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9 Cross-Training Activities for Runners

Boost Performance, Reduce Injury Risk and Beat Boredom


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Cross country skiing is one heck of a work out Report
These ideas can also start you on a running alternate exercise program. Thanx, SparkFriend. Report
Great Report
GREAT Report
Absolutely great Report
We have an elliptical that we haven't used in several years. Report
I need to start doing more of these activities. Great article. Report
These are great ideas and most of them seem to be cardio. I do more than half of them and do not consider myself a runner. Thanx Report
Very interesting information. Report
Good information. Report
This explains why so many street runners look awful in their face, just look like they are in misery and angry st everyone..... Report
Going to try some of the ideas in this article. Report
These cross-training activities sound like you're getting for an ironman event. My husband and I did an iron man month sponsored by the YMCA in our city. We did all the requirements for an ironman event but we had 31 days to accomplish it. It was quite a workout for a couple of 70-yr-olds. Report
Hi! Wonderful informative post. Not a regular basis but sometimes I used to do tabata & cycling. that's really effective. I know all these is very helpful but as a lazy girl I don't do it regularly. But rather all this I loved your post... :-)
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I also like to do tabata style high intensity intervals while water jogging. It definitely gets the heart rate up there. Then for "dessert", our pool has a hot tub. :) very nice. Report

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