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Nutrition and Fertility: An Overview for Men

10 Key Nutrients that Affect a Man's Fertility


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Very informative. Thanks Report
Good article. Report
This might be a coincidence, but as soon as my kids' dad started drinking pineapple juice (of which he never drank prior), we got pregnant right away...both times! :) Report
I have to admit, the reason I hit the link is because of that eye candy at the top. Sorry for objectifying you bro'. Anyway please, more male models. Report
Respectfully suggest this article be reedited for accuracy and clarity. The soy section needs correcting, and the zinc section is somewhat redundant. Report
Yes, the soy comment is misleading as it is written and does not make any sense. Eating soy can cause problems for men.
Interesting to see an article linked to male nutrition and fertility - a nice change. Report
I would interpret that sentence as meaning one does not have to eat even one serving of soy for the harmful effects.
Really makes one wonder if we should be drinking soy milk and using other soy products. Three of our grandchildren drink nothing but soy milk and those of us who are lactose intolerant depend on these other milks. Right now I have both almond and soy milk in fridge. Report
Agree with Mary Jean - the sentence as written does not make sense.

Also, isn't it time to take another look at the article that pushes how good soy is? Report
Bad mistake in the article - "eating less than one serving of soy foods" - this quote should actually say "eating MORE than one serving of soy..." Report
Hhmm, i'm gonna let my hubby have a look at this! Cant have too many healthy sperm now can we? Report

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