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Dog walk half mile with ivy LOVEABLELORRIE 14 RUTHSHEPHERD1
3/3/21 1:54 P
3/3/21 1:48 P
Newest family addition of my grand niece. After the death of my Mom, a beautiful continuation of li SISSYFEB48 8 RUTHSHEPHERD1
3/3/21 1:51 P
A week ago I was told to make changes for my heart and I DID!! I cut my sodium way down, am on a med DIANEDOESSMILES 31 SUSANLEUEN
3/3/21 2:04 P
#BeforeAndAfter SHERRYDONALD3 163 JUNETTA2002
3/2/21 9:48 A
I got an old Austin. It is doable WNCGIRL 9 JAMER123
2/14/21 10:49 P
Walked 81 miles this week and got my exercise cals in early TCANNO 13 PICKIE98
2/15/21 11:49 A
I bought some food grade diatomaceous earth several years ago ... 50 pound bag. I have spells if tak WNCGIRL 10 LIS193
2/8/21 3:40 A
Happy Super Bowl Sunday Sparkers! Excited for the game. Enjoy your day! 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 19 DEE107
2/7/21 8:40 P
Grandpa love. Our two month old grand daughter brings love and healing into our lives at this chall RUTHIEBEAR 154 NEWNANCY2012
2/9/21 6:54 A
Today, I turned 50!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. You’re only as old as you feel, and I’m not sure MIAMI_LILLY 252 AQUAGIRL08
2/8/21 7:48 A
I got engaged!!! IAMSTRONGER87 184 FURRYMOM1
2/3/21 8:28 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 37 JAMER123
2/1/21 10:12 P
It is almost noon and I am still in bed. Just lazy today. Snow on the ground WNCGIRL 10 LYN135
2/2/21 9:02 A
Message Removed CD26111793 7 GEORGE815
1/27/21 4:29 P
Good morning fellow Sparkers! Usually I try to have something positive to say every day. However we NAVA2021 20 OPTICALXILLUSIO
2/4/21 10:54 P
So, I just gained over 100 steps on my Fitbit by p CLSYLADY 18 CBRINKLEY401
1/28/21 2:19 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Y’all know I’m completely open and honest and I kee TEXASHSMOMOF3 130 AQUAGIRL08
1/28/21 4:57 P
I gave myself a pedicure today. I feel like I did 100 crunches. Only the older women will understand WNCGIRL 27 KATHYJO56
1/26/21 6:22 P
Yesterday in nature preserve! We had 1/4 inch of rain the night before & lot's of clouds! Lucky us! SPARKLINGME176 26 GMACAMI
1/25/21 8:16 P
256.5 back in mid July. and 216.5 this morning--even after a week of overeating. Maybe I just had to HMKITTEN 117 BLOND1E
1/29/21 8:49 A
Slipped under 150, and now I'm 3.6 pounds from my goal weight! Well, my first goal anyway. I'd still SHERIMBECHTEL 217 PURPLEMOON1
1/23/21 6:32 P
What activities do you enjoy OUTSIDE? PIROULINE 16 WNCGIRL
1/23/21 1:40 P
1/23/21 1:38 P
1/20/21 11:35 A
First day back at Spark. Looking forward to getting back on track. SUZQ45 9 WNCGIRL
1/20/21 11:00 A
Slow going here today....we loafed today. Went for a short drive but since gas has gone up 50 cents DARLENEK04 17 GMACAMI
1/18/21 1:16 P
Yesterday I post a photo of a couple friends and I at lunch. I admitted to indulging. The response w UASK4ITDAVE 13 SDJESS77
1/17/21 9:37 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 13 GEORGE815
1/12/21 3:29 P
It’s my 29th Birthday today!!! 🎂💕🌟🎂💕🌟 ALLYLIZZY 198 RUSTY720108
1/14/21 3:01 P
I finally got Covid. I am quarantined for the next few days. WNCGIRL 18 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/13/21 11:16 P
Your only limit is your mind. You can do it! Happy Healthy Sunday! GRANDMOTHER20 23 TM403J
1/10/21 3:36 P
Sitting here at Kaiser Permanente waiting for another covid-19 test I had a fever of 100 last night HOOAH19764 86 FRABBIT
1/10/21 3:19 P
2/16/21 5:30 P
1/3/21 1:36 P
I sat through church this morning starving. I had only 1/2 of a no bake cookie for breakfast. I was WNCGIRL 11 JAMER123
1/4/21 11:44 P
Our little angel, bringing us hope in this New Year. I hope we all have a blessed SUnday. RUTHIEBEAR 169 MADEINBRITAIN
1/4/21 5:31 A
Love yourself, forgive yourself.. be compassionate. But JUST get out of the fridge. Go into another WNCGIRL 8 JAMER123
1/3/21 9:26 P
