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7 Things that Separate Weight-Loss Winners & Losers

How You Could Stay on Top of Your Game


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Interesting! Report
I really needed that to go back in track... Thanks. Report
Great article! And I agree, the more people we recruit to be in on the "team" the easier it will become! :) Report
Good reminder to keep it fresh and fun -makes it a lot easier to stick with! Report
Great insights Report
This is a great article. I have done most of the things she talks about except not enough sweat exercise. I go to Deep water Aquasize three times a week, have been gluten, sugar, soy, MSG, egg, free for over a year. I must be doing something right as far as food goes, I am healing from a new titanium hip but gradually I should be able to add more exercise, and get slimmer. It is a tough row to hoe, but all your advice is great. I eat lots of greens as I am vegetarian so it is surprising that the weight hangs on so tenaciously. Report
great article. Report
I do know what you are saying is true. When I was 37 years old I lost 50 pounds in 2 months and excerciced about 3 hours a night. I really shaped up fast, and I really looked fit.I went from and size 16 down to a size 4. It was do it and do it now method. I am now 49 years old. Life has been very stressfull for probaly the past 3 years. I t has only been recently I have healed in the inside, and started feeling good about life again. Unfortantely because of all the stress my adrenal glands were depleted. Emotional trama can be a big part of a preson putting on wieght. I am now on a slower way to losing wieght, and I am feeling good about it. I have lost about 10 pounds in Feburary I did a cleansingby Dr Milller for 3 weeks. My acid reflex and stomach seemed to dissapper when I startd eating right, and counting my calories, and taking good vitimins and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and realizing I burn over 1,800 calories in my cleaning job, I am noticing I am not losing fast,but sufficentally. Actually I was planning on losing a 1/2 a pound weekly, but instead I noticed 1 inch came off and then another inch and then the scales showed my progress. So now about every week I measure my sucess so I know I am on the right track. Report
I really am going to have to start loosing weight. I look alot better if I did not have all this baggage on me. I am suppose to go for a health assessment tomorrow. Please help me. Report
This is an awesome article that is filled with much needed advice. I have been done the perfection road, the quick road and starvation road and the eating very little road. None of them have worked. I am not on the slow and easy road, taking one day at a time and moving my body. It is working!!!! Report
Yep, yep! I've been down the "perfection" road, and it usually leads to a major break--which usually leads to more than a week of being off-course. Moderation and slow and steady will get us there! Report
Love the affirmations and reminders! We rock! Report
I really needed this today. At this week's weigh in I had gained a little. I was very discouraged. Last week, I started on my spring allergy meds that make me lose my appetite when I take them - at least until my body gets used to them. So, of course, I had a big loss last week. I have just bounced back to normal now. To top it off, I was too sick there for a few days to exercise much. I had forgotten to allow for that.

Winners have to allow for fluctuations due to illness and/or medication. Even travel can be a factor. Winners learn to shake it off and start again.

I try to remember a line from a Jimmy Buffett tune, "We only have two options, having fun or freaking out!" Report
Nice article, right at the moment when I can relate and feel my self moving toward the Zone. Stuff that I did'nt liked, I am starting to like now, One day of no exercise, i feel bad I feel an inner voice and a huge discomfort that pulls me to the gym. My weight is still fluctuating but I can see my stamina and body building strength is increasing after each workout. Eating habbits are changing. Still fighting with my calorie intake but I can see its is reducing. Report

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