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Prevent Weight Gain with Daily Weigh-Ins

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Right now I am weighing my self once a week, I try to figure out why i overeat if i went over my calorie allotment for that day. i weigh my self the next morning. This keeps me motivated to keep on track. Report
Thanks Report
This is a good article, though I do not agree with weighing in everyday. I have tried that and all it did was frustrate me. My weight fluctuates so much from one day to the next that I found my mood changes with what the scale says. This can't be good for anyone. It certainly is not for me! I try to stay aware of what I eat, my activity level, tracking my food intake, and my moods at all times and I weigh in once a week, at the same day and time every week. This helps me focus on my health, not my weight fluctuating constantly. Thank you for the insights though! Report
I'm now confused after reading this article. Elsewhere I've read that daily weigh-in contribute to false impressions regarding weight loss, water retention, and more. Perhaps if there was an advisory board to make sure all of Spark Expert articles are agreeing with one another?

Too much to ask maybe. Report
Visiting Spark every day makes such a big difference in my maintenance program! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Not only do I keep reading the same article, it looks as though I am the only one reading it! LOL Report
SparkPeople keeps recommending the same articles and I keep reading them over and over. This is number 5 for this one! Still good info though! Report
I just have to start remembering the titles of the articles I have read. Sometimes having CRS is a benefit. Report
I keep reading the same articles. I can tell because I already have two comments on this one. Still and excellent article! Report
Interesting. I am going to try this. Report
I've never managed maintenance. I hope to get there this time and then this article will be of some help. Thank you. Report
I think it really depends on the person what a good weigh-in interval time is. For me, weekly weigh-ins work. I've lost twenty pounds this way! My eating habits aren't really going to be causing any excessive weight gain, because I practice controlled eating. What does that mean? It means I never take a second plate at dinner. It means I don't overindulge with holiday eating. It means that I don't drink any alcohol. If I were to gain a lot of weight in one week, I would be seriously surprised! It just doesn't happen to me. I also have a strict vegan diet, because I was a vegetarian, but became allergic to dairy and eggs. So it would be an understatement to say that I watch what I eat. I definitely do! And I try to work out daily as well. Weighing in daily just adds stress to your days. Spacing it out a week apart makes it more of a fun ritual. But then again, I'm not lost in really bad habits, so maybe it would be different for someone who was. Report
I have been a proponent of daily weigh-ins as weekly gives the train time to head south before you even realize it is off the tracks Report

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