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A Solution-Focused Approach to Weight Loss

Ask the Right Questions, Find the Right Answers


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A great article-really made me look at why I was doing well some times and poorly other times. Taking these suggestions has helped me to relaize that I need to focus more on what I am doing right and do MORE of it-plan for the hard times and focus on what works best for ME!!! Report
Coach Dean, this is such a timely article for me today. This has been a difficult week for me to stay with my healthy lifestyle plan - and the guilt of being off track has been eating away at me (pardon the pun). Now I have a strategy to figure it out! Thank you SOOOO much - I've printed it and it's on the wall above my computer. I look forward to your articles and thank you for your selflessness in wanting to help us live better and healthier lives! ~~ Maurizia Report
Thought provoking and easily acted upon suggestions. Makes me think and make a new thought plan about eating habits. Report
This is a great article... I'm even adding it to my favorites because a few of those questions really made me think. For example: having the belief that the negative actions have a poitive root desire. I've never thought about it like that. I eat because it gives me pleasure, something I really enjoy after a long day at work (i.e. it's a comfort). Maybe instead of snacking in front of the t.v. I could take a hot bath, or read one of my motivational books. Anyway, I want to be able to go back and really think about some of those questions. Report
I always enjoy Coach Dean's articles. I have had a depressive illness most of my life, and I have the hardest time with negative thoughts. I do take medication, but I'm single and spend a lot of time alone. This article encourages me, I think because he addresses the negative things I do to hinder my weight loss without being judgmental. Helps me to understand that though I'm alone, I'm really NOT alone when it comes to battling my weight. Thank you, Coach Dean, for being so encouraging and offering so much encouragement! Report
I agree with MAXINEJUNE: Coach Dean is a highly valuable resource on Spark! I want to refer to the ideas in this article in the future, so I'll save it as a favorite. Report
I just love Dean Anderson's feature articles. I find them so helpful, motivating and down to earth, and not "preachy". I wish we could have many more from him. Many thanks to Dean for a job well done!!!! I look forward to many more of your words of wisdom. Report
There is certainly enough to think about in this article as I didn't realise until I read it how much I focue on the "negative"... Report
I just LOVE common sense -- although the thing is, it's not always that common in the "lose 10 pounds just by reading this webpage!" sort of milieu we're living in. These are great tips that are actually new to me. Awesome and thank you! Report
This article has some terrific information - I'm going to implement a couple of these ideas as I think they might help me get past my current plateau. Report

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