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Feeling sexy BLANCAROMERO4 22 TM403J
2/15/20 5:22 P
Good afternoon spark friends. I hope everybody's having a wonderful day. Great day for a hike here i CARLOSLAKELAND 29 TEXASHSMOMOF3
2/17/20 12:10 P
2/13/20 2:06 A
Sarah's Journal SARAHPPP 74 GWYNANNE1
2/26/20 7:00 A
Reading Brain over Binge WHITE-2 3 WNCGIRL
2/7/20 6:49 P
My girls made this cake for me for my birthday. I don’t know, but I’m thinking she’s got some mad sk MIAMI_LILLY 89 CHEIVOUS
2/8/20 9:05 A
Have a good sleep. WNCGIRL 9 JAMER123
2/6/20 11:37 P
I have introduced my friend RRKICKER to SPARK. We are gonna do this. Goals every day. She is in the WNCGIRL 8 HAPPYDAZ1
2/6/20 1:06 P
It can be done! KTRIBE808 7 WNCGIRL
2/3/20 6:47 P
Did you exercise today? MOMTOLJ 72 MOMTOLJ
2/25/20 9:30 P
Oh wow... Starting to actually feel nice in my new shape :D It's worth the effort :D one month #befo HAPPYKITTYNZ 26 NVRGIVINGUP
2/5/20 8:28 P
Struggling. Lots going on, but I am not letting go! Headed to the mountains for a week with my hubb GRAMMY065 16 GABY1948
2/5/20 4:17 P
Hour commitments JOL1KEY2BOL3 8291 JOL1KEY2BOL3
2/26/20 8:24 P
Planned on going to Planet Fitness today 🏋🏾‍♀️🌎 but just couldn’t do the whole get in the car, sh DEBORAHLEE82 20 DEBORAHLEE82
2/3/20 7:57 P
I made myself and hubby a fruit smoothie today. WNCGIRL 7 1BLAZER282005
2/3/20 9:08 A
Recovery from TKR is painful, but going well!! Eating healthy, doing my PT, Sparking! -KARMA- 18 SILVAS7
2/6/20 8:30 P
Post an emoticon to show how you feel! :) CAROLINAGIRL69 77 CAROLINAGIRL69
2/26/20 3:37 P
First week and 6 pounds down! Now that’s a start! 😁 BAMAWHITEDOVE 122 GREENIETEANIE
2/7/20 12:45 P
Good lunch today. WNCGIRL 9 7STIGGYMT
1/31/20 3:57 P
This morning I had one of those dreams that i just couldn't get my alarm to turn off. Turns out i wa UASK4ITDAVE 8 FANMAN1968
1/30/20 2:38 P
That butter I had for supper made me over my calorie limit today,. WNCGIRL 15 HAPPYDAZ1
1/30/20 1:15 P
1/28/20 9:08 P
Today's calendar day. MOMTOLJ 5 MOMTOLJ
1/26/20 2:38 P
1/27/20 5:24 P
2/15/20 9:40 P
Message Removed CD17767663 6 BEACHCOMBER16
1/27/20 3:37 P
I would have reached my calorie limit today but I chose to have a second helping of pasta at dinner. WNCGIRL 8 JAMER123
1/22/20 10:43 P
Hurting all over my body. I have a little cold. I am not running a fever. WNCGIRL 18 CAROLINAGIRL69
1/23/20 6:17 P
Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions.” WNCGIRL 12 7STIGGYMT
1/18/20 10:52 A
Recovering SP my surgery on my leg. If I rode a horse I would imagine it would feel like this WNCGIRL 9 MINDFUL-C
1/18/20 4:32 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! I’m here! Everything’s fine just trying to figure TEXASHSMOMOF3 99 MADEINBRITAIN
1/17/20 5:41 P
Getting my legs fixed. Theses varicose veins have been a real problem. And notice the ulcer. I hope WNCGIRL 35 MADEINBRITAIN
1/17/20 5:42 P
2/22/20 5:14 P
Tackling Dreaded Tasks MLAN613 170 GABY1948
2/23/20 5:43 P
I went on a bike ride. 45 minutes of mountain biking. My heart beat is good 145 WNCGIRL 10 HAPPYDAZ1
1/13/20 12:08 P
It’s my 28th Birthday today!!! 🎉💖⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 306 LILIWHEELER
1/14/20 11:45 P
How do you measure your progress RBTURTLE 175 MISSLORI5
2/24/20 10:24 P
Good morning SPARKErS. Have a wonderful day. Let's loose that pound this week. WNCGIRL 11 MADEINBRITAIN
1/13/20 4:47 A
