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Start Small with a Nutrition Fast Break

The media associates a fast break with basketball. But a nutritional fast break is much different; except that both can lead to a slam dunk. A Spark Diet Fast Break is a quick, easy goal that you focus on and track for two weeks, before any other heavy work is done. Why is this so important? Unlike almost every diet out there, it encourages you to start very small.

Starting small helps you to avoid burnout, something many diets can cause. To prove it, here’s a statistic for you – 95% of those who go on a diet gain any weight they lost back within a year. Many even gain more weight than before they started.

Your Fast Break can help you gain a healthy habit and reach your calorie and exercise goals at the same time. For example, consider two typical Fast Breaks. Eating a fruit and veggie each day will take you that much closer to reaching your tracked nutrient goals. Exercising just 10 minutes per day can add up to a strong foundation for a developing exercise program. These are just two examples of how a Fast Break can get the momentum rolling.

By starting with just one or a few goals, you can easily ingrain a new habit into your life. Take brushing your teeth for example. Here’s an activity that takes 5-10 minutes (depending on how many times you brush) every single day for years on end. Ever get burned out? Doubtful. Why? Because it was a small thing that caught on with repetition.

The Spark Diet is designed to avoid burnout and instead create lifelong habits to keep weight off permanently. So by starting small with a fast break, you get off on the right foot and achieve a small win on your way to many more. And keep in mind; fast breaks do not have to be complicated or overzealous. Here are some examples of possible fast breaks:

  • Drinking 8 cups of water
  • Eating a fruit and/or vegetable every day
  • Not eating in front of the TV
  • No soda or coffee
  • Eat breakfast every morning
  • No candy or potato chips
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Member Comments

Great start, SparkFriends as we all have to start from somewhere Report
thanks Report
Great Article! Thanks! Report
I love the fastbreaks, and it is so motivating to me to check off that I met the goal or the day! Report
Good idea! Report
Thanks, great article. Report
Yes, these a useful tips and they worked! Report
good article. Report
i too believe that starting with small goals can help start in starting to build a solid foundation in creating healthy life style changes. I have tried many fad diets, including
pills, meal substitution drinks ect. I have begun using commercials as I watch TV programs to do exercises, now its becoming a habit which I like. I had a total knee
replacement almost 3 months ago and it totally helps with building up my quad muscle to support my knee. I have been able to eat breakfast daily. Now ill work on drinking water.
NO COFFEE is a scary thing. That's going to take a lot of effort. Report
This article is nice and concise, thank you. Report
I believe the best thing about SparkPeople is we're encouraged to discover what works for us because there's no one "right" answer when it comes to nutrition and fitness. So I get really weary of people telling me various food items or additives are poison. It may not be the healthiest thing, and there may be concerns about consuming too much, or maybe it just doesn't work for you, but no food is poison. Gluten is not poison. Sugar is not poison. Heck, artificial sweeteners are not poison. More importantly, individual experience is anecdotal evidence, not empirical evidence. So lighten up, food Nazis!

I almost always eat in front of the TV or computer. If I'm dining alone, and I don't have that distraction, my meal will be gone in a few minutes. If I'm watching TV or playing on the computer, I eat much slower. I know what the advice is really suggesting is no mindless eating in front of the TV ~ perhaps that's what they should write.

And yeah, I'm never giving up coffee. In fact, I nixed the idea of applying to BYU Law - a very good law school - because there was no way I would sign a contract promising to abstain. *shudder* I'm an endurance athlete, and there's plenty of evidence that caffeine enhances athletic performance. And dang it, ritual is important. There's something joyous about that steaming hot cuppa first thing in the morning. Also, I'm an Episcopalian. We may not be as well known for our coffee addiction as Lutherans are, but we do consider coffee to be a lesser sacrament. Report
I am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with coffee, in moderation. For that matter, I will have an occasional diet soda as well. Damn the torpedoes! Report
No coffee? Not gonna happen. Report
RUBYLEE you are so right. I have acid reflux. I don't eat at that time of the night. It goes right into my throat and I have such a burning. It hurts. I have been to the hospital on many occasions for this. Report
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