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Being Covid responsible while getting healthy groceries JOHNGLOVER211 22 BAILE1MA
7/6/20 9:31 P
Seen a white deer WHATHE4311 18 GRAMMYEAC
7/6/20 9:36 P
First pan of okra from our garden. I stir fry it until it’s past it’s the slimy stage with just a li KPINAZ 7 LIL-VIXEN
7/6/20 8:09 P
My first batch of Pico De Gallo made@from tomatoes and cilantro from my garden KIMBERAKA 13 ALBERTA119
7/6/20 8:31 P
Look what came in the mail today! So excited for t HUFFELPOWELL16 9 LEAMERS7780
7/6/20 9:12 P
Posted a photo RUBELLA 10 LAH1222
7/7/20 12:00 A
Thai Peanut Soba noodles for dinner. Soba noodles are gluten free since they are made with buckwheat MIAMI_LILLY 17 SURFIE
7/7/20 6:32 A
I finally received a Keto breath meter. Today is Day 8. Meter says I’m in full ketosis. I pretty muc DRINKALOTH2O 2 XNANNY
7/6/20 6:48 P
Skinnytaste Broccoli Beef with cauliflower rice. Delicious!!! πŸ˜‹ KCTORI 9 LAH1222
7/6/20 11:58 P
Red Flag Points Posted Here! XNANNY 1133 XNANNY
7/6/20 6:16 P
Red Flag Points XNANNY 2465 XNANNY
7/6/20 6:15 P
7/6/20 6:13 P
Welcome to Fat Kick July 2020 Trivia SUNNYWBL 18 SUNNYWBL
7/7/20 12:47 A
Didn't really feel like exercising today. But i got some in today. Got 20 minutes on my pedaler, 10 SBLACKWELL93 8 GEORGE815
7/5/20 4:27 P
Filling up on water! Have a great day. #h2whoa STARGLOW77 4 2BDYNAMIC
7/5/20 7:10 P
Hubs had pizza for lunch... 1 lg slice of pizza or all this... Which would you choose? CATWMNCAT 24 1BLAZER282005
7/6/20 8:25 A
Brunch SUGARAE_1 14 KWOOD1955
7/5/20 4:22 P
drank my ginger water today. It's blind stinking hot outside today. i'm staying hydrated #h2whoa CECELW 7 NHALSEY310
7/5/20 7:14 P
i did all but one. I never prep meals for tomorrow. I change my mind to often #foodfeats CECELW 5 MSMOSTIMPROVED
7/5/20 9:31 P
most feats met #goalfeats CECELW 3 GEORGE815
7/5/20 4:25 P
rest day today #fitnessfeats CECELW 6 LAURALLANCE
7/6/20 8:45 A
When your husband makes your salad! πŸ˜‹ SPOKENWORD 22 ALLYLIZZY
7/6/20 1:32 A
Lunch time! Just got back from a local farm. Tuna wrap with hummus, baby bel cheese, peppers, cucu GGAFFNEY 15 GEORGE815
7/5/20 4:13 P
I didn’t track my calories yesterday because it was a holiday, but I tried to pay attention to my po UMBRELLA 6 PINKTHUNDER
7/5/20 4:39 P
It was a lovely day on the beach. RELAXED. SUMMERTIME20 9 TLL0103
7/5/20 4:24 P
Did more puttering than hefting boxes today, one last bookcase to move and then it’s knickknacks and LESLIELENORE 14 ROCKYCPA
7/6/20 10:20 P
Red Flag Points Posted Here XNANNY 690 XNANNY
7/5/20 2:39 P
Enjoy the holiday weekend TONYLOBRUTTO 2 XNANNY
7/3/20 5:25 P
it's hot and sticky out there. Fruit and veggies were the "go to" treats #eattherainbow CECELW 5 RALPHDB
7/5/20 12:13 A
Veggies, now Rain, thunder! #eattherainbow TOMATOCAFEGAL 4 RALPHDB
7/5/20 12:13 A
It’s replacement time!!! Feeling an easy shake for dinner to get my balance πŸ’šβ€οΈ ✨2 scoops Arbonne KSUE43 3 XNANNY
7/3/20 5:22 P
7/3/20 11:22 P
πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ my new Vitamix! I bought it yesterday and have been having fun making delicious smoothies. I KBJB89 4 JULESFORD
7/3/20 6:44 P
Bwahhaaa.. Wishing Everyone A Safe Holiday Weekend!! ALOFA0509 17 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/4/20 8:38 A
Wishing a safe and happy 4th to all the Sparkers in the US OBIESMOM2 7 ATHLETELORI
7/3/20 5:24 P
Welcome to Fat Kick June 2020 Trivia Challenge SUNNYWBL 47 SUNNYWBL
6/30/20 12:49 A
2nd time through on the #FoodFeats challenge and I am 4/7 right now - woohoo! On the first time thr ZIRCADIA 5 METAFUKARI
6/24/20 7:47 P
Starting again today. 349 pounds. 5 feet 9 inches. #BeforeAndAfter VERUKAS71 24 HAZEL2278
6/24/20 2:12 A
OMG, it felt so good to get back out there! I was going to shoot for a new record today, but realize RUNNINGRAFE 8 KAYDE53