This day last year I found this app and boy did it MISSYJ0507 198 DARLENEDIXON2U
1/17/20 11:08 P
2/13/20 6:10 A
Last night I realized i was "late". Went to the store and this is the result. Im going to try to kee DVSBUNNY 211 ARNETTELEE
1/7/20 6:41 A
Work out In the yard today.. raking WNCGIRL 11 7STIGGYMT
1/6/20 6:33 P
Point from the spinning UNSURE 23854 BUTEAFULL
2/26/20 9:41 P
A longer walk this morning, it was nice. My phone decided to uninstall my map my walk app half way WINTERRAIN 19 TERMITEMOM
1/4/20 9:01 P
I bought a big bunch of bananas and eat one a day. It is so much healthier for me than to eat a saus WNCGIRL 6 JAMER123
1/4/20 9:51 P
Challenge week 01/01/20 - 01/08/20 MOMTOLJ 5 MOMTOLJ
1/3/20 10:39 A
326.2 new weigh in. Decided to only weigh myself once a month this year as to not go crazy. Now th DEDICATED2ME32 17 CGARR442
1/2/20 9:56 P
Have a wonderful day. WNCGIRL 12 GEORGE815
1/4/20 4:53 P
One step at a time RVRGYPSY 13 MOMTOLJ
1/5/20 6:55 P
1/4/20 7:13 P
There are so many people ready to start the new year with this app. Let's commit to staying on here WNCGIRL 10 GEORGE815
1/4/20 4:57 P
My Christmas photo from this year. I believe '20 is my year - my year to reach a couple of my major LEOWENS73 6 CHEROKEE1946
12/31/19 9:52 P
💥Selfie for Self Esteem💥 That is my arm. In that arm is a concealed weapon. In 2020 I will be wor FIREBRTHR 19 SURFIE
1/1/20 8:02 A
Selfie for self esteem. I put makeup on today, but I somehow look more tired! Haha SARAH-AGAIN 10 TEXASHSMOMOF3
12/31/19 11:28 P
I have 10 minutes more of exercise to meet my goals for the month and the year. Did 30 on the treadm WNCGIRL 12 7STIGGYMT
1/1/20 4:35 P
Have a great and awesome day!! Happy new year! WNCGIRL 8 JAMER123
12/31/19 11:13 P
2/26/20 11:42 P
Show how you feel with Icons each day! SPIRIT_ANGEL 8418 DESERTDREAMERS
2/26/20 11:43 P
Eating my apples and drinking my water. I have a pt that eats an apple and drinks a quart of water a WNCGIRL 14 WESTERNSAGE
12/30/19 2:48 P
I have never had such a flat stomach. I do have some loose skin, but it's not that bad unless I am c FREETJE123 119 EVIE4NOW
12/29/19 12:30 A
If you know me you know sugar and wheat are my kryptonite. As long as I don’t taste any-moderation d CONNIET88 17 _RAMONA
12/28/19 3:17 A
daily weigh-in CHRISMCD99 40 RONNIE150
2/10/20 7:59 A
2/23/20 9:36 A
Good morning Sunday! Be a blessing to someone today. WNCGIRL 8 JAMER123
12/22/19 10:09 P
Gained about 5 pounds around Thanksgiving, but have lost it again. Got my haircut today too. That's JANETEMILY 22 ALLYLIZZY
12/21/19 1:59 P
We had a great staff party today. I did not over est. I had a lot of brocoli WNCGIRL 34 PICKIE98
12/21/19 2:56 P
I had 581 steps to resch my goal so I got myself out of bed and walked . Goal met WNCGIRL 11 7STIGGYMT
12/19/19 4:18 P
What Fruit or Vegetable Do You Like? ~ Emoticon. CD18014705 1424 LINDA719
2/26/20 6:56 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 41 POGIRL17
12/18/19 11:46 P
Change up the routine SWEETCANDY75 22 ALLYLIZZY
12/14/19 1:12 P
Login Points MOMOFMANY70 27334 BUTEAFULL
2/26/20 9:42 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 18 _RAMONA
12/13/19 10:48 A
Loving Friday. I am on call this weekend. WNCGIRL 7 JAMER123
12/13/19 11:46 P
I have somethang to share few months ago I weight 233lbs I will be weight my self tomarrow but right CHRISTAFORSHEY2 25 HAPPS819
12/12/19 7:20 A
Pork chop, pasta and eggs. Yum! My man knows how to cook!!! KIMMYG420 20 L_DROUIN
12/12/19 2:45 A