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3/20/12 10:58 P

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Hi Cass,

I'm in my 2nd week of SP, too. I actually found myself getting frustrated at myself today for not seeing changes in my body! Kind of funny when you think about it...It took me over 20 years to get this way - I have a feeling it will take a while to get all of the weight off (though hopefully not 20 years, lol)! I just thought I'd chime in with you & tell you you aren't alone. I'm feeling the same thing!

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3/20/12 1:14 P

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Thanx everyone,
I really needed a pep talk. I am finally experiencing the increase in energy and the spring cleaning bug has bit me lol. I has actually helped take my mind off of it for awhile and gives me a great distraction.


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3/20/12 8:40 A

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Hey Cass, yes we all want faster but like it's been said slow and steady always win. Everyday counts!

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3/19/12 10:22 P

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Cass, totally! I feel that way (wanting this to go faster) every single day. Literally. What I'm realizing though (in my 6th week), is that this is the rest of my life. I don't want that to go faster. I want to enjoy each day, squeeze every last drop out of it, and that includes this journey. How many times in our lives do we not only get to lose the weight, but battle the demons that hold us back, forgive the people who've hurt us, and challenge ourselves to grow more than we EVER thought we could. Yes, I want the scale to read a super awesome number, I want the compliments, I want the cute clothes, I want the healthy life, but what I really want (FINALLY) is to earn it. There is no over - there is only through. I have what it takes, you have what it takes, we all have what it takes. Seriously.

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3/19/12 9:11 P

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Hello and welcome to the team cass, it sounds like you are doing a great job, I have definitely felt that it is not coming off fast enough, but keep reminding myself that the healthiest way to lose weight is to focus on 2 pounds per week or less. There are times I have dropped a lot of weight but there are also times I have maintained or gained weight. You are also paying attention to your body and it sounds like you are making awesome progress. Just keep working and you will keep seeing results and remember slow and steady wins the race. :)

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3/19/12 3:14 P

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Hi everyone,
I am Cass and I am in my second week of this journey. Do you every have that feeling like hurry up and loose already? I see the changes happening already. I am able to make it through an entire Zumba class and I am able to do a whole hour of cardio at the gym without my heart racing and getting short of breath. I even have to go a bit faster now to get my heart rate up to the 130's. All good things I know. I feel great now I have so much energy I get antsy on my rest day. I love eating healthy nutritious meals and I really love that the healthier it is the more I can eat since I really do love to eat :) I just can't help but feel my body looks don't match how it feels. Please tell me this will pass. Am I the only one who thought she would hate working out and sweating but really loves it???


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