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9/30/19 9:51 A

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Magical Cleaning

Why do it?

It takes a little more effort to do the chores and add a touch of magic so why bother right?
There a re a few reasons and here are two that made sense to me and hopefully will to you.

1: It is practical. As you do your chores you protect your home on a magical level. You go beyond the dirt and clutter removing and clear the negative energy that build up. You can add protection for the home, loved ones and yourself.

2: This one is on a personal level, as we practice our craft we get better at it, practice makes perfect as the saying goes. We become more in tune with our spiritual path as we combine magic with our mundane chores we deepen our abilities.

Magical cleaning can be as simple or as complex as you like. Personally I go with simple, I like things to be easy to do as it is less time consuming.

This is what I do, you can use this or adjust it to suit what you want.

Before starting the cleaning I light a candle and see myself cleaning the room and ridding it of negative energy. This helps me with my magical intent on cleansing the home and adding protection.

I gather together the items needed to clean the room and light a Sage incense stick.

That's it nothing complicated I simply set to and start the cleaning process with a few things in mind as I work.

Repeat a simple chant as you work to help you focus on your magical task.
Play some uplifting music to add some positive vibes as you clean.
Wear an apron, make it a fun one, adding a touch of fun makes any task go faster or it seems to.
Here are some more ideas to play with.



Make up your own keep it short and sweet so it is easy to recall, rhymes work well for this.
Find a fun song to hum or sing, here is one that many know and you can play around with the lyrics.

Snow White: Whistle while you Work

Just whistle while you work
(humming.. whistling)
And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place
So hum a merry tune (humming)
It won't take long when there's a song to help you set the pace
And as you sweep the room
Imagine that the broom
Is someone that you love
And you'll find you're dancing to the tune
When hearts are high
The time will fly so
Whistle while you work

Cleaning Products
You can buy earth-friendly cleaning products or make your own.



Now it is over to you add any household cleaning recipes you like to use and any chants you came up with.

Later on I will explore Thresholds, our doors and windows are symbols of transition and there are some simple things we can do add a touch of magic and protection to them.

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Give your Home a Name

Many have Craft names that is either kept secret or shared, some have a username that reflects their Craft Name without revealing what their name is.
So why not name your Home! it need not be a name that you add to your postal address it can be a name that only you know or you can have a nameplate with the name on it

Our homes are a haven from the world, we come home and close the door and relax.
My Father had a name for our home Rosegite. Rose as we had roses growing and Gite as it was built on the site of Saxon Longhouse, Gite is a another word for Longhouse. This was a name that was personal to that home and not used when we moved.

Our Home is also were we practice our Craft, it is were we honour the Earth Mother, God and Goddess or a place of worship.
Giving our home a magical name is forming a magical protection that shields our home.

Choosing a name is something creative and fun as well as forming a bond with our home and area.

What does your home look like, does it have a feature that makes it unique?
Where is it located, is it situated near a river, sea or maybe it is close to a historical site?
Why did you choose this house, did it have a particular look or feel that drew you to it?
These help us establish what we like about our house.

Now we need to explore a bit further.
I like to find out what the area was like before the house was built.
Was it farmland or an area of historical importance?
What trees or plants are prominent in the area or in your garden if you have one?
What birds or animals visit your home the most?

Choosing a name should be fun and when we find the name it will resonate with you and feel just right.
My home is called Rowangard . There is a Rowan tree that overlooks the garden and I have a wand made from a small branch that fell from the tree.
Rowan is protective, connected to the Hearth and to the Goddess Brigid and is sacred to the Fae.
All very appropriate as Brigid is the Goddess I was drawn too many years ago or rather Brigid made me aware of Her.
I have always been drawn to the Fae and have a small garden in a tub for them.
The name Rowangard fits my home in many ways, it is a haven from the world outside and protective, it is were I practice my craft and share my creativity.

Having chosen the name it is time to create a nameplate, sign, plaque or whatever you want with the name of your home on it.
First cleanse the things you are going to use and remove any negative energy remembering to replace the void created with positive energy.
Create your own house naming ritual and seal it with a spell, prayer or chant.
Use anointing oils or use the four elements to cleanse the nameplate, make the ritual as simple or complex as you want.
Hang the name by the front door as a talisman.

I looked around for a site that had ideas for House naming and strangely found this one that has many of the ideas I had in my BoS that I added 18 years ago.

Magical House Names

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A Magical House is not all about cleaning that is just part of it.
Decluttering is also part of things and not the whole thing.

Part of having a Magical Household is your personal Dream Home. you know what I mean that home you would love to have if it was possible.
I love reading books about creating a magical home and have blended various ideas from the books I love.
This one I really liked.
How to Create a Magical Home by Marie Bruce.

In it she has an idea that really want to implement.

A Dream Home Book.

