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Looks like I'm not the only one trying to get all my ducks in a row. CARLOSLAKELAND 41 TOMSGAL85
4/26/21 6:41 A
Posted a photo FEISTYGAL64 12 YANNIGJ
4/12/21 5:41 P
I'm still NOWHERE near my goal weight of 160 🤣. I'm pretty sure I'm still up around 210 🤣. However KOBRIEN13 105 JEN-JENG
3/26/21 9:01 P
Some Bunny 🐰 (named Rudy 🤨😂) thought we needed to walk while it is still cold and cloudy!! Oh wel STILLSPARKLEIGH 33 CD17809303
3/21/21 7:51 A
I hope antibiotics make me feel better. I have absolutely no energy. My nurse came by yesterday my l LIVINGLOVINLIFE 24 1STBUCKETITEM
3/20/21 3:25 P
3/19/21 6:14 P
We’ve been waiting all day for this and now it’s finally ready... Corned beef and Cabbage with potat ALLYLIZZY 31 1STBUCKETITEM
3/18/21 3:25 P
If you pray, pray for us in the South today! Going to be a rough ride. I didn't even know there was BIRDLOVER-CJ 17 GRLTAZ
3/18/21 10:42 A
Celebrating Hubs 73rd trip around the sun... told him he could have ANYTHING he wanted for dinner an CATWMNCAT 60 BECCAWEBB123
3/18/21 6:43 A
3/14/21 6:09 P
HIT GOAL!! GONE 118 lbs!! Please see my blog I DID IT!!! I've HIT GOAL!! GONE 118 lbs, a VERY HAPP DIANEDOESSMILES 70 NVRGIVINGUP
3/13/21 10:36 P
These are puppies! Not fried chicken or doughnuts! 😂 JANIMOEN 32 DESERTDREAMERS
3/11/21 7:18 P
#BeforeAndAfter BETSYBOO41 116 SKEETSGAL
4/9/21 10:43 P
Do breakfast turned out better than I expected! Quarter cup of oats with one egg a little almond ext KRISTIN1868 35 SUMMERTIME20
3/10/21 7:27 P
So excited to be down 77 pounds in my journey! 2 m LOSING_FOR_LIFE 64 PWILLOW1
3/10/21 10:34 P
Kids are so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We don't have room for exercise equipment really so my stationary bik EMVARGO 9 YOGA1973
3/10/21 4:53 P
“NO more walks Moma” 💤💤💤 😆🤣 Enjoy Your Eve Friends 💛✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 31 PCK12J
3/10/21 7:13 P
Celebrating with JOY my 9 months alcohol free (AF) milestone (soon to pass my longest stretch of 277 HEALTHY4LIFE360 195 GRANDMABEAST63
3/9/21 4:27 A
Me at my highest weight until now. SHELLYNMCD 65 DESERTDREAMERS
3/5/21 8:37 P
I'm not quite this bad... but close lol. EVIE4NOW 12 JULIEA7201
3/6/21 12:00 P
Decided to cut all my hair off. There was so much damage and breakage from dye. Starting anew along WRITERSQUIRREL2 40 CATWMNCAT
3/4/21 10:53 A
3/15/21 6:33 A
Oh such a late start today!! Got so involved in housework and then ended up outside cleaning my poo DM2020 41 ERIN_POSCH
3/4/21 12:43 P
3/1/21 10:55 P
MonSLAY!!! This one’s got it ALL! New month AND new week full of possibilities! Set your healthy int STILLSPARKLEIGH 28 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/2/21 7:01 A
2/27/21 11:30 P
🤭 giggle Hope your day is going well. DXTECH 28 SILOBEND1
2/26/21 2:42 P
A different kind of THANKFUL Thursday Post!! I am so, so, SO grateful for the laughs we share here! STILLSPARKLEIGH 108 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
2/27/21 10:30 A
Joke time: A cement truck collided with a police car carrying prisoners. What did the police do? The TWIGBISKIT5 13 PATRICIA-CR
2/26/21 3:39 P
My beautiful tortie, former foster feral Fiona, has transitioned to being free to roam in the house. MIMAWELIZABETH 16 PATRICIA-CR
2/26/21 3:38 P
What is your hobby? Something you do for fun? #goalfeats DISCIPLINE1979 6 CHERIE38
2/25/21 8:57 A
We had 4 eggs hatch 🐣🐥🥰 MIRANDAM1986 38 _RAMONA
2/24/21 10:27 P
Chicken Apple Smoked Sausage w/ Sauteed Apple & Onion in Crepini Egg Wraps... Mmmm, mmm😋 Happy Hump CATWMNCAT 30 NAVYWIFESKI
2/24/21 8:05 P
I woke up from the weirdest dream. I was at the gr DISCIPLINE1979 10 DISCIPLINE1979
2/24/21 2:20 P
Happy Wednesday! This is another Ukrainian sunset, but was taken during a trip in 2013. REDEEMED_DANCER 27 GMACAMI
2/24/21 1:47 P
The SUN was out here today 😁☀️❤️✨ Enjoyed every minute of this wonderful day and capped it off with STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 DWROBERGE
2/24/21 6:16 P
My birthday today! I have been drinking water almost entirely for the past year or two, but today I BIRDLOVER-CJ 38 WHITECAT19
