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''Now I'm Healthy and Happy''

Keeping New Habits with VEGGIEHEATHER


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Such an amazing and inspiring story, Heather! I have wondered how one can stop losing and find the balance needed to maintain. You are living proof that it can work! Thank you! Huge Congratulations!! Report
thanks Report
What an amazing weight-loss-success story! Thank you for sharing it. Very inspiring! Report
Good article. Report
Good to hear from a "Been there done that"! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
That's all that counts woohooo. Report
Great article. Report
Hope she is still doing well, she haven’t posted since Aug, 2017. Crossing my fingers for her..... Report
Great article! Never thought about what it would be like to "not be losing weight". Report
Congratulations!! Great Blog!! I had lost 37 pounds the first go round and stopped tracking! I slowly gained all but 10 pounds back. It is so important to track food and nutrition. I have begun another journey and I've lost 43 pounds and I'm 3 pounds from goal weight. It is so very important to keep tracking even when you are no longer losing.


Nola Report
Great Articles Report
Healthy nearly always equates to happy! Report
Thank you for the info Report

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