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Made this delicious shrimp noodle salad for dinner. Fresh and nutritious! Let loose too much last we SHLEE24 12 _RAMONA
2/25/20 1:27 A
Hungry Girl’s “Let’s Get Drunken Noodles”.. only 132 calories and 6.5 grams of fiber!!! ANGELAM1980 12 EEJAA70
2/24/20 7:30 P
I finally decided it's time to start walking. Not too bad considering the last time I intentionally CANDLES9103 9 EEJAA70
2/24/20 7:30 P
I'm still here and plugging away! Week 2 of strength training at the gym. Feeling good! Getting th DOUBLELSMOM 47 DININA48MN
2/25/20 3:15 A
Made this lentils and smothered greens over toast for a fibrous and delicious lunch today! SHLEE24 22 SHLEE24
2/24/20 10:25 A
I wouldn't mind another cup right about now... 😃 #magicbeanjuice #mbw #procaffeinating SURFIE 28 PATRICIA-CR
2/20/20 10:35 A
Scale jumped today without reason but sticking with it. Za’tar fish and Chips from Bon Appetit magaz SHLEE24 17 _RAMONA
2/18/20 1:48 A
I've been in the gym 5 days a week, I eat less than 1400 calories a day, my carbs are 135 gram per d PINKIM61 18 PINKIM61
2/21/20 7:24 P
Back home after work travel and even though I am so tired, needed to use my groceries. This is turme SHLEE24 13 JULESFORD
2/7/20 1:06 P
Starting fresh again after a few months off the wagon. Going to try the Mediterranean Diet and start SHLEE24 15 _RAMONA
2/3/20 2:29 A
Deconstructed zucchini manicotti. Still working to lose the five lbs I’ve gained this summer and the SHLEE24 13 CHEIVOUS
8/12/19 11:16 A
After two months of eating whatever I wanted and not working out, I gained 5 lbs back. Ready to reco SHLEE24 6 CHEIVOUS
8/5/19 12:19 P
June 2019 1 Mile a Day Challenge MOMIN09 5 SHLEE24
6/18/19 11:02 A
Happy Father’s Day!!! I’m down 118 pounds!! I was even bigger before I started losing weight. My fam LINZY7 59 ALLYLIZZY
6/17/19 2:26 P
Got a great run in today and made this healthy grilled swordfish with tomato and oregano and a side SHLEE24 6 CHEIVOUS
6/17/19 10:09 A
Got a run in after work and made some super healthy grilled salmon with lemon sesame dressing and a SHLEE24 11 CHEIVOUS
6/14/19 2:01 P
Healthy dinner after a quick run after work tonight. Had a few weeks of not being great but I’m back SHLEE24 21 CHEIVOUS
6/12/19 10:07 A
HI! I'm ready to do this For Real! MYYEAROFACTION 7 EBERKSHIRE86
1/28/14 10:34 A
Day 1! Feeling good! SHLEE24 2 APRILMILLE227
1/20/14 11:39 P