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5/21/19 6:31 A

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About planning. I suggest that we define our goal like for me it's to be at a healthy weight of 140 pounds. Now this is overwhelming for anyone to lose over 100 pounds! So my next step was to break it down by months. It is reasonable and doable to lose 5 pounds a monthIy. If I lose more well YEAH?! I will not aim for more so that I can't achieve my goal and get discouraged....
My next step is what am I willing to do to achieve my goal weekly? First I weigh myself the first of the month in the morning. So from the 1rst to the 7th I will do 1. 2 and 3. A big one for me was drinking water! I drank tea, milk coffee, pop but water, nawww. So I started with a glass a day. After I mastered this and was easy to do, I up my goal to 2 glasses a day. I'm now at 5 going on 6. I quit pop and replaced it with water. I drink a glass when I get up, one with breakfast, one in between and one at lunch, Then another in the afternoon and one at dinner. Now working on one in the evening.
I also weigh-in every Sunday morning and change my weight tracker on Sunday.
I have a set of dishes with large bowls and big plates. Well I bought 2 smaller bowls and plates for DH and I. This way, the plate doesn't look so empty lol Whatever works, right?

Enough about me. How do you work you're healthy eating plan?

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2/17/19 6:26 P

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Great postand good advice.

Linda-Missouri (CST)

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4/2/18 9:08 P

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This is such a helpful encouraging post! It makes you stop and think!

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4/1/18 7:53 A

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What a great post. Thanks for sharing.

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4/1/18 6:56 A

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Excellent ideas, I will have to think on this.


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3/31/18 7:57 P

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Wise words from a friend of mine:

You have goals... goals that define who you are! As you know, successful people follow their plans and keep updating their plans to achieve their goals! The question I have for you today is... how often do you change your plans ...updating the path of success to achieve your goals!

Think about it! When you first started in Spark People or even before Spark People did you set out to lose weight for a specific reason only to find out that the original plan didn't work for whatever reason? Answer me this...1) Did you do anything at that time to get your plan working again or 2) did you find out the reason why the plan didn't work or 3) did you just continue on your way figuring that everything would work out on it's own... If you chose door number 3 BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Wrong answer but thank you for playing the home game!
If you chose door #1 or door #2 CORRECT! and well on your way to a lifestyle change because you are keeping your lifestyle change on track and you're working towards your goals!

You need a plan to find success. You need to find a plan that works for you and not stay ridged when you need to correct the plan to stay on track! Every person is different and every person needs an individual plan in order to succeed to their ultimate goal! If someone told you that if you ate a half watermelon daily to lose weight, you could lose lots of weight if you stayed with the diet... However, My wife has allergies towards watermelon and would end up in the hospital if she consumed even one piece! This diet could kill her so... It's not a great choice... see what I mean!

Wanting success changing to a new lifestyle isn't sufficient enough to get it. You've got to ask yourself, "What are you going to do to get the things you want."

How are you going to go from where you are now to where you want to be. Define the goal you intend to reach and carefully plan how you are going to get there! Also define some of the pitfalls that you may run across... like chocolate cake, cookies, pastries and the like and plan how you are going to handle such problems to stay on track!

Create visual reminders if you are a visual person to help stay on track... like don't forget your medication, have you exercised today?, or how about don't forget portion size (This is my personal favorite) It a poster I have hanging in my kitchen to help me stay on track!

You cannot fail with a definite step by step plan, because each step you take will carry you along to the next step until you reach your next goal...Then it's time to make new plans steering you towards new goals!

I know that everyone can get to their goals if they want it bad enough... Don't get discouraged... everyone slips up from time to time... but when you realize that you's slipped up, leave this in your past, learn from your past and start back down your road to success.

If you make yourself feel bad you'll probably slip even deeper into self pity and go for snacks or comfort food... Not a good choice!

Nope... time to leave the past in your past!

It's time to start thinking about yourself and concentrating on your future... A future full of health and well being ... after all... We're all worth it and we deserve the best that life can give us!

May all of the days ahead of you be your best days!

Krys (EST)
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