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100 pounds!!! NANLTHOMPSON 20 LOOTJE69
12/6/19 1:07 P
I do not know how people get up to more than 8 or 6 cups a day. I do not understand it... #h2whoa BECCALOU09 13 BIGRENTMAN
10/8/19 8:09 A
10/9/19 3:32 A
3 pounds to go. I'm trying to think up a good, cheap reward for 100 pounds total released. NANLTHOMPSON 10 BARBIEIAMNOT
10/16/19 9:34 A
10/23/19 1:51 A
Took our young dog for a walk in the woods today. She enjoyed. Wife is exhausted. I'm in pain. But i NANLTHOMPSON 9 NANLTHOMPSON
10/1/19 4:19 P
Took our young dog for a walk in the woods today. She enjoyed. Wife is exhausted. I'm in pain. But i NANLTHOMPSON 3 RYCGIRL
10/1/19 7:27 A
Yesterday, my Bella girl had a severe seizure. I had a long talk with the vet and my wife and made t NANLTHOMPSON 153 MADEINBRITAIN
9/29/19 6:18 A
Worried about my Bella dog as she seems to be more confused this evening, and she's collapsed again. NANLTHOMPSON 24 NEW_CATS_MEOW
9/26/19 11:19 A
I bought 4 candy bars to support my coworkers son, and immediately gave them to my other coworkers b ELISE15615 28 ALLYLIZZY
9/22/19 12:06 P
I haven't been on for a couple of years and want to get restarted so just stopping in to say hi. KLM1956 13 LUSHKA64
1/19/20 8:54 P
Good morning everyone one 2 years ago I weighted 416 as of today I am weighing 212 I have lost 204 p BROWNBUNNY43407 131 _RAMONA
9/22/19 12:44 A
Do you Track on Spark? SEAGLASS1215 129 RENEETRU6
6/1/20 9:07 P
I do so well during the daytime not eating junk. But at home in the evening is when I have my cravi BOOJE4 5 NEW_CATS_MEOW
9/19/19 1:47 P
Made the yummiest body butter yesterday with cocoa butter, shea butter, vanilla bean-infused oil, an NEW_CATS_MEOW 10 JAMER123
9/19/19 10:13 P
Hi, just starting back after falling completely off the weight loss wagon. Do most of you try to sti TWINSMOMMY2009 9 RED-LICORICE
9/19/19 1:44 P
I realized that I lost weight everyday for a week, but then my weight loss has plateaued for the pas WENDYMALLETTE 11 KOALA_BEAR
9/16/19 5:33 A
Hello beautiful people. I accidentally stumbled upon this site. In 2015 I was a healthy weight (I lo MELISSAW79 14 ALLYLIZZY
9/15/19 11:18 A
I've eaten barely half of my calorie intake for today as is the case everyday. But continue to gain FRUSTRATEDFOREV 10 LAURAFOOTE
9/14/19 10:15 A
I have only 1 friend. He doesn't like fat people and I continue to gain 2 lbs per week instead of lo FRUSTRATEDFOREV 12 LAURAFOOTE
9/14/19 10:13 A
Here we go again. It's 2:12 am. No sleep for me. anybody else not sleeping again tonight? WILDKAT781 15 JAMER123
9/13/19 11:56 P
I've done all the challenges multiple times, not perfectly but moving forward anyway. But I do wish BOOKNUT52 6 TABATHA_CAIN
9/13/19 7:03 A
Challenge met #foodfeats NANLTHOMPSON 5 CHESTER47
9/12/19 9:09 A
I'm having trouble getting myself to buy in, again. I had success for a long time, then life got in EMBEEONESIX 17 PLCHAPPELL
9/11/19 5:16 A
Down first -100 pounds 340 to 239.8 JOE_ANNE2 149 HEALTHYMOM241
9/11/19 8:29 A
Took the 1st step today and signed up for Sparkpeople! BIRDIE930 7 GEORGE815
9/9/19 3:22 P
It's noon and I have over half my step goal completed. NANLTHOMPSON 5 RYCGIRL
9/9/19 9:38 A
Spent a few hours with the family walking around an animal rescue centre in Kent this afternoon. We NANLTHOMPSON 4 CYNLUWHO
9/8/19 8:03 P
3 more pounds! I am now 1 pound away from being downgraded from obese to merely overweight! So pro NANLTHOMPSON 12 ALLYLIZZY
9/7/19 12:16 P
Sept. 1 - Sept. 7, 2019 EDWARDS1411 4 NANLTHOMPSON
9/7/19 5:22 A
Birthday this month? FLRED12 10 YIGOBUTTERFLY
11/7/19 3:58 A
Weather at Home & Sparkpoint spin outcome! CAJUNBUCKEYE59 7002 ARTJAC
6/1/20 6:48 P
September 2019 Chatter Box EDWARDS1411 19 SHARONCAPPS
9/23/19 11:54 A
New to the team? Please introduce yourself HERE-- KASEYCOFF 193 KLBAUSSIE
4/16/20 9:32 A
Omg! How do you guys manage to eat more then 3 fruit or veggie servings a day?? ...let me rephrase MARIAAT160 8 MARIAAT160
9/7/19 2:10 A
I just bought new underwear not even a month ago and they are starting to get baggie. So I went to s DEBYDOINGIT 26 NEVAPATE3
9/4/19 8:12 A
Two older boys went back to school yesterday, youngest goes back today, final son goes back on Monda NANLTHOMPSON 9 TABATHA_CAIN
9/4/19 7:04 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 100003 SBURDEN
6/1/20 10:25 P
