYJO56
8/3/20 4:40 P
Incognito 😷😎 Smiling or not smiling?#COVID-19 SHIRLEYABAGWELL 11 ANNIEMAROO
8/3/20 2:40 A
T-shirt collection # 27 SPEDED2 26 ERIN_POSCH
8/3/20 12:57 P
Dinner - Chipotle Sofritas with black beans, veggies and guac!:)...I was able to get a half bowl for NAVYWIFESKI 14 CATWMNCAT
8/1/20 9:45 P
Yummy Thursday Breakfast ! Even better that the tomatoes are picked fresh 🍅 MELISSALYNN0323 17 MIRANDAM1986
7/23/20 2:18 P
Lunch - Turkey wrap, light mozzarella stick and fruit!:) 😋 Have a great afternoon!🌸 NAVYWIFESKI 17 GEORGE815
7/23/20 7:26 P
Breakfast for today of my 30Day Wellness Journey - please don’t judge , jus starting out !!🤨🙈 SHAREENIAM 16 GEORGE815
7/23/20 7:24 P
Bought a new top, in a medium! Didn’t know it was going to basically be a dress! But too hot for pan JANIMOEN 26 GEORGE815
7/12/20 3:07 P
Posted a photo AFWWTX 7 MIRANDAM1986
7/7/20 12:11 A
Dinner - Turkey Caesar Salad...while my husband has fried chicken. Mine is prettier!:) lol 😋 🌈 NAVYWIFESKI 12 FLASUN
6/25/20 3:32 A
Nothing gives me better energy than the salad! ASHLEY-ANN 13 TCANNO
6/24/20 11:29 P
Just ordered my first 2 piece in years. Gonna love my body now and keep working for the one I want. BMEIER2543 41 ALOHAALO
6/25/20 3:08 A
Message Removed CD24291603 10 BILLIELDANN1
6/21/20 1:48 P
Here's a pic of the dress I was trying to get into❤️ 6 year anniversary and it was an amazing day! TASHADSLOVE93 173 ADVENTURESEEKER
6/18/20 1:48 A
Quarantine Fun 🤣🤣🤣 That’s ONE way to do it!! Pssst..... did you remember the fancy Barnie’s flavo STILLSPARKLEIGH 88 FLASUN
6/17/20 4:54 A
Kind of wonder if his wife got my DH lol. EVIE4NOW 82 MDOWER1
6/16/20 3:15 P
Chicken and cheese quesadilla with a side of guacamole and sour cream from Chevy’s for lunch today. ALLYLIZZY 23 PCK12J
6/13/20 8:55 P
Even throughout all the chaos that has occurred ov MUSICLADY923 21 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/12/20 6:59 A
6/3/20 12:39 P
Posted a photo MIMAWELIZABETH 38 LIZZIE138
6/3/20 1:01 P
I made this for our snack for our 29th wedding anniversary yesterday DIZEIMAGE 31 DIZEIMAGE
6/21/20 10:42 P
I am, again, tired of all the bad news I see every time I turn on my T.V. So the television is off. PAMBROWN62 20 7STIGGYMT
6/2/20 2:46 P
So these photos make it REAL. THIS is the current shape I'm in! Was only able to walk 0.2 miles yest MARYTJM2609 307 SHELLLITA
5/26/20 10:55 P
Posted a photo BECCA_62283 9 GRAMMYEAC
5/23/20 9:13 P
Morning luvs from by big guy VEACHXCL 9 GEORGE815
5/23/20 2:49 P
My new workout shoes! They’re so comfortable, it feels like I’m walking on air when I wear them.😃 SIMPLYKEN32 14 AMYINTHEWILD
5/23/20 8:40 P
This is my new trike. Hopefully I will get back to my road bike! SISTAGAL57 22 GEORGE815
5/23/20 2:49 P
happy Memorial Day to all American sparkers TRAILWALKERJO54 10 1CRAZYDOG
5/23/20 3:45 P
You all... I've had a rough month but an even worse the past few days.. my husband nearly lost his l ANGELICMOMMA 28 NYLAURA1
5/23/20 7:49 P
It’s my baby’s 34th birthday and I baked this cake. I did try to eat less all day so I could get a NEEDBU66 17 GEORGE815
5/22/20 9:33 P
5/20/20 9:20 A
So I was trying to do a little core work on my mat when someone thought I needed some motivation... MMEQUEEN 13 EVILCECIL
5/18/20 8:55 A
First dinner since I've been back on my feet DEDICATED2ME32 20 CGARR442
5/19/20 10:53 P
Just a little wine with some little men😆 L1VEL1FE 18 L1VEL1FE
5/16/20 4:23 P
