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3/11/20 3:37 A

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AHH CARBS & HOLIDAYS; Passover & days of unleavened bread are coming up -so I'm cleaning the leavening (yeast, baking powder/soda etc) out of my house in preparation; which means I'm baking to use my leavening vs throwing it in the trash. Baking cookies, muffins, bread, cheese crakers, etc. In fact I broke my foot running to get some fresh baked peanut butter cookies i made w/ our honey for sweetener - to give to my farmer neighbor I trade our honey for eggs.... I've also been experimenting with less & different sweeteners & reducing quantities of sugar in recipe; and using different flours too (like millet, barley, quinoa).

Then I also like to try baking a variety of unleavened bread to share through out the week of unleavened bread & for the high days/pot lucks.

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11/17/18 3:59 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon idea! Thanks! I'm looking forward to trying some new2me deli meats & cheeses!

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11/16/18 6:25 P

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Well, the French often eat cheese after the evening meal, not a lot, just a little sampler.

So maybe a cheese and sausage platter, and olives, and unsweetened pickles. All with a lot of flavour, and few carbs.

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11/15/18 8:25 P

brainstorming... and for dessert, what would be keto type desserts? it's not that I'm doing keto but if I'm going to eat extra/special and it isn't carbs, then thought maybe there are some good keto type options

meringue cookies made with Splenda?

dark coco, chopped nuts, finely sliced craisins/raisins, maybe coconut, maybe a little peanut butter to help stick together?

hmmm, might have to do some recipe search...

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11/15/18 8:22 P

I was thinking incredible edibles! and easy to make!

so the things I thought of, marinated mushrooms/artichoke hearts, pickled asparagus are also high salt, so needing other awesome freggie ideas...

now, I'm not a sushi kinda person, but was just thinking some low-no carb rollups... maybe sliced deli meat rolled around matchstick veggies, maybe a little cream cheese to hold together... I don't know

I was wondering what low-carb, keto people do for the special foods for feasts...

honestly, this is the 1st time I'm trying to find foods other than my high-carb favs I always ate... and not quite sure...

11/15/18 7:11 P

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I've been thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving meal too. Trying to come up with new, interesting ways to eat more veggies. Would like to have the entire meal planned out before the big day so I don't overeat. Have been missing the starches so I know I need to fill up on other things before those breads and rolls even hit the table. Suggestions?

This year is all about me and my quest to unload this extra person I have been hauling around.

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11/15/18 2:20 P

emoticon Hi everyone :)

So, have been pondering the holiday feasts - how will you be eating? Will you increase your carbs for the feast meal? focus on other foods? What will you indulge in? Wondering how people handle the holiday feasts. Do you increase the amount you eat? change the kinds of foods you eat and indulge in more carbs?

-- I have been using a my plate design for meals and the SP tracker... this is probably the 1st time ever/year that I have wondered about staying in that same range for carbs, and instead thinking about indulging in gourmet crudité type foods such as veggies (marinated mushrooms, pickled asparagus), artichoke hearts, olives and meats/cheeses, etc...

this would be a totally different eating approach than the typical holiday big servings of my fav carbs and desserts.

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