I did it!! I hit my goal weight this morning!! I have lost a total of 77lbs in 10months! ESCHRUFER 157 MSHREVE6
9/1/19 3:23 A
Weigh in week 1 I lost 2.5 pounds this week! I am both happy and satisfied because meal prepping an VANESSACHILDS88 11 ALLYLIZZY
8/31/19 12:24 P
Lazy Saturday after a busy week NANLTHOMPSON 2 YMWONG22
8/31/19 8:12 A
Back on board, I will beat this diabetes, need to, it's getting worse, so no choice, bring on the ch 1990REDELAINE 8 RED-LICORICE
8/31/19 2:25 P
I want to move... All my body aching and it feels so difficult to just convince myself to make that MSFIGGY 15 MSFIGGY
8/31/19 4:01 P
Starting weight 66kg Goal weight 57kh ICAND0ITT00 22 GEORGE815
8/30/19 2:15 P
Today's adventure. We took the four boys to Chessington World of Adventure for the afternoon. Roller NANLTHOMPSON 5 FLUTTERFLI
8/29/19 3:40 P
Back to reality...time to get a grip and lose some weight. I have 9kg to lose.. goal weight by end ICAND0ITT00 15 ICAND0ITT00
8/28/19 4:46 P
Good morning spark world! It's going to be another hot day. I'm enjoying the stillness and bird song NANLTHOMPSON 14 TABATHA_CAIN
8/27/19 6:37 A
Finished up a busy day with a bbq. The missus made potato salad and sliced, boiled beetroot, plus ch NANLTHOMPSON 6 MADEINBRITAIN
8/26/19 5:30 A
I struggle getting past Water #3. So today I am going to be more mindful about getting 7 waterbottl KC-JEN 5 NANLTHOMPSON
8/25/19 4:01 A
I’m eating a cabbage soup that I made three days ago and I need some suggestions as to what to go wi JIMIPAGE29 9 GOODGETNBETR
8/25/19 3:46 A
Had a walk through the lab experiment, rat maze known as Ikea this afternoon. No clue on steps as my NANLTHOMPSON 4 MADEINBRITAIN
8/25/19 4:19 A
Booya I walked away. Still had food in my plate but wasn't hungry anymore and left it. Usually finis DEFENDERDARKSUN 3 GEORGE815
8/23/19 8:38 P
Today, I adapted my grandmother's chicken noodle soup recipe to make it vegan and added lots of vege NANLTHOMPSON 6 FLUTTERFLI
8/31/19 7:16 P
Day 9: I think I need to track my food again. It really makes a difference. Tomorrow. JRAFANAN 12 ORTATK
8/23/19 7:39 A
I always do so well during the day. I eat healthy and exercise. My downfall is eating at night while TAMMYWES 34 TAMMYWES
8/28/19 1:33 A
I buggered it today eat far too much wrong stuff APRILANDANN7 15 CHERYLHURT
8/23/19 6:00 A
I made this delicious Chinese inspired soup for our lunch today. Cabbage, tofu sheet knots, enoki mu NANLTHOMPSON 17 MADEINBRITAIN
8/23/19 4:17 A
It's not babysitting when it's so much fun. Our infant nephew is coming round today for a play while NANLTHOMPSON 11 _LINDA
8/22/19 5:54 A
I just signed into my old account today :) hoping to find an accountability buddy as I get going on NZAAHWAY 10 STACYDICK1981
8/22/19 7:05 A
I have never posted on here before but I'm so very proud of myself today. I started 3 years and 3 m POOLEYBREN 245 POOLEYBREN
8/22/19 4:34 P
Sitting with my littlest for a few more minutes as he sleeps, then off to prepare for bed myself. Go NANLTHOMPSON 2 MNABOY
8/20/19 5:03 P
Got my water in, filled my bottle twice #h2whoa NANLTHOMPSON 11 CHESTER47
8/21/19 9:06 A
Today is National Thrift Shop Day! Did you TS today? LITTLEREDHEN8 6 NANLTHOMPSON
8/20/19 4:16 P
Took time to meditate out on my dad’s porch, while the sun rose over the barn... LESLIELENORE 32 CHERIRIDDELL
8/21/19 2:02 A
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 21 CD3659419
8/20/19 8:20 A
Going to avoid the scale and just enjoy being able to breathe in my favorite shorts 😏🤣☺ ROCALOCABRUSH 62 ROCALOCABRUSH
8/20/19 2:40 P
9 glasses so far and still a few hours before bed. #h2whoa NANLTHOMPSON 8 MADEINBRITAIN
8/20/19 4:07 A
Sauteed veggies with lunch 🥕🥦🍅 and tacos🌮 for dinner with yummy fresh vegetables 🥒🍅🥬🥑 plus b KITNKABOODLE89 6 LAURALLANCE
8/19/19 7:06 P
Sauteed courgettes, onions and gnocchi with pesto for dinner tonight. #eattherainbow NANLTHOMPSON 11 MADEINBRITAIN
8/20/19 4:06 A
Menu planning had been done for the week. #foodfeats NANLTHOMPSON 7 PHATPAT18
8/19/19 8:33 A
Birthday Girl! Officially 40. ARIAS1111 21 FISHGUT3
8/19/19 11:00 A
What is for supper tonight? VEGFAERY 384 KNYAGENYA
8/19/19 8:16 A
Water #1 Late start however it is a start : ) #h2whoa KC-JEN 5 RDCAGAIN10
8/18/19 3:18 P
Happy Sunday, this is a cloudy day here but my garden needs the rain. Have a great week Spark buddi ORTATK 5 PLCHAPPELL
8/18/19 7:23 A
Cigarette free for 8 months! :D 1EVIL_ANGEL 32 1EVIL_ANGEL
8/28/19 2:38 A