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Be Grateful for every blessing the universe has and will ever create for you. Blessed Sunday to eve GRANDMOTHER20 8 OHIOPHYL
7/5/20 9:46 A
Walked uptown and sitting at the coffee shop before going home. Having my first cup of coffee this m AUNTRENEE 11 OHIOPHYL
7/5/20 9:41 A
Had such a wonderful day yesterday celebrating the 4th with my son his wife and my granddaughter she NEVERTOOLATE4ME 33 HOLLYBARKER1
7/5/20 11:21 A
Ran a bit (a little bit but still) on my morning walk IAN2409 5 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/5/20 9:48 A
I'm back and the pic is our Grandson and my Husband. NATASHA_D1 41 ALLYLIZZY
7/5/20 1:48 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 21 OCIKAT
7/5/20 11:21 A
I am proud & grateful to be an American. 🇺🇸 NANHBH 6 BANEWLAND
7/5/20 10:38 A
Happy Independence Day🇺🇸 Starting the day with a Red, White and Blue Overnight Oats Parfait Have CATWMNCAT 40 GRAMMY065
7/5/20 2:12 A
It's 54 degrees in the high desert. NEPTUNE1939 5 DGRIFFITH51
7/4/20 8:36 P
Stopped at the farmers market and got Spring Rolls for lunch. The colorful bits are edible flowers.. LESLIELENORE 60 MARYJOANNA
7/5/20 5:07 A
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 4 FISHGUT3
7/4/20 12:56 P
Have a great day. Let’s not forget the true meaning of the Holiday. We are the land of the Free be MOM2TURTLES 10 QUADCMOM
7/4/20 10:38 A
7/4/20 11:19 A
Posted a photo POSEY440 8 BANEWLAND
7/4/20 10:20 A
Keeping cool in the heatwave so far. TWEETYKC00 5 PICKIE98
7/3/20 2:33 A
Well today I turned 38. Totally failed on counting calories today, buy I'm still gonna make sure I g KATENUNYA2 49 KATENUNYA2
7/3/20 8:52 A
Ribeye Pork Chop w/ Habanero Pineapple Sauce, Green Beans and Sweet Potato Hope you are having a g CATWMNCAT 22 NAVYWIFESKI
7/3/20 7:50 A
I guess summer has arrived😂 I just wish the humidity was a little higher. HAVASUROSE 10 QUADCMOM
6/25/20 9:37 A
I cid some housework for a half hour #moveit 40NOW2007 6 CECELW
6/25/20 10:37 A
Hello Thursday. Had a beautiful little visitor stop by for a munch. I think his attitude portrays ju DXTECH 14 GMACAMI
6/25/20 1:50 P
Good morning. Enjoy the beauty of nature today. This was my favorite part of the morning. 4.5 miles DENYECE 24 GMACAMI
6/25/20 1:48 P
Not "feeling it," but claiming it. Happy Thursday. RAERAERAE62 18 ALLYLIZZY
6/25/20 12:04 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 17 ALLYLIZZY
6/25/20 11:58 A
Breakfast oatmeal blueberries almonds and chia seeds ENNAZUS176 11 DIANER62
6/25/20 11:22 A
Another great workout this morning. I did 3.33 miles this morning. Love getting it done before sunri FITWITHIN 3 QUADCMOM
6/24/20 8:54 A
did my exercises today #fitnessfeats TURQUROISE 3 MSMOSTIMPROVED
6/24/20 12:39 P
Mama Mallard and her little ones on my walk this morning. BDJOHNSON 29 GMACAMI
6/24/20 11:50 P
4 down. 4 to go #h2whoa CKEYES1 3 BIGRENTMAN
6/24/20 12:16 P
Short walk around campus before doing outdoor animal stretches with my daughter for girl scouts. The K_BRADLEY1 28 TINA19686
6/26/20 3:04 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 22 HARROWJET
6/20/20 9:47 P
Going to use my sisters pool today to do water walking! JOELLEN69 7 QUADCMOM
6/20/20 9:21 A
Good morning how do I add friends on here that don't have Facebook? SMURFET4227 3 QUADCMOM
6/20/20 9:20 A
It's a new day. It's a good day to have a good day. SPARKLYEYES71 4 QUADCMOM
6/20/20 9:16 A
Drinking coffee on the front porch over looking the lake. The good life! ❤️ SHIRLEYABAGWELL 14 GEORGE815
6/20/20 1:15 P
I'm my way to the gym MUSHER2003 4 GEORGE815
6/20/20 1:15 P
