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Boost Your Body Image

Self-Love and Acceptance at Any Size


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Very good article. I think it's sad that there is such a focus on having the perfect body when who we are is SO much more important! Report
I smile at everyone. Compliment something on each person I deal directly with. Report
This is some real good self talk, SparkFriends. The scale can be our enemy as well as our friend. We just need to be mindful and use the information to benefit us. We can and will do it. Report
Thanks. Report
Compliments are awesome. LOok at all the signs for sale to help people feel better. Just say it out loud. Report
thanks Report
It made me think about my self- talk when it asked if you'd talk to a friend like that. We do need to be our own best friends. Report
Thanks! great article Report
The scale can be your enemy as well as your friend. BE mindful, SparkFriends and love yourself first. God made you beautiful just the way that you are. Report
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
I will not throw the scale away. I weigh myself daily, some days it goes up one pound and makes me aware to keep eating properly that day & get my exercise in. I have never relied on any motivation from other people and have never got it. Some people make a comment after I have lost some weight, but discourage me while I am on a weight loss plan & put me down saying I can not do it. I have lost 45 pounds on my own. If I do not weigh myself daily I gain 5 pounds in a week. The only person I count on is myself. I also compete with myself in many ways to do better. I do not compare myself to others. I do this in everything in life. Report
Many good nuggets of advice on the article. Report
Good Lord - throw the scale away??
Where in the name of all that is Holy do you FIND the people who write this dreck??
Be sensible and weigh yourself once a week.

I fell for that "body acceptance" crap and stopped weighing myself, and I ended up a fat, miserable, out of shape size 22. You have to hold yourself accountable; if you don't accept your failures and shortcomings, you'll never be able to change and you will always be unhealthy.

I can't imagine any of this making any difference. I'm fully aware of my strengths and very appreciative of what my body can do. That doesn't change the fact that I'm embarrassed by my size. Report

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