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4/15/14 7:13 A

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We've been reading more;-)

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4/24/12 1:04 P

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My goal is to get a timer to actually time my daughter's usage and allow her only 30 minutes of screen time during the week - an hour and a half (enough time for a movie) on the weekends. I don't have a timer yet, so it hasn't been exact, but with the weather getting nicer - it has been easier to get her away from the TV or computer to go outside. I also suggest 4-5 things she can play with in her room. The funny thing is probably 9 outof 10 times she chooses to read ;)

1/3/12 11:58 A

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We have been doing really well with this goal so far. The kids have been able to only watch one movie a day. The TV is off all day execpt their movie time. It has made them play with toys and each other!! They are happier and more willing to help when the TV if off. As for my husband and me, we watch about 1 hour at night after all the work is done and kids are in bed. I am accomplishing more and don't even miss what is on TV.

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11/12/11 5:09 A

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When we tracked our screen time, we tracked ours too. We found that we were watching way too much tv, too much on the computer and such (surprise, right?)

So....this applied to the whole family.

I do SP and that is it on the computer. No FB (it was getting annoying). No trying to find something online ...that just got me sidetracked. Now I have to do an online class in january...I did an online class last spring and making these rules helped too, so I would actually study and not get distracted.

So I barely watch tv now. We're watching Star Wars from the library this weekend, but now I just like to "save" my screen time for really good stuff not just junk! (lol, like food right!)

Funny, that since I have done this, I have more time on my hands. I get to run more, read more to my kids, etc.

Reduce screen time...is it more for my kids or me? It turned out this was not a challenge for my kids, it was for me. Once I kicked MY screen time down, my kids were not so much with the screen either, they were with mommy doing things:-) This week we started jogging....so cute! There are lots of moms in my neighborhood jogging with their kids, so it does not feel so strange!
Reduce parent screen time=Reduce kid screen time...that was the result of my Decrease Screen time challenge!

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11/7/11 8:17 A

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We have a simple rule to tv time. To get tv time each child has to spend 1/2 hour in a non-electronic activity (playing in their room, painting, playing outside, ect....) and 1/2 hour reading (it counts if my 10 year old reads to the 3 year old. I will read to my 3 year old. or if no one is available to read to her she looks at books for a 1/2 hour and makes up stories to tell to her babies). This rule means that for every 1/2 hour of tv time they have spent an hour doing something else.

With our busy schedule it is easy to keep tv time down to 1/2 hour to 1 hour at most in their day.

DS - 10 year old know that he is not allowed to watch tv before school. He comes home has to finish his homework and read (50 minutes), practice his piano (30 minutes), and play outside (60 minutes), dinner (30) minutes, then tv. His bedtime is 8pm and we spend the last 1/2 hour of the day reading our devotional and siging before bed.

DD - Pre-schools, has arts and craft, and imaginitive play during the day.

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11/6/11 8:52 A

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Please share your ideas here.

Reply to this thread so we can share with each other.

Ideas, websites, thoughts, challenges, etc.

If you made a goal to track on "other goals" on SP, share it!

We're here to help each other!

Share what is the hardest part! Share how you plan to tackle it.

This will take more than one week. I used the first week to track the screen time and then made a plan. And it is different as the weather changes and it is harder to get outside!

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