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Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?


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thank you Report
interesting article and comments Report
Great information. Report
Interesting. Report
Got to do the hard work Report
Many of these I have never heard of. Thanks of the info! Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I am hyper allergic to most meds before knowing of the allergies I tried a few supplements most created a aweful feeling some heartburn or upset tummy. never lost any weigh or lost cravings. didnt gain taking pill won't loss taking pills. Report
Interesting Report
For the most part I agree with what was stated in this article. I’m currently taking 2 supplements (one as a natural diuretic to help with my swelling rather than taking a prescription diuretic...it’s completely coincidental if it “aids” with weight loss; and the 2nd to assist with the weight loss, but it’s clearly stated on the bottle/box that it helps ALONGSIDE a healthy diet and activity program). There’s nothing “magical” about the “weight loss supplements” that I’m taking...they won’t work if I don’t maintain healthy eating habits and an exercise plan. Anything that claims that it’ll allow someone to miraculously lose weight WITHOUT making changes to their diet and activity is more than likely a fake (in my opinion). I’d LOVE to be able to take a “Quick-Fix” pill...but things like that don’t really exist outside of fantasy. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Certain ones are good, I perfer Andrew
Lessman he sells on HSN, all natural. Report
In 2006, I took a weight loss supplement (I honestly cannot remember which one) that was popular at the time. Within 90 days, I had an extreme health crisis with an unknown origin. Literally tested for everything under the sun, all the tests were negative. Dumbfounded, the doctors thought I may have lupus. I met with the specialist who finally said that I did not have lupus, but when I told him about the diet supplement, said I should not take it again. I have never had those symptoms again. Report
Tried a few and nothing not to mention their expensive. Too many people focus on losing weight instead of being healthy. Think I'll stick to eating better and moderate exercise! Report
I agree with the article, for most of us supplements are pointless. Report

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