6/23/20 9:40 P
#BeforeAndAfter Feels good to see progress. STRESSYEATER 16 ARNETTELEE
6/24/20 5:04 A
Breakfast for Dinner! CATWMNCAT 32 MSTINA0519
6/24/20 7:56 A
I want a t-shirt that has this on it! Ha ha ha ha RUNNINGRAFE 2 XNANNY
6/23/20 7:40 P
Lunch Tuesday Warm kale and beet mix topped with homemade hummus (just okay; should use a recipe ne OOLALA53 14 GABY1948
6/25/20 10:28 A
My son and I went for a ride to Roan Mountain Tennessee. We planned on going to the rhododendron gar RAMONA1954 10 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
6/25/20 2:00 P
Great on the calories and I worked in a good walk too. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 3 XNANNY
6/23/20 7:34 P
lots of steps in with laundry day here. TWEETYKC00 3 PICKIE98
6/28/20 1:02 P
Woohoo long evening swimπŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’›πŸ€ΈπŸŠ GREYSONGREYBAE 5 ELSCO55
6/23/20 9:25 P
#PremiumWorkout XNANNY 5 RETAT60
6/23/20 12:31 A
Feeling pretty and motivated today HUFFELPOWELL16 18 EVIE4NOW
6/22/20 11:08 P
First rainbow that I've seen in a long time. It ma MBLANKFORD 24 VIRGINIAGIRL
6/23/20 4:30 P
My secret to surviving the workday. I always keep one hidden in my desk and have 1 square when the a STARDROP42 13 GEORGE815
6/22/20 10:55 P
For the first time in forever I drank 3 liters of water πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§ HUFFELPOWELL16 4 EVIE4NOW
6/22/20 11:16 P
Loving the skin I'm in πŸ’š CANNAWRITER2020 5 NENEBFIT
6/23/20 7:23 A
Went to water my garden... and found my lettuce GONE! Some inconsiderate little critter helped himse SOUTHERNMOMMA74 8 EVIE4NOW
6/22/20 11:15 P
I am brand new here!!! Looking forward to getting healthy and feeling better about myself... I need BUTTERCUPWINX 8 EVIE4NOW
6/22/20 11:14 P
101f...keeping work outs to min to keep from overheating. Lots of water, lots of ice snacking lol. T DEFENDERDARKSUN 5 GEORGE815
6/22/20 10:56 P
6/23/20 12:06 P
Day 232 - 🌦️. Walk/jog, core and upper body workout, 3 of 10 dumbbell tricep extensions, 35 wall pu CSEGUIN2 8 GEORGE815
6/22/20 10:55 P
Father’s Day is a double edged sword; I cherish every moment with my son and hope to be a shinning s RUNNINGRAFE 19 ANNIEMAROO
6/22/20 1:26 A
Kinda new to this JULIJULINN 5 TOMORROW-C
6/21/20 11:47 P
Short walk this evening followed by mini yoga session. My phone was dying so I had to cut my walk s SHEILASANFORD20 16 _RAMONA
6/22/20 1:44 A
Last July, my glucose was well over 400 and my doctors were concerned I was heading for a coma becau OBIONE686 16 MISSPIGGEY
6/22/20 1:55 A
Great new yoga video for lower back pain #fitnessfeats MSMOSTIMPROVED 3 CKEYES1
6/22/20 8:24 A
New bottle is super for goals #h2whoa #h2whoa MSMOSTIMPROVED 9 KESTRYLL
6/22/20 1:43 P
Lunch tacos, supper ground turkey stuffed burger, rice and veggies. Got a great hike in today too! KIMMYP420 16 SILVAS7
6/22/20 12:20 A
I sang at a special Fathers Day service at church this morning. A pot luck followed so no cooking f KPINAZ 7 DIANER62
6/21/20 11:56 P
Did you say the "Our Father" today? -RESAMARIE 12651 ELIZACG9
7/7/20 10:30 A
I ate 5 Fruits & 5 Veggies today. #eattherainbow PATRICIAANN46 5 TOCONNER
6/21/20 11:38 A
Happy Summer!!! 🌴🌴🌴 The picture on the left was taken this morning, and the picture on the right ALLYLIZZY 39 PCK12J
6/21/20 4:04 P
I drank 9 cups of water today. #h2whoa PATRICIAANN46 5 CHESTER47
6/21/20 10:05 A
My Pumpkin loves baths, all I say is Let's go take a bath and she runs and jumps in the tub DIANER62 30 ALLYLIZZY
6/21/20 3:14 P
Fitness Feats are met. #fitnessfeats PATRICIAANN46 6 HAPPYSOUL91
6/21/20 10:01 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 10 BILLTHOMSON
6/21/20 6:48 A
6/20/20 10:15 P
Yardwork and family time today JWINKSLLC 3 XNANNY
6/20/20 10:15 P