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Outdoor Exercisers: Get Closer to Nature

Exercising outdoors is the only way for some people. If this is your main mode of exercise, try to stay off of high-traffic roads. A recent study from the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) found that exercising too close to traffic can actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. When you exercise, you are breathing more heavily, and these deep inhales are bringing more toxins into the lungs.

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There’s nothing wrong with exercising outdoors. Try to stay off busy roads, exercise early in the morning (fumes are not as bad at this time), or even shun roads all together for a park or nature trail.

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Member Comments

I always felt that exercising (walking, running, biking) next to heavy traffic could not be good for your lungs. Report
thanks for the info Report
another great article Report
We used to run on the trail near our house and it started to affect my asthma {the new freeway was right next to our tract housing~built 11 years AFTER we moved in!}. So,we chose a different route,but it took MOVING AWAY from the state entirely and now in a our new state and relatively new home,my asthma is practically non-existent!! All the beautiful trees that line the pathway we take [in the park] are providing FRESH oxygen! YAY!! Report
I walk around the school or inside the school when the weather is too out or to cold Report
I don't like walking/running on busy roads because people drive crazy!! I prefer the parks/paths/trail
s/neighborhoods anyway. Report
Very interested article. Report
I think about the traffic but not the air. Thanks. Report
That's kind of difficult to do sometimes. Report
Good article. Report
Never thought about it. I walk to work along a busy road. Maybe I’ll get a mask to filter the fumes. Thanks Report
I can remember when I stopped taking my baby on the sidewalks in her umstroller because I thought her face was on the same level as the car fumes. Report
I just felt like pointing out that on the start page there was one article saying "Surprising Danger of Running Outdoors" and another saying "Treadmill vs. Road, which is better? Are you cheating yourself using a treadmill?" Maybe I should stay away from walking altogether! Just kidding, of course. I think it is a personal choice that a person has to decide based on what works best for them. I personally have a weird sun allergy, and can't really go outside in direct sunlight. On cloudy days, sure, I might go for a walk. But usually I stay at home on my treadmill. Report
I stick to the off-road trails and paths - fortunate that here we have lots of them. Report
I have a road like that near me, I try not to walk on it very much it's stinky from car exhaust and loud from trucks. Report
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