It’s not perfect, but I am proud of myself for staying up late last night after putting my toddler a SEPTEMBERGEM1 15 KAYDE53
5/14/20 1:39 P
Think I should get some sparkly hot pink jeans like my granddaughter??? L1VEL1FE 13 BILLIELDANN1
5/13/20 5:54 P
Posted a photo SBCABELL 238 KAYDE53
5/13/20 5:59 P
#transformationtuesday #BeforeAndAfter I started this journey (for the umpteenth time) on Sept 9, CATWMNCAT 91 SWEETGABROWN1
6/9/20 2:44 P
Married this amazing man today in Hot Springs! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! KIMMYP420 109 KIMMYP420
5/12/20 3:05 P
My sweet girl Maliyah MRSCOOP08 11 SNS1968
5/11/20 1:34 P
Throwback Happy Mother’s Day DIZEIMAGE 9 LULU0809
5/10/20 6:19 P
#7layeredsalad She is being super cool about cooking, cleaning, and the extra kisses that I am givin LEOS28AD 9 MIRANDAM1986
5/10/20 5:29 P
Happy Mother's Day to all members and loved ones. As much as it is Mother's Day, also is my Birthday EVANS1848 21 ALLYLIZZY
5/11/20 12:41 P
"The body is a sacred garment." I hated my body for so long. I hated my stomach, my legs, my thigh FIT4LIFEANNE 22 NORTHIRISHGIRL
5/13/20 11:07 P
Such a cute face! ALLENJOSEPH 24 _RAMONA
5/7/20 12:29 P
5/4/20 5:34 P
Message Removed CD6044162 18 GMACAMI
5/3/20 9:37 P
5/3/20 3:47 P
Message Removed CD24291603 33 JER-BER
5/3/20 8:47 A
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 18 MOMMACAT57
5/1/20 8:29 A
Daisy back on her favorite perch lol. Happy he's h DEDICATED2ME32 12 CGARR442
4/29/20 10:12 P
Message Removed CD24291603 13 FITWITHIN
4/28/20 5:53 A
🤫SHHH..... ❤️☕️ and scrolling zone!! No peopling before second cup 🚫🗣 #pleaseandthankyou 😉😂 STILLSPARKLEIGH 87 JER-BER
4/28/20 8:56 A
Some how I lost a day this week. All week I was 1 day behind. Brought a whole new meaning to a day EVIE4NOW 26 MIRANDAM1986
4/26/20 6:47 P
A friend and her husband went to the store. They were standing close together talking. A woman cam KPINAZ 23 GMACAMI
4/26/20 10:00 P
I laughed waaay to hard at this! 🤪 CINDY247 83 LILIANN400
4/26/20 4:38 P
4/26/20 10:01 P
#sidebysidesaturday #glowup #agingbackwards #wwcanada #healthyinsideandout #healyourmindtohealyour DOUBLELSMOM 35 JRDUPREE
4/26/20 9:35 A
4/26/20 9:58 A
Fuel is Key!! Be true to your body. Think before it makes a spot on your palate..🤔is it what my bod KSUE43 15 EVIE4NOW
4/25/20 12:07 A
We had a chick hatch last night! 💕🐣 MIRANDAM1986 15 GEORGE815
4/22/20 4:48 P
Therapist: "How have you been coping with Quarantine?" Me: (as I quietly keep carving tiny swords to DXTECH 10 MOMMACAT57
4/21/20 2:28 P
~ A little humor for The Day ~ Tee hee hee hee CINDYMOMMAS 23 FAITHP44
4/21/20 5:24 P
I baked two banana bread loaves last night. I made the one with walnuts for my Dad. ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 34 SILVAS7
4/23/20 7:47 A
Well I did it. I hit my weight goal of 150 today a COOKWITHME65 30 JESSIEHOGWARTS
5/10/20 2:05 P
50th anniversary yesterday, spent in COVID19 isolation with my best friend. Lots of online celebrat _KATHY 52 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/20/20 11:04 P
Steak, Garlic filled Baby Bellas, Roasted Green Beans, Sweet Potato & Wine... Doesn't get much bette CATWMNCAT 24 TMP0418
4/20/20 9:10 A
Watching my kids ride their bikes. 🌞 MIRANDAM1986 5 GMACAMI
4/19/20 9:05 P
When you're craving Chinese food and the only restaurant you like is closed till May 1st... CATWMNCAT 24 CATWMNCAT
4/19/20 9:46 P
GREAT time for home improvement projects!! DIANEDOESSMILES 34 WOMANOFLOVE
4/20/20 10:09 A