Accountability... I will do this. January goal wei NAVA2021 163 DESERTDREAMERS
1/2/21 7:45 P
2/5/21 2:55 P
My hubby bought me 2 exercise outfits. Sports bras and matching shorts. The bras fit and the shorts WNCGIRL 6 JAMER123
1/2/21 9:55 P
Happy New Year WNCGIRL 11 LIS193
1/2/21 4:37 A
2020 Chat Room CHANGING-TURTLE 19 DEE107
1/4/21 9:42 P
I have been gone for 3 days. My longest off streak. I am back now. WNCGIRL 14 JAMER123
12/24/20 12:10 A
I have to keep reminding myself that I have already lost over 30 lbs- but I’ve been stuck for a whil IENJOYSOUP 26 FUNAFTER45
12/27/20 8:13 A
3/3/21 12:43 P
Posted a photo HARROWJET 20 LAH1222
12/2/20 11:33 P
Skeletal at 89 lbs. I knew it was time for me to start trying to keep meals down. It's been a few da OPTICALXILLUSIO 22 HAZEL2278
12/3/20 3:13 A
I'm going to work on this earlier today since I didn't meet my goal yesterday. Fighting! #h2whoa BONNIE1552 18 WNCGIRL
11/29/20 9:09 P
Had that kind of day yesterday. If I saw it, I wanted it. Changing directions today. Step back from BONNIE1552 28 WNCGIRL
11/29/20 9:08 P
Diet Soda...Yay or Nay? DIZZZY_BLONDE 1882 MARYJOANNA
3/3/21 5:26 A
I may have gone a little overboard buying apple sauce 😂😂 between my boyfriend and I it'll be gone MICHAYLERS 28 STARS2000
11/18/20 8:43 P
I am making pumpkin and home made biscuits for breakfast. Just a bit of sugar in the pumpkin. No but WNCGIRL 14 PICKIE98
11/16/20 5:21 P
Black beans, brown rice, jerk chicken breast,1 cup of kale which is my 2 servings because I’m still MSMOSTIMPROVED 22 KENNAN123
11/14/20 10:37 A
Lost 114 pounds! 35 pounds to goal weight 😁 KGUSHUE 48 PEGJW111
11/14/20 9:55 A
We have our food pantry to on Saturday to help our community get ready for Thanksgiving. Excited and GARDENSFORLIFE 24 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/14/20 8:29 A
Willpower keeps slowly going down. Mom (who I live with part time) bought all sorts of bread and cak HMKITTEN 10 ALLYLIZZY
11/11/20 9:32 P
Goal.. Eat an apple a day. I lost it along the way somewhere. Has anyone seen my apple? WNCGIRL 10 PICKIE98
11/13/20 10:55 A
I was driving to work this morning when a deer ran out in front of me and hit my car. I am okay but BOMBCHELL23 26 75HEALTHYME
11/11/20 6:49 P
It was super cloudy here in Florida today, we had spirts of rain, so the humidity was high. When the NOLAHORSERIDER 2 WNCGIRL
11/10/20 9:31 P
Posting. Goal met . Ate within my calories WNCGIRL 7 JAMER123
11/10/20 10:34 P
12/7/20 11:27 P
I am in the back room of our house watching CMT. I had forgotten how much I like this channel WNCGIRL 4 JAMER123
11/8/20 10:26 P
49.4 pounds off and just hit my first big goal. I am just under 300 pounds! Seeing that 2 in the sca LADY_RIANY 103 JLPEASE
11/7/20 3:21 P
Catching up on sleep and exercise. WNCGIRL 3 JAMER123
11/8/20 10:25 P
Someone brought doughnuts for work today. Last time they did that I ate 3. Today I switched for oatm WNCGIRL 13 PICKIE98
11/7/20 3:23 P
Yummy yet low cal Fresh Blackberry smoothie 1 c 2%milk XSmall banana Ice Dash cinnamon UNAMARIPOSITA 16 RYDESKS
11/6/20 12:03 A
One more day of work then I’m off. Waiting for a response for a new job or two. 1st time I’ve ever b ANNETTEYB 8 HAZEL2278
11/6/20 1:54 A
Keeping it nice and simple for lunch today. A good ol’ PB&J sandwich and a sliced Granny Smith’s app SIMPLYKEN32 19 KEEPITUP4LIFE
11/5/20 8:13 P
Today's results . . . JAMESEVER 10 KAYDE53
11/5/20 10:12 P
Here in NC we were lowest covid numbers for a long time. People here paid no attention and now we ar WNCGIRL 17 PICKIE98
11/6/20 4:03 P
Today I just felt like eating too much--wish I hadn't, but some days are like that. I did have heal KRISTAPOO 7 CARBY220
11/4/20 10:28 P
7 consecutive days of walking 3 miles/day and 10,000+ steps/day. SALTLIFE45 5 RETAT60
10/29/20 10:43 P
Just joining again CHARBOURESSA 3 WNCGIRL
10/29/20 6:10 P
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 40078 MOTHERBOARDER
3/3/21 11:58 A