I have always wanted to have a cottage with a lovely garden filled with flowers, fruit and vegetables with a herb garden. A kitchen where I can bake and cook to my hearts delight and a living room filled with light and is cosy. A fireplace that crackles in the winter as I sip warming drinks and plan what I grow in the garden in the warmer weather. An area that is used for writing, knitting etc, a bedroom that is comfortable and relaxing, with an altar in every room nothing big just something small that is spiritual and meaningful to me.

In the book I would write down in detail about my Dream Home, every aspect of my home would be in the book along with images of what I want it to look like.

Why bother? the idea is to find a way to bring your dream home to life in small ways.
My reality is I live in a one bedroom ground floor flat, the kitchen is small roughly 10 feet by 8 feet. Off this ( it is open plan) is the living room with a back door that opens out onto my small garden. Off the living room is the bedroom. The bathroom is off the hallway near the front door that opens out onto the communal area of the flats that leads to the main door of the flats.

How will my dream home come to life in here? By adding things I want in my dream home into my flat. Things life soft furnishings, pictures, candles, adding sounds using CD's. Evan altars can be added to shelves and book cases.
In the kitchen I can add things that offer a taste of what I would I have in my dream home and have an altar that will sit on a shelf.

Making our Dream Homes come to life helps us feel the wonder we all want in our lives.
As we do this we help to create an ambiance that is relaxing and filled with joy.
As we add each item have in mind the intent of that item, adding a heart suncatcher to a bedroom window for love, ( even if you live on your own, loving yourself is important).

Use the Elements for ideas.
A shell in the bathroom for Water.
A candle in the kitchen for Fire
An oil burner in the living room for both Fire, scent is Air
A plant for Earth in any room.

Altars can be something as simple as a figurine, a picture, a symbol, stones, feather anything that you are drawn to or represents your particular path. You don't need a large space, a shelf works well. Let your imagination take flight, adding magic to your home is far more that a good cleaning session it is adding the intention you want for your home.
A happy, protective, loving environment.

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Simple pleasures are life's truest pleasures

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I deep clean twice per year. That includes a closet purge for everyone. One of my tasks is waxing the cabinets.

I make my own. I part lemon juice to 2 parts olive oil. It puts a nice sine of the cabinets without putting a bunch of toxins in the air.

Descaling the bathtub is always a fun chore. So mix 1 small bottle of dawn dish soap, to 2 cups white vinegar. Spray on and let it sit. Then I come back and clean down with a rag as usual. I know the dawn is manufactured, but it at least doesn't stir up my asthma, and it breaks down more environmentally friendly than most bathroom cleaners.

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Wouldn't it be nice if could wave a wand and get the chores done! we may not be able to do that but we can make our home a magical one.

We can make it full of positive energy and harmony for ourselves and loved ones, but where do we start?

For me it means getting rid of clutter, yes that word comes up a lot and it can be daunting but it does not have to be.
One draw, cupboard and one room at a time means we end up with a tidier home. Less clutter makes chores easier, I am not talking about perfection but being realistic and whilst we de-clutter we can add a touch of magic.

My biggest problem is not having enough space for all the things we have, it means de-cluttering on a regular basis and looking at what we have and deciding it is really needed. I go with the yearly rule, if it not used within a year I don't need it, this allows for annual celebrations.
I love cleaning out cupboards, de-cluttering and putting back only what I need or really want.
Three piles work best, KEEP, CHARITY, THROW OUT.
Anything that is past its best and no longer of use will be thrown out.
Something that is still usable but not needed now goes in the Charity pile .
This leaves what I really want and need to be kept .

Next comes the cleaning this is where the magic starts, removing negative energy along with the dust and dirt is easy and fun.
I like the cleaning recipes here

I make up a cleaning solution that has a fresh smell and use it a lot in the kitchen

Juice of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 lime
1 cup distilled white vinegar
1 cup water

Juice the lemon and lime and strain the juice into a jug an unbleached coffee filter works well leaving only the juice.
Add the water and vinegar to a spray bottle then add the juice.
Shake well and your ready yo use it.
Spray onto the surface and clean off the grime, for stubborn marks let it sit a while, this will remove grease easily.

Whilst cleaning I like to add a simple chant to help me focus on my intent.
'Cleanse this space of all grime
Make it safe for me and mine'.

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Having read Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst I realised I can add some magic to my chores.

Everyday chores need to be done, we all live busy lives and the mundane tasks are always waiting for us.
There are all sorts of ways to keep our homes in good order De cluttering, Tidying up, Dusting, Hoovering, daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal tasks can all benefit from a touch of magic.

Cleaning products can be made that are less harmful to the environment, our homes and to us with the added bonus we save money.
Adding simple chants makes a task magical, even the dusting seems to become less mundane including doing the ironing.

Time to add and share some ideas and recipes for natural cleaning products.
If you have any ideas on how to keep our homes tidy please feel free to add them. Add pictures as well if you like a picture can speak volumes.

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨) Odonata_Dawn aka Paula¸.·*¨)

Simple pleasures are life's truest pleasures

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