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6/6/12 10:08 A

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Thank you to all of you. I did the 5k with my friend who is a long time runner and athlete. She told me to not worry about it and just push myself until I feel like I could not run anymore. I did do that and I think I do not have to worry about pushing myself too much. In fact, I think I do not push myself enough. I did the 5k in 47 mins and will work on running more and walking less and do another 5k in August.
I will make an appointment with the doctor to get another requisition for lab tests to make sure that I am ok. But I think I am ok also lol.
Thanks to all of you :D

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5/16/12 7:19 A

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I totally agree with the others. When I was heavier, I would walk around by my house and everytime I went up the hill, I would get terribly winded and my arm would hurt. I always wondered if I would have a heart attack. Then I had to have an EKG for an upcoming surgery and it came back abnormal. I had the Nuclear stress test which also came back abnormal. It was the resting part with that test. Ended up seeing a cardiologist and having a Heart Cath. Found out my heart and arteries were excellent. It was the weight. That was the beginning of my journey to where I am now. I probably wouldn't have pushed myself so hard if I hadn't gone
thru what I did.


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5/14/12 10:39 A

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I totally agree with what the other two said. I also know that sometimes our fears are our worst enemies - keeping us from trying things. I remember asking the same thing of my ex-husband years ago. Even now I get afraid of pushing myself too hard. I often wonder how others give 150% when I seem to barely give 75%. Good luck. And, yes, see your doctor first.

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5/13/12 10:27 P

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If you're really concerned about this, the best thing to do would be to see your doctor and get a thorough check-up.

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5/13/12 10:26 P

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Any exercise program can cause stress to your heart, lungs, muscles, joints, etc. You should certainly bring up these concerns with your doctor before starting or significantly changing an exercise routine. Only your doctor knows your individual physical needs and condition and is in a position to make a recommendation.

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CD10088209 Posts: 760
5/12/12 6:45 P

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I know this question sounds weird...may be my nervousness to do the 5k that I will be doing in a couple of weeks.
Is it possible that if I go really fast, like I never have,during a race that I can have a heart attack?
When I am running, and my heart is beating really fast, I get very scared that I will have a heart attack and slow down.
So far I can run/walk for 45 minutes. But I am afraid to just keep running and not take the walk breaks because I am scared that I will put too much pressure on my heart.
I would really appreciate feedback!

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