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How to choose, prepare, and store Tomatoes.
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Buying Tomatoes

Look for: tomatoes with bright colors and smooth skin. Yellow and orange tomatoes are usually less acidic than red tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes will give a little to gentle pressure.

Avoid: tomatoes that are too soft and have obvious bruising.

Seasonality: Summer and early fall

Storing Tomatoes

Do not store tomatoes in the refrigerator or they will lose flavor and become mealy in texture. Ripe tomatoes should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight, and consumed within a few days. Ripen tomatoes stem side up to avoid bruising. Unripe tomatoes will continue to ripen at room temperature. To freeze, chop tomatoes and place in an plastic sealable bag, and squeeze out as much air as possible.

Preparing Tomatoes

Remove the core of a tomato by cutting around the stem end with a small serrated knife. Remove skin by scoring bottom of each tomato with an X, placing in boiling water for 10-30 seconds, then dipping quickly in cold water. The skins will slip right off. To remove seeds, cut off the top and bottom of tomato and squeeze the middle section gently. Remove any green stems on cherry or grape tomatoes before use.

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