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Transform Your Body in 10 Minutes with 8 Moves

The Beginner's Easy Anywhere Workout


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I like this workout pretty much standard in most of my workouts anyway. Report
Not only knee issues, but wrists especially make some of these dangerous for me, so I'm skipping it. Interesting that this was presented as a "related article" after the HeavyWeight Yoga Workout I just tried--as it's not very appropriate for older, limited mobility, or obese members who would have been interested in the first blog. Report
I can do most of these. Not sure about the walkouts. That's probably just me feeling lazy, lol. Report
Great tips here. Thanks. Report
The "Tips for ginners should be heeded by everyone! Report
Very concise tips and very helpful!! Report
thanks. Report
Thanks for the ideas Report
is this article saying that one can do 10 of EACH of these exercises ALL in 10 minutes? YOU gottobe kidding! I challenge a 20 year old to do that! AND bet they cannot! Report
I read the whole article and found the written part better than the pictures. Especially the parts about modifying the move and the weight of any given exercise for your particular needs/limitations. Good article, and a good idea to do more than you are doing even if it is not specifically "exercise mode" like playing tag and walking the dog. Report
These are great exercises for a younger generation. A person who is older? Not so much. I need to consider my joints and getting down on the floor is not as easy anymore. Report
While I agree with the concept of 10 minutes of exercise, some of these exercises put unnecessary stress on joints, spines and knees. There are many more exercises on the spark people library that would be effective yet gentle. Report
Thanks for the info. Report
I agree with previous comments..."SPARK" needs to get into more for 45 and up, then specific to 55 and up. There are 2 or 3 articles I have read/seen time and again for older adults-then it's all if you are maybe 20-30, worked out/have eaten great foods-no junk, you are a tri athelete, 10 k runner, all your life; you can do these exercises, lift these 10-20 lb weights. Crunches? not only bad for your low back, but also your neck, squats or lunges? face it folks if I could bend down like this in the first place I wouldn't be doing squats and lunges. And then do them with 10 lb weights!!
Come On get some New, Current, Material to really help real life people...Get Nicole back at least she cared.... Report

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