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Back in school, watching my food, and exercising. I want to be a healthy student!πŸ“šπŸ€“πŸ˜ TDCABAL45 20 PBVHCCVH
9/18/20 4:25 A
Hi all!! I am still doing yoga, watching what I eat, and intermittent fasting. Been doing more stret TDCABAL45 18 ALLYLIZZY
4/9/20 12:25 P
Well, I know it's not a good excuse but life threw TDCABAL45 13 TDCABAL45
4/8/20 5:33 P
I'm starting over again. SP was great in losing weight years ago, but then years of pain and many MYCLARITY2020 22 XREPHA
4/8/20 8:00 P
Sixty years ago tonight, my husband and I were married. We are celebrating quietly together and more BONIFIANT 209 JOANHAGEMIER
4/10/20 12:35 A
spinach, green pepper, strawberries, mandarin orange, lentils, kidney beans, cabbage #eattherainbow GREYGIN 9 TOCONNER
3/27/20 6:39 A
Sometimes, ya just gotta jump for joy! I am happy. I am healthy. β€œWhen you come out of the storm, yo J2002HEIDS 11 KHALIA2
3/27/20 9:37 A
Went on a brisk walk today while the kiddos are sleeping. Beautiful weather in Colorado. Still fasti TDCABAL45 29 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/10/20 9:06 P
2.5 miles walked to get a BP check in. Textbook perfect! And enjoyed the cold, crisp sunshiney day. -POOKIE- 82 KITT52
3/7/20 2:20 P
Day 2 of fast...lifted and tracked...in all honesty I'm good!!!😁😁 Hope all of you beautiful people TDCABAL45 3 _RAMONA
3/6/20 2:32 A
101lbs gone for good #BeforeAndAfter KARSON1999 207 CHRISBEM
3/9/20 11:32 A
#eattherainbow Ok, I had broccoli, beets, avacado TDCABAL45 15 ALVEDAPERO1
3/5/20 9:34 P
The Journey Continues... #BeforeAndAfter SIMPLYKEN32 117 TDCABAL45
3/4/20 8:24 P
#BeforeAndAfter Like I said before, February has been hard. But, looks like I hit my goal of 295 by NESSA5210 141 TDCABAL45
3/4/20 8:23 P
#BeforeAndAfter Down 24lbs today! My shirt is a 4X that only just fit 6Mo ago and now is showing too DEDICATED2ME32 68 ICECUB
3/21/20 4:44 P
Still making gains after a bum knee and week of cake!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #straightOUTTAplanetfitness #BeforeAndAf ARISISHELLE 14 TDCABAL45
3/4/20 8:18 P
Keep moving forward πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ”₯ #BeforeAndAfter KSUE43 12 TDCABAL45
3/4/20 8:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter Before picture is actually from 12 yrs ago, but about the same weight CATWMNCAT 37 TDCABAL45
3/4/20 8:16 P
I was diagnosed with diabetes at 20 years old. I’m almost 35 now, so it is definitely something I am SIMPLYKEN32 26 HUNNIBEE003
3/5/20 9:44 A
I have sushi for lunch and two bottles of water. I tired get the healthiest sushi I could.... never CAREESEMARIE92 13 EVIE4NOW
3/4/20 11:24 P
My food...tastes so good after a fast!! Yes there is one egg!! TDCABAL45 13 _RAMONA
3/4/20 11:51 P
Blood work came back LDL a lil higher than she would like & HDL is perfect. Doctor says to eat a he CINDY247 31 PATRICIA-CR
3/5/20 11:10 A
Fasting for brunch! Went on a walk and did random knee highs ...of course with a jacket...πŸ™„ Have a TDCABAL45 7 S_MHANCOCK
3/4/20 12:30 P
It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want too 😭! 34 Years! I remember a time when I couldn't wait to WILD_ONE 141 CHERRYZMB60
3/3/20 5:45 P
#trackingcomplete for today RCLYKE 2 TDCABAL45
3/3/20 3:27 P
We have a new addition...Bella Joy...8 weeks old. This is 3 lbs. I don't mind adding to my life...LO MURRELLS 36 PWILLOW1
3/3/20 9:59 P
All year I have been struggling to workout and eat right. I haven't been perfect but I stuck with it TDCABAL45 9 TM403J
3/3/20 5:36 P
Another blooming rose. πŸ’– ALLYLIZZY 33 PCK12J
3/4/20 2:07 P
#BeforeAndAfter Good morning sparkies 🌞 It's tr TMP0418 207 ROSALIE28
3/4/20 5:41 P
Card making fun! Do something with your friends!! TDCABAL45 11 DENISE_RE
2/13/20 10:10 A
Turkey stuffed with apples and pears. Healthy is good!!!πŸ˜‹ TDCABAL45 13 EVIE4NOW
2/13/20 12:31 A
I didn’t think there was much difference in how I looked, but 33 lbs lost and now I am seeing the di PLUTO12RSH 24 LE_SIGH
2/12/20 11:14 A
I’ve hit the 100 pounds gone mark today at 101.4 woohoo! I also officially got all my bloodwork to n GINGERMONKEY21 169 DOOMIMSEE
4/30/20 9:37 A
I have even more reason to want to loss weight. My youngest daughter just had her first baby on 10/2 MZMYA7 60 CD12282919
11/4/19 7:20 P
Keep going everyone! If I can you can! πŸ’—πŸ’‹ #BeforeAndAfter DOUBLEBOW 123 DOUBLEBOW
10/31/19 2:37 A
Thought of the day... RHOOK20047 16 REGILIEH
10/28/19 2:20 P
Posted a photo TEMET-NOSCE101 23 MUDDYFOOTS
10/28/19 9:37 A
Busy day today. Got up bright and early to walk my favorite park. It was so relaxing. I kept up with FIREBRTHR 10 MCFITZ2
10/28/19 2:36 A
At 12 years old, my son still likes to cuddle with meπŸ’• AMYMBUNCH 23 AIYANASMAMA
10/28/19 12:38 P
10/27 do not remember where I found this... I think it was a facebook posting, No. it was an email 75HEALTHYME 32 JAMER123
10/29/19 10:13 P
When your old workout clothes start to fit again!!πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ 50 lbs down this year and the year isn’t SIMPLYKEN32 34 LILIANN400
10/28/19 9:33 P
I had a very busy weekend and didn’t track anything. Here’s to another day one tomorrow. Also here’s MEGHART1120 17 GIANTOCR1
10/28/19 7:02 A
Having a hard time finding motivation in myself, so I made this side by side progress picture. Two m LADYDECEMBER 71 ARNETTELEE
10/28/19 12:08 A
10/23/19 12:08 A
10/23/19 10:27 A
Hello Everyone ! Just recently joined. I am 42 years old and starting eating clean and working out 3 TINAFIT2019 10 TINAFIT2019
11/21/19 10:13 P