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How to choose, prepare, and store Zucchini.
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Buying Zucchini

Look for: zucchini that are no longer than six inches, one to two inches in diameter. Zucchini should have firm, shiny, and slightly prickly skin, be free of cuts and blemishes, and have at least one inch of stem attached.

Avoid: longer and bigger zucchini that are soft or have cuts and blemishes.

Seasonality: All year; peak season is summer

Storing Zucchini

Store zucchini, unwashed, in a perforated plastic bag in the crisper drawer of  refrigerator up to 5 days. If  zucchini starts to wilt, use immediately. Cooked zucchini should be covered, refrigerated and used within two days. To freeze zucchini, slice into rounds, boil for two minutes, plunge into cold water, drain, and seal in airtight containers or baggies. Frozen zucchini may be kept up to one year.

Preparing Zucchini

Wash zucchini just before preparation. Do not peel.

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