2/24/21 8:32 P
This took about 18 months to finish. At least better than a bag of chips to keep my fingers busy NEEDBU66 80 TRIMNUP
2/24/21 8:54 A
Posted a photo GOGETTER78 73 TRIMNUP
2/24/21 8:56 A
🤔 Hmmmm... this is an EASY ONE! I choose to B-HAPPY!!! Ain’t Nobody Got Time for A-Misery 😂 I shal STILLSPARKLEIGH 62 MIMIOH
2/24/21 6:30 A
#monslay #nevermissamonday So my old device did not count zone minutes... but I feel this is accurat STILLSPARKLEIGH 47 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
2/27/21 10:33 A
Drove south over the weekend to find some sunshine and dirt. Had to go all the way to Alabama....and B_RAZORSHARP 20 AMYINTHEWILD
2/23/21 9:22 A
My A1c is finally NORMAL 😀 WALTSGIRL2015 8 MJ7DM33
2/22/21 10:56 P
Spouse stuffed a whole branzino with cilantro, dil MSMOSTIMPROVED 23 GYNGER12
2/23/21 9:34 A
Some before and afters. MALINDAS78 98 MARCOSTYX
2/23/21 6:33 A
Working really hard to stay on track and avoid binges. I had an urge twice in the last two days whil MBULLARD48 22 MBULLARD48
2/23/21 8:44 A
Up and at ‘em Spark People!!! The new week is here and we got stuff to do!! #goalfeats✅ #moveit 👟👟 STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 AZMOMXTWO
2/23/21 5:33 A
What a cute little boy dog. He wanted to say "hi." Mr. Zand OPTICALXILLUSIO 31 KAYDE53
2/22/21 3:23 P
Late post...Pinto beans with smoked pork neckbones #SundayDinner UBOWLES 14 FURRYMOM1
2/22/21 2:40 A
My brunch. Breakfast burrito, Sargento pepper jack cheese stick, a bunch of grapes, strawberries, an SBLACKWELL93 23 GEORGE815
2/21/21 5:54 P
Lunch is serve ..Fish fried in the air fryer and a salad .. MIKESHAY2427 13 STRUBELISA
2/20/21 6:50 P
Still a ways to go but making progress OCMOMOF2KIDDOS 42 JANELEO
2/19/21 9:42 P
My youngest little girl turned 16 today! We spent the day making memories, and a funky frog cake. 🐸 MIAMI_LILLY 60 AMYINTHEWILD
2/19/21 3:00 P
Hey y’all!!! Things are still crazy! Cold, no water, so many people without electricity!! I’m goo TEXASHSMOMOF3 48 MLR_00
2/20/21 8:02 A
haha Finally a race I have a chance of winning. 🏃🏾‍♀️ JOHOPES 31 HMMRHEAD5000
2/18/21 11:14 P
#BeforeAndAfter I know there are a ton of people going to say that having weight loss surgery is th SCALLAHAN31 40 TROUBLTROUBL
3/22/21 7:29 P
Words of encouragement! :-) BIRDLOVER-CJ 11 WHITECAT19
2/18/21 8:39 P
Posted a photo DIVIANN0122 17 JLPEASE
2/18/21 11:32 A
Cuddling with your favorite buddy makes a cold, dark day better. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 35 PATRICIA-CR
2/18/21 3:53 P
3/15/21 6:35 A
It’s official...more motivated to loose those pounds to rock that dress! MITCHETR192 69 MIRANDAM1986
2/17/21 12:25 A
A dose of blue sky and sunshine from me to you :) ZOOMTHOM 12 TEEDEE911
2/17/21 12:28 A
You ever seen a lazy snowman?! 😂 only my husband! 😂 SPOKENWORD 16 JOYCEHARRIS3
2/17/21 6:40 A
Eating lunch outside on the patio today, getting my daily dose of Vitamin D. Enjoying the sun while MIAMI_LILLY 30 HOOAH19761
2/17/21 7:30 A
It’s snowy and cold in Alabama...not usual for us. We feed birds and squirrels when it’s this cold. FRANVIC 9 FRABBIT
2/16/21 7:22 P
I'm celebrating. The sun came out in NE Alabama! BCHITW1948 4 GEORGE815
2/16/21 4:49 P
Homemade chicken quesadia for lunch WALTSGIRL2015 15 GEORGE815
2/16/21 4:35 P
Good morning 🌞 MIKESHAY2427 8 MIKESHAY2427
2/15/21 2:55 P
@ALLYLIZZY I think my chickens think it's spring too! Lol MIRANDAM1986 30 MIRANDAM1986
2/14/21 4:42 P
Pic of my Self-Love Bath, filled with epsom salt, HIGHVIBEHEALING 16 ALLYLIZZY
2/14/21 11:22 P
My granddaughter made me a personal card yesterday! MZADAMS 23 MIRANDAM1986
2/14/21 9:17 A
Hope everyone is having a good weekend 🤗 DXTECH 18 MIRANDAM1986
2/13/21 8:45 P
Sign of the Times #153 SPEDED2 73 LIS193
2/14/21 4:29 A
Got my water in.........9 cuppers. Had a good day today in spite of the rain, and chilly weather... DARLENEK04 21 WHITECAT19
2/14/21 8:37 P
I needed to be reminded of snoopy s advice tonight have a good rest friends and lets hav SPARKFRAN514 32 GARDENSFORLIFE
2/13/21 10:39 P