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How to Tell Others About Your Weight-Loss Goals

Get Support Where You Need it Most


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thank you for sharing Report
sometimes it is enough to exercise to be able to lose weight, and there are still many simple and more natural ways, including exercise to lose weight.

https://shrinke.me/ZEhpdxo Report
Thanks Report
I really feel this boarders on personal information, and that is not something I share with friends and family unless they are really close. People at work are casual friends at most, and so much family live far away, it is a non subject. Report
these tips are really helpful..I have a hard time letting others know I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle, especially when I mess up on a regular basis and have to keep getting myself back on track. Report
Good advice! Thank you! Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Good info, but I still have a hard time sharing. Report
Good article. Thank you. Report
I stopped talking about my lifestyle change with friends and family as one person suggested that I was obsessed with weight loss. I have had a close friend ask me to help her but, the reality is that on this journey, one has to help themselves.
I can encourage others but the journey must be a personal one. ..in my opinion. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I have a 10 to 15 pound problem and am handling it my way. My husband knows, and sometimes sabotages ny eggirts out if mistaken kindness. He is a foodie and loves to provide. It’s ok, I get it, and he’s a keeper. Others do not matter to me as far as food goes ... everyone I know has food issue. I track food here, and when I don’t , it shows. Small changes work. Exercise is essential. I don’t want someone watching over me. I remember shopping for groceries and one person in
My fitness class made comments on items I bought for my kids. Not helpful at all but I baked cookies for them rather than suffer her scrutiny. Report
Thanks for sharing. Great points to keep from being a weight loss pain in the neck Report
Thank you. Report
thank you Report

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