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A Solution-Focused Approach to Weight Loss

Ask the Right Questions, Find the Right Answers


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I found this article very helpful, especially the miracle question. It is a unique idea. Report
thank you so much this is helping Report
Hm, after reading through the comments, most people felt the way I do about the ideas in the article.
Very Helpful. The few negative comments...well..the writers seem to have missed the point entirely. In my understanding, this article wasn't about 'fanciful positive thinking'. It was about CORRECTING the things that have failed us in the past by EXAMINING what helped us in our successes; take THOSE actions and apply them more often.
It might seem vague, but it's not. It's like open-ended toys...those you can do more than just one thing with...like Legos...every time you play with it you can do something different.
In the case of this article...each PERSON is different, therefore the actions that failed them or helped them are different out of the very nature of not being like others, so NON-SPECIFIC advice was necessary.
I still say it is an excellent article. Report
I enjoyed this article. Thanks! Report
Excellent! Focus on the positive, change what you can right now, find the GOOD behind the bad behavior and ask "The Miracle Question." Perfect time to read this. After a year of steadily losing weight and working up to half marathon level again, I let the stress of nursing school derail me. I stopped eating veggies, drinking water, exercising and have gained 6 pounds. Worst of all, I was feeling this was inevitable. This article gave me hope and tools to turn this ride around. Yay! Report
True true. I sometimes tell myself that I'll just change dietary habits without touching my physical activity because of whatever excuse I have, but once I admit to myself that I really have no reason not to add in different exercise I end up doing it and getting myself out of mental ruts that keep my weight from moving. Report
Oh, for the love...
spare me the great cult of positivity.
Your attitude is meaningless if you lack the tenacity to do the work required to achieve the result.
If you're not calling yourself out on your shortcomings, who else is going to do it? Report
Such a helpful article! I'm writing these questions down in my journal to ponder frequently. Thank you. Report
Oh AMEN, Dean. You nailed it...reading through the comments just stresses what you set out to teach. What you can't/didn't do is tell people specific things for them to do, for we each have our own bucket of oh boy to deal with. Yes, this is an individual journey in a very public place...which makes life interesting. Instead, you tried to get us to flip the switch in our brain so our focus is on SOLUTIONS instead of our problems. Laser focus on the problem usually succeeds in getting us nowhere, in a hurry. Loved this, thank you! Report
I love this. I read another's comment about how the points in this article are EXACTLY why this is working this time. I agree. I have been working on this, applying myself fully to this growth experience, shedding blame and doubt along the way, and really embracing my ability to succeed. By no means is it always easy...but I am staying grounded in what is real and what I have the ability to affect. I have learned so much about who I really am and what I am really capable of through this process. As my goal board says...I am living my BEST life, now (not waiting to reach my goal before I believe that). Report
This is the vaguest article I have ever read on here. :-/ Report
One of the best articles I have ever read on SP! Thank you so much--I'm bookmarking this and will definitely come back to it. What a way to take a look at perspective. Report
Great article, thank you! Report
Excellent article. So useful to get one's thinking out of the same old groove. Thank you Spark People! Report

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