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Top 10 Signs You Need to Lose Weight

Can You Relate?


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Reading it again doesn't make the hit any softer Report
These are funny! It's good to look at it like this rather than chastise yourself harshly. Good points! Report
Ouch! It hurts when it hits this close to home! Report
Thank you. Report
Humor helps in viewing weight loss since it's not going to happen all in 24 hours. Report
Great tongue in cheek approach to a delicate subject. Report
yup, i need to lose weight lol. thanks for the grins. Report
You gave me a good laugh on a day when it was really needed. Thank you so much. Report
Has he been looking over my shoulder? Report
It's been 11 years. I hope you are doing well! Report
#7 OW! direct hit!
#1 I'm gonna laugh off 100 calories first and then catch my breath and tell all my friends! Report
Nothing is funnier than the truth! Report
My Gawd! I could have been reading my diary. If I kept a diary! Report
Ha! I loved the humor in this article!! Well done! Report

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