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9/26/15 6:30 A

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Thank you ALL for your kind words and welcoming me! Karen, I take great pleasure letting women know Endometrial cancer is not necessarily a death sentence--it is one of the more survivable cancers. Even for later stages it is more difficult, yet it can be survivable.

Thank you FlRED12 for welcoming me! I will be praying for you during this very difficult time. Do not pay attention to five year survival rates on staging (for any cancer for that matter). I did this at first and it put me in a tail spin--producing fear and uncertainty. Individuals are uniquely different. Believing to come through and an attitude to fight is so important!!

FANCYQTR, thank you for responding! You are so right about how ovarian and uterine cancer is misunderstood and misdiagnosed! Thank God you had a good doctor, and I can relate to being uninsured at the time. It is terrible to be uninsured and told you have cancer. It is a crisis upon the most dreaded crisis of cancer. Ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and cervical manifests in different ways and are detected in different ways. Like I said to FLRED12, do not pay mind to survival rates. Stage IV is difficult to deal with, I can understand you not being optimistic at times. I keep my eyes on God. Faith is a powerful thing. It is negative thoughts which get in the way--yet this only natural. Keep reaching out to others for prayer during those times!

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9/25/15 6:46 P

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Thank you for sharing. What you have said in your blog is why I feel that there should be more to make people aware of symptoms than is being done. There isn't only one kind of cancer for women, there are several. The one they mostly have awareness days for has tests for it in early stages. Uterine and Ovarian cancers are misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

I was diagnosed with Stage III B-C Ovarian cancer back in 2006 and that ended up with Stage IV Endometrial Cancer when they did the biopsy of the tumors. The symptoms I had were the same as for indigestion (and I have IBS and gallstones) other than the back ache and some bleeding. Fortunately, the doctor I ended up with (I also had no insurance and normal months earned less than $700/month) was recognizing symptoms and took blood tests that indicated the ovarian cancer. No sign of the uterine cancer. I was also fortunate to get one of the top GYN-Oncologists here who was pretty positive that he had gotten all cancer cells, but had me go through chemo and radiation to make sure. I am so grateful that the cancer was found at that point.

I tell everyone who is worried about it to keep positive and have faith. I had many praying for me and I am sure that made a big difference. I am not usually so optimistic, but for some reason I was during the time I was going through surgery and treatments.

LFRED, I wish you all the best with treatments and getting clear reports.

I wish for all the best at getting through this trying time.

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9/25/15 12:34 A

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Welcome to the group! emoticon Thank you for sharing your story. It was very encouraging to hear. I am in my first year of stage IIIc ovarian cancer.

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9/24/15 9:53 P

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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure it will help a lot of women who are newly diagnosed and scared.


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9/24/15 7:25 P

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Hi, I want to share my story about my diagnosis of uterine cancer - Endometrial Adenocarcinoma, Stage III-C, Grade 2 to give hope out there to women with later stage uterine cancer. I was told in my case I had fibroids, but only until my hysterectomy did my doctors realize it was cancer. Pap smears typically do not detect uterine cancer, it is an erroneous assumption to think the test will detect it, I think even some doctors assume paps with detect it, but I have read advancements may soon come in the test; however I am under the impression not all will be able to afford it or have their insurance cover it. At the time cancer struck, I was uninsured and had to have blood transfusions due to my blood lost. My pathology report would later reveal I tested positive in the para-aortic lymph node. You can read more of my story about my symptoms, and testing before the cancer was discovered here: fierytrial.wordpress.com/200
. I want to let people know too that I am coming up on my 10th year of being free from uterine cancer ( NED ). My faith in Christ has been my anchor, but unfortunately I have been plagued by a host of medical problems in this ten year period, a real test. Keep the fight up ladies, and believe to come through! I have accounts of some of my other medical problems on my blog, and updates on my follow up cancer care. Yes, continue with your pelvic exams! Stand strong!


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