Having fun with mom on our little vacation! GARDENCHRIS 12 MADEINBRITAIN
6/21/20 4:46 A
6/19/20 1:04 P
Going camping tomorrow, all food is logged for three days including s'mores! I have a plan and I pla CARRILU 11 PICKIE98
6/19/20 10:06 A
70...10k bike ...."...training in the wet..skin is water proof, no excuses"😁 ....team mate on it... SURFTOSEA 11 GEORGE815
6/19/20 9:16 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 23 KRISUA
6/20/20 4:00 P
Stay close to people who feel like sunlight. – Unknown MASTERCARE 11 GEORGE815
6/19/20 9:15 A
Going swimming at the lake! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 19 GABY1948
6/22/20 5:09 P
Day 94: went into town and (finally!) got registered at the town hall, we now officially live here � LIS193 8 SPEDED2
6/17/20 8:46 P
Was a good day for a country drive. ALIFEUNGRAINED 6 BOB5148
6/17/20 5:54 A
Posted a photo BJSIMPSON 9 BLUE7684
6/17/20 6:44 A
I got the peddles at a thrift store for about 4 dollars. I am going to try and use them every day fo IMALOSERNOW 29 GIRLINMOTION
6/17/20 8:59 A
Good morning! I’m so excited this morning! I am only 1 pound away from my first goal! Walking and wa KARENR317 17 KARENR317
6/16/20 10:49 A
4 down. 4 to go #h2whoa CKEYES1 5 BIGRENTMAN
6/16/20 10:57 A
Workout started at 5:18 this morning. Walked 2 miles and jogged 1 mile this morning and 20 minutes s FITWITHIN 11 NEWRUNNERCLARE
6/11/20 1:50 P
Amen to this! MISSYDEE65 14 KAYDE53
6/11/20 10:52 A
Every ounce counts. Down 2 lbs!!! MUMDEEDUM 4 QUADCMOM
6/11/20 8:25 A
Had a leak and the plumber came. It turned into a much larger problem, doesn't it always. Well, we ORTATK 5 RECOVERYMAMA
6/12/20 11:05 A
I'm wearing a junior medium shirt that's so amazing. Not saying I can fit that size, this shirt just JASMINEGETFIT 41 JASMINEGETFIT
6/11/20 3:01 P
I know it's not a long time but I have been logging in for 6 days. Lost 3 pounds!!! I'm trying for BLUELADY5 4 QUADCMOM
6/11/20 8:21 A
Had a beautiful 3 mile walk yesterday VICKI27655 26 GARDENCHRIS
6/11/20 12:17 P
Keep the Roses Going PURPLEROSE414 13094 BUTEAFULL
7/3/20 7:55 P
Keep the Ladybug on the first page!!! BONNIEBEE 14931 PATJOONWW
7/5/20 10:41 A
Post Something Red! MUGSYMOM 25979 PATJOONWW
7/5/20 10:38 A
Post something orange ANHELIC 50 NASFKAB
6/8/20 10:46 P
7/5/20 11:26 A
The weather is beautiful and I will be going out in my yard, as far as I can go with this quarantine ORTATK 5 SPEDED2
6/8/20 11:39 P
Today Donald goes back to work after being home for several weeks because of COVID-19. I will miss h QUADCMOM 7 GABY1948
6/9/20 2:20 P
I'm back. Why do I ever leave? Around this time last year I hit onederland. My lowest I got was 197. NDSTOIC44 5 GEORGE815
6/8/20 1:07 P
Back to Spark, support and motivation appreciated!! Thanks!! 4MIANDMIAMOR 6 ORTATK
6/8/20 9:02 A
walking the dog this am #fitnessfeats LOSEWEIGHT1212 9 BILLTHOMSON
6/9/20 7:34 A
We should not doubt that we will be able to lose weight. I saw this statement today: I need to bel RGDYANN 5 ALLYLIZZY
6/8/20 12:29 P
I think my mailman is stealing my Nigerian lottery checks. DAN1964 5 GEORGE815
6/8/20 12:52 P
It's 33 degrees in the high desert. NEPTUNE1939 7 DGRIFFITH51
6/8/20 9:36 P
7/4/20 1:35 P
Keep the pumpkin on the first page! MINDYJ1 10269 PATJOONWW
7/4/20 9:40 A
what are you drinking right now? RENE333 70144 PATJOONWW
7/5/20 12:05 P
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 87314 JUNEAU2010
7/5/20 10:23 A
Keep the grapes on the first page MINDYJ1 14384 JUNETTA2002
7/5/20 12:52 P
Stop by and leave a smiley... DAIZYSTARLITE 60744 PATJOONWW
7/5/20 10:48 A
Got 4 down in the last hour woot-woot! #h2whoa KYKIM2020 4 GEORGE815
6/7/20 5:08 P