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5 Signs It's Time to Get Serious about Weight Loss

The Time to Commit to Losing Weight is Now


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Set those realistic goals. Make good habits. Find inspiration here at SP, or with others. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
good points to think about Report
Good Reminders to stay on track Report
Thanks for this article. Lots to think about and take action on. Report
Good reminders Report
Truth ✌ Report
For me, this is one of those chain articles. After I read it I have to go back and read some of the embedded articles and then even one embedded in the secondary articles. Good things to learn!!! and a better use of my time than sitting in front of the TV. Report
thanks Report
I read a while back that motivation can wane. However if you've developed good habits- choosing healthier foods, doing portion control, having an exercise schedule,
tracking each bite, meal prepping & planning, drinking 8 glasses of water - that consistency can get you thru when the motivation isnt there. I can't give up. I need my life to be healthy so I can do the things I want like travel, live independently, & be around for another 100 years. I'm stubborn so I decided to make that work for me. Make it happen, eat right, lose weight, keep it off, be active, never give up. 🐢 vs 🐇 We know that slow & steady wins in the end so being a 🐨 koala, I'm partway there. Report
Thank U Report
Great article! Report
Thank You Report

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