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A Solution-Focused Approach to Weight Loss

Ask the Right Questions, Find the Right Answers


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I have made my mind up that I am going all the way this time. I really want to be healthy. Report
This article is EXACTLY why I've been successful this time. I didn't know why it was working but now I do. At the start of this year, I set 3 very small, very specific actions I was going to take to meet my weight loss. I haven't really set a number-related goal, I've tried but backed away each time. Instead, I kept focusing on my actions (i.e. solutions) and today the scale proved that this is the way to get it done! Report
I have read and re-read this article many times. I have also shared it with many who are struggling on their journey, on whatever "program" they are using. As long as you have goals set to use as a guideline, you will be successful; however, there are going to be times when you "fall off" or make a mistake. But you can't beat yourself up over it. Just realize what you did, use it as a lesson learned and move on! This article helps one to understand that! AWESOME article that I will surely go back to again and again! Report
So I can just positive thinking to think myself thinner? For me I have to tell myself I've come this far I'm not messing it up now. I said I'm going to lose weight and thats what I'm going to do because I will not be a failure at this. I did the same thing when I quit smoking. I had a failure cig that I refused to smoke. Report
I loved this article! It seems to be just what I need now! I've been gaining weight because of a sweet tooth that just won't quit. To be able to find alternate ways of distraction really, to help me to not go to them, is such a tremendous reminder. Thank you so much!! Report
I couldn't make sense of any of this. Ask the right questions, find the right answers? We are experts at deceiving ourselves, so we'll stick with any answer that fits, not necessarily an answer that will lead us to the solution. My cousin's weight problems were all related to his thyroid, so he was helpless. . .yeah, right. We do what we do for myriad reasons, we don't do what we don't want to do for even more. We need to stop looking for excuses, and start taking action. Report
A very helpful article that I'm going to refer back to again and again. The point about finding a different payoff, other than eating sweets etc., to give you the same comfort or feeling, really resonated with me. I think I'll figure out 2 or 3 things now, when I'm not under stress, that I can refer back to. Report
A very helpful article that is a good reminder for all of us. Being mindful of our behavior and setting up structures that will help us to stay on track and not fall into the same patterns is crucial. I still struggle with binges from time to time...I need to set things up to change that and not just hope it won't happen again. Thanks for your info! Report
This is a fabulous article! Thanks for adding it to so many other good ideas, Report
Great article. Report
Wow, What a great and timely article. I liked the approaches in this piece. I'm hoping to use the question to solve a non-weight loss problem I have had for a while. Thank you for writing this piece! Report
Very helpful and interesting Report
great comment: ' outgrown a particular solution and are ready to find a new one'. So True. Even after I've been on this road for so long, I keep learning the life and time changes...and so do we. We always have to keep adapting and changing our paradigm. It's all part of life. Report
The "miracle question" comes from a book called "Fire Your Shrink" by Michelle Weiner Davis, and aside from the catchy title, the book focuses on solving problems by focusing on positive changes to get solutions. Another thing you should ask yourself with the miracle question is what you will be DOING differently, if the miracle has occured. Also, how will your acquaintances and loved ones know that the miracle occured? What will they notice you doing that will instantly tip them off? What will they say? Will they be surprised? Pleased? Ecstatic? All the details you can add to the picture help make the solution easier to find and implement. Report
Very useful indeed.
The only thing I'd add is to journal your answers and thoughts to the article's questions. Report

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