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Exercise Safety Tips for Beginners


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Safety first. It does no good to be the most healthy person in the hospital Report
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Thank You................... Report
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Good insights. Report
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Great information. What is it they say? Slow and easy wins the race? Report
i think i read this article before Report
Twenty years ago, for a university class, I went to the gym for an evaluation. The trainer put me on the treadmill with high incline and fast pace. I told him I had breathing problems and he said, 'You'll be fine.' He left me to almost run for 10 minutes to warm up. After 5 minutes I got off and went to the weights I knew how to use.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if he was treating me as a twenty-something having no idea my children were 20-somethings. Report
Very informative. Thank you Report
Good article. Thanks Report

Thank you for this article.
Thanks